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World Helios 718/RS3 - Legacy Combat - Divination - T90 Armor - Araxxor

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Guest Steph


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Love the homepage layout.

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 This weeks updates were geared more towards fixing ranks, icons and little things of that nature.

  • made crown for developers
  • made crown for youtubers
  • made crown for server sponsor
  • added youtube rank
  • added sponsor rank
  • updated ;;players for youtube, sponsor and dev rank
  • updated ;;yell for youtube, sponsor and dev rank
  • updated icon for normal chat for youtube,sponsor, dev rank
  • updated task tab ranks for youtube, sponsor and dev rank
  • fixed unwanted icon for expert at ;;players on next restart
  • fixed youtube rank so they can have ;;yell rights
  • fixed developer rank to have its own ;;yell name
  • added command to set someone into sponsor rank
  • added command to set someone into youtube rank
  • added the sponsor rank to be removed also once the command to remove rank is excecuted
  • added command to remove youtube rank
  • fixed global problem of null npcs especially for slayer task, they now have hp and slayer task will work accordingly
  • made ;;players interface available to all, all hail zeus for allowing this to happen!
  • fixed teleport location for skeletal hands on slayer task
  • added slayer gem into starters item

New Features

Double Voting Reward every weekends
To promote voting, we are now offering double voting rewards Friday through Sunday to maximize your SoF keys and vote books!

Top voters of the week
By typing ;;topvotecount you can see the top voters of the week! Don't forget to vote and reel in those new players!

Top players online of the week
By typing ;;toptimeonline you can check out the players with the most time online throughout the week! Keep grinding to get to the top!

Top donators of the week
By typing ;;topdonationamount you can look at who the top donators are this week! Remember, without these people this server wouldn't be able to survive!

20% off to all the sof spins
To show our gratitude to all of you, we are extending the sale of SoF keys to a date that is to be announced later. We really want you guys to be able to get the rewards from the SoF you're wanting, without breaking the bank! We appreciate everyone who partakes in this sale! <3

Daily skilling tasks
A lot of people were asking for Daily tasks, so here they are! By talking to Martin Steelweaver you can check your daily task and claim your rewards from him! 

Referall system
Upon joining, players will be asked who referred them to the server. Once they put the name of the player who referred them, they will receive coins and the person who referred them to the server will receive 10% of all donations that player makes! So for every $10 donated, you will get $1 or 1 referral point that can be located in the quest tab. You can then use these points to buy things from the donation shop be talking to an admin!

New Client
Some players have complained of lag so we went ahead and updated the client! With this new client there is less lag to allow you to have a much smoother experience on the server!

New donation system now hosted on our own website
Still with more than 100 methods of payment, we put our donation system on our own website to eliminate some problems we were having before!

     I apologize for the late bulletin this week as well. I have been feeling under the weather lately and have been resting up. I am still not feeling 100%, hence the shorter bulletin with not as in-depth explanations. Next week should be back to normal hopefully! I appreciate all of your patience, you guys rock! 

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