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RS Marketplace guidelines


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Welcome to the RS Marketplace!

Before continuing to the marketplace, please read the following guidelines:

  1. Buying and selling on the RS Marketplace is at your own risk.
  2. RuneLocus does not middleman between seller and buyer.
  3. Never give your payment details (e.g. PayPal login details, creditcard numbers, etc.) to someone. This includes the RuneLocus team, we will never ask for your personal information as we do not interfere in any transactions.
  4. If the transaction did not go as planned (e.g. scamming):
    - We recommend you to inform others to avoid it from happening to others.
    - RuneLocus does not interfere (e.g. by punishing the other party). As stated: use the marketplace at your own risk.
  5. If the transaction was successful:
    - We recommend sellers and buyers to vouch for each other after a successful transaction so that others know you're both reliable. You could do this in form of a public topic reply.
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