1. Introduction As you may or may not know, particles are all over the modern RuneScape world. They occur in items we wear such as capes, objects such as torches and even NPCs. Particles come from an emitter. You could consider a sprinkler as an example of a particle emitter and the water droplets as particles. Each individual droplet goes into a direction with slight variation to its trajectory, its size and its lifespan. Particles in RS and other games work the same way (be it possibly with more complex parameters). In my previous research I have been able to modify particles in realtime, here's an example: Anyways, the goal of this thread is to gradually expand information on particles as I find it. As such, it will get better over time and I hope this will help or excite people to research on their own. Soon I will post some of my findings but I am currently not at home. If you think you can contribute to this thread, feel free to contact me or post it in this thread and I will include it! 2. Table of contents Please login or register to see this link.   3. Contributors Me