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What FOV do you play at?

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So I really want to get more into this RL minecraft project and help span it out across some other communities as well. My problem is I can't even play minecraft.


I used to play minecraft quite a bit but now when I try to get on the RL server I just get a raging headache after like 10 minutes. I've been trying to google some solutions but nothing is really that helpful. I figured it might have something to do with my FOV. What setting do you guys play at and how far away are you from your computer screen? Also if you have any other suggestions to fix my broken head i'd appreciate it!

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The new texture pack helps my headache a lot, but I also sit around 2 feet away from my 24" monitor, and 5 feet away from my 42". Make sure all your picture settings are correct. A higher resolution texture pack might help too. I tend to play in 1st person FOV

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