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BeastPK | UNIQUE CUSTOMS | PvM/PvP | Gambling - BIGGEST 667

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BeastPK is a RuneScape Private Server; based on both 667-vision and custom content. We've been up and running for 4 years. What started as your average RSPS, has turned in to an RSPS with content you can enjoy for thousands of hours, literally.
As mentioned earlier, BeastPK gives a great emphasize on custom content. We've provided well thought out custom items and monsters. If you're in to all styles of RSPS, then BeastPK is for you. You get to choose your style of gameplay. Are you in to PKing? Then start as a maxed main, spawn your basic gear and get to PKing. Are you in to skilling? Well don't worry, here at BeastPK you can skill all you want, with XP capping at 500M. Not only that, but you get to enjoy our custom sailing skill, which no other server has. Are you more of a PvMer? Sure, we have 40+ Bosses, excluding 2 timer based bosses that spawn every few hours. You can kill monsters without being annoyed, by using the PvM Instance system. Are you a gambler? Grab your gambling permits! You can finally start gambling without ever being scammed. Do you like getting achievements/tasks done? Well, on BeastPK you can achieve the completionist cape (trimmed) which is the hardest cape to obtain, it may take over 1000 hours. There's place for every type of Runescape player. Did I convince you already? I'm tired of typing, come join us at: https://www.beastpk.com


• Unique Customs                       • Daily Challenges 
• PvMing (40+ Bosses)                • PK Bots
• Spawn/PK                                • Wilderness Skilling
• Skilling                                    • Castle Chest
• PvM Teleports Interface             • PvM Instances
• Pre-Sets Loadout                      • Instant PK
• Achievements System               • Wilderness Slayer
• Player Owned Shop                   • Zombie Survival 
• Custom Bosses                         • Lastman Standing
• Droptable Viewer                      • Shooting Stars
• Anti-Scam Gambling                 • Title Manager
• Prestige                                   • PvM Hiscores
• Youtube Rank                           • Rise of the Six
• Vote for 12 Hours Rank             • Earn Free Ranks by Playing
• Custom Sailing Skill                  • Completionist Requirements
• Custom Crafting                       • Custom Mining Ores
• Additional Equipment Slot         • Heirloom Upgrading

& A lot more. Check out the media below!

Looking for a boss to kill? Well don't worry, we've got 40+ bosses for you to kill!


Are you looking for a specific monster or item? Feel free to use the drop viewer.

Our achievements system, are you up for it?

When opening a mystery box of any type, you also receive the suspense of opening a box! (Actually got lucky opening a daily challenge box)

Browse, buy & sell items with players through your own shop.

Top 100 killcount are displayed in the PvM Hiscores.

Earn easy money by doing your slayer tasks, and be able to learn how to kill certain types of monsters!

Tormented Beast, it's a custom made NPC. Its rare drops are tormented weapons, which give you 50% chance to hit twice.


Giant Orc, it spawns every few hours and has a 100% success rate of dropping a bill.

Zulrah, an OSRS boss, has the OSRS mechanics, but it is of course edited to fit BeastPK.

One of the many cool bosses on BeastPK, the bloodchiller!

Earthbreaker, it may break the ground, and get you shakin'

Tor'mented the Warmonger, he hits hard.

Skeletal Dragon, one of the many wilderness bosses on BeastPK.

Cerberus, one of the many OSRS bosses we've got on BeastPK.

The slayer camp, where all slayer masters reside.


Choose the type of slayer you'd like to do.

Receive daily challenges, which you can obtain a daily crate from.

Edit your titles and prestige your way to glory!

Create your own PvM Instances, it's worth it! Note your items and browse the wilderness skilling shop.

Open crates, only obtainable from PvMing, all monsters drop them at an even chance.

Complete the completionist cape requirements, are you up for it?

Earn easy money by robbing the castle chest at ;;castle

Wilderness skilling, it's a good way to make money and earn XP.

Edit your loadout, both inventory and equipment and save it. It will save time, and is very convenient.

PK Bots, kill bots and earn bot points, which you can spend at the PvP Exchange. You can also track your opponents HP by looking at the HP overlay. Works for NPC's as well.

Help repair the walls against a zombie attack, while your other teammates kill the zombies invading the other part of the castle! Earn Zombie Shillings and spend them at the zombie master shop.

BeastPK prides itself on the best quality customs. All customs shown, are created specifically for BeastPK.

Our tormented collection, all tormented items have the ability to double hit. Though the chance to double hit is depending on the item.


Some of our custom shoulder pets, it gives you boosted stats overall, including extra drop rates.

A few custom made sets, with the ability to change its color.

Crystallite, the newest custom monster addition.

Tormented beast drops the tormented collection.

There's way more, hop online and find out!

Literally just youtube "beastpk" and you'll find hundreds of videos. Here are a few I just randomly picked.




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100+ Players Online right now!

Get on and enjoy some of the sick content we've got.

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1 hour ago, Sylvanas said:

URL format is incorrect ;)



Nevermind got it working.

Thanks for letting me know.

Edited by beastpk

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Bump! A lot of players online right now! Get on and vote for free donator!

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Can I get a source on the background of the main page? I want to add it to my walllpaper collection ;)!

Friendly bump.

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4 hours ago, Sylvanas said:

Can I get a source on the background of the main page? I want to add it to my walllpaper collection ;)!

Friendly bump.

http://beastpk.com/assets/bg.jpg :)

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On 1/25/2017 at 10:51 PM, Sylvanas said:

Can I get a source on the background of the main page? I want to add it to my walllpaper collection ;)!

Friendly bump.

As long as it stays at the background and not more :)



Edited by beastpk

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