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[OSRS] Alora - Runelite w/ HD ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,
The Chambers of Xeric rework is here! With this long-awaited release comes a competition with many token prizes for those of you who believe they can master the raid. We're also throwing on 10% bonus Chambers of Xeric loot all weekend long, so there is no better time to raid than right now. Here are the details of the competition:
Chambers of Xeric Competitions Topic

With the release of the Chambers of Xeric rework, @Omicron has got some challenges for you lucky gamers! These challenges will be running until next Sunday, September 20th at 11:59 am/pm EST.

Chambers of Xeric Challenges

First player to get an announced CoX Purple Chest - 100 tokens

First player to get a Twisted Bow drop - 300 tokens

First player to get an Ancestral drop - 150 tokens

First player to get Olmlet - 200 tokens

Fastest time for a Solo CoX Raid - 300 tokens

Fastest time for a Duo CoX Raid - 350 tokens (175 each)

Fastest time for a Group (5-man) CoX Raid - 750 tokens (150 each)

Good luck!  <3

The Chambers of Xeric bonus will be set to 1.1x until the end of the weekend.

In Other News…
We've also introduced a handful of other updates into the game, such as the Mining Guild Exchange where you can purchase brand new items, including Mining gloves and their superior variant. We've also added a Profanity filter to resolve some of the complaints we've been hearing about lately, and a bunch of bug fixes and QoL updates across the board, which we're sure will improve your experience on Alora.
Additionally, our End of Summer Sale is live! Enjoy a generous 25% bonus tokens on all store purchases, as well as many discounted items :)

  • Store updates:
    • The End of Summer Sale is live!
      • Enjoy 25% bonus tokens on all token purchases in the store, as well as many discounted items including:
        • Ultimate mystery box
        • Cosmetic mystery box
        • Name change ticket
        • Elite void set
        • Drop booster
        • Pet booster

      • New items:
        • Black Santa hat - 2,500 tokens

  • Runelite changes:
    • Updated runelite to the latest release, details can be found here:
      • https://runelite.net/blog/show/2020-08-26-1.6.25-Release
        • Some notable features:
          • Zalcano plugin that adds arrows to the important parts of the fight.
          • The inventory tags plugin now offers a more subtle underline option, as opposed to a highlight.
          • The item stats plugin will now show the effects granted from some potions.

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue where using ancient magic spells and the blood fury amulet at the nightmare would cause her to temporarily go invisible for a second.
    • Fixed a bug where players could fletch bows twice as fast as normal.
    • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes stand under larger NPC's without them moving away, allowing players to avoid damage from that NPC.
    • Fixed a bug with Khazard trading post restocking.
    • Fixed a bug with the text when attacking kurasks with a non-leaf-bladed melee weapon.
    • Bloats flies will no longer deal any damage to players if bloat is dead/dying.
    • Fixed a bug where relogging when poisoned would automatically turn into venom.
    • Fixed a bug that would cause issues when withdrawing a noted leaf bladed spear.
    • Added the proper ranged level requirements to equip grey/red chinchompas.
    • The dust battlestaff is now tradeable and has the proper alch value.
    • Fixed a bug where the supply chest at the Forgotten cemetery would say it appeared in the Graveyard of shadows.
    • The monkey transformations will now provide the achievement perks and experience bonuses that the regular completionist monkeys provided.
    • Players can now store the Mithril kiteshield T and Mithril kiteshield G in their Treasure box inside of their PoH.
      • Due to the way the saving works, players who had a set of Mithril T or G stored, will automatically receive the Kiteshield along with the original armour set placed inside.

    • Fixed a bug where players could make amethyst broad bolts without the broader fletching perk.
    • Fixed a bug where the 1.35x Ring of wealth (I) clue scroll bonus was applying to the regular ring of wealth instead of the imbued variant.
    • Players will now see PvP armour appear in the trading post search interface.
    • Fixed an issue where clearing bank fillers in bank tabs would shift other items into that bank tab that previously weren't in that tab.
    • Fixed an issue where if a bank filler was the first item in the tab (and therefore showed as the item icon for that tab), players would see the clear/clear-all options.
    • Fixed a bug where ToB loot would be announced multiple times if a player closed and re-opened the chest.
    • Fixed a bug where the fertile soil spell wouldn’t work on some patches in the farming guild.
    • The staff of the dead and toxic staff of the dead now count as zamorak items in GWD.
    • Players will no longer see the message in their chatbox stating that Dawn's hitpoints have regenerated if she is dead.
    • Players will no longer receive ancient shards from NPC's that are not in the catacombs (excluding skotizo).
    • Fixed a bug where the New crystal bow wouldn’t be accepted by Falo The Bard.
    • Fixed a bug where the new Max monkey variants wouldn’t apply the Ava’s accumulator set effect.
    • Players will no longer get experience for finding a shooting star unless they have the necessary level to mine it.
    • Goblin mail can no longer be equipped (it is intended for goblins to wear, after all!).
    • Fixed some object animations being messed up if HD was turned on on 2007 mode (eg. Hydra pools).
    • Infernal and Dragon harpoon special attack would sometimes go below 0%, causing you to have negative special energy and potentially crashing your client. This has been fixed.
      • You can also now toggle the special attack for these two items using the spec orb (previously was not functional).

    • Serpentine helm can now be dropped.

  • Quality of life:
    • If a player's bank is full when collecting from the Kingdom of Miscellania, the loot dropped to the floor will now be noted.
    • Players will now be notified how many times they've looted a seed pack each time they loot one.
    • Overhead prayers will now block all damage from Kalphite Queen, whereas previously the correct prayer would only block 50% of the damage.
    • The Amulet of blood fury now has a 20% chance (up from 10%) to heal 30% (up from 20%) of the damage dealt.
    • Added access to the upper levels of the Demonic gorilla's dungeon, and the blue dragon upper level spawns in Taverley dungeon.
      • The lower area of the demonic gorillas is now multi-combat.

    • Players with less than 44 slayer will no longer be assigned Karuulm dungeon tasks (ex: greater demons).
    • Adjusted the ::wiki command to redirect players to the new wiki.
    • Added support for Linux devices to be remember for 2FA purposes.
    • Added the ::raids command back; the ::cox command remains unchanged.
    • Blocking tasks will now be location independent.
      • Previously, blocking a Konar task would try to block the task attached to the location, but now if a player block Taverley black dragons for example, it’ll block all black dragon tasks.

    • Item searching:
      • When searching for items in the Trading Post or the Drop Searcher, certain items were not appearing such as Raw foods (Anglerfish, for example).
        • These items should now all show up properly.

    • Herbs will automatically be deposited into a players open herb sack while harvesting herbs if they have room.
    • Added placeholders for the following items:
      • Open coal bag
      • Open seed box
      • Open herb sack

    • When logging in or entering a new area, players will now properly face the direction they should be facing.
      • Previously, players would always be facing south if you teleported to a new area.

    • Max hit dummy QOL:
      • When using the Max hit dummy with Ranged/Melee attack style, you will now receive chatbox messages with full details on your max hit for different attack styles (eg. Accurate, aggressive, controlled, defensive) as well as the respective special attack maximum hit for that style.

  • 2010 Mode Fixes:
    • The Wise old man staff will now turn you into the beach-going wise old man with the blue underwear, rather than the fully robed Wise old man.
    • Equipment fixes:
      • Female character outfits and hair were still old school, and will now show up as in 2010 style as intended.
      • Oldschool shields and defenders will now fit in hands better.
      • PVP Armour (Vesta's, Morrigan's, etc) will now fit better without a gap between gloves and arms.
      • Justiciar chest guard will now fit better without a gap between gloves and arms.

    • Certain godward items (Bandos tassets, Armadyl chainskirt, etc) were appearing as different items when noted (potions). This visual bug has been fixed.
      • The placeholders for these items were also incorrect and have been fixed.

    • Upgraded items:
      • The following items have been upgraded to look like their 2010 variants:
        • Dragon claws
        • All spirit shields (Blessed, Elysian, Spectral, Arcane)

      • Last Man Standing items will now also appear as their 2010 version (whips, scimitars, equipment, etc).

  • Farming changes:
    • Belladonna patch:
      • Players with level 63+ Farming can now plant belladonna seeds in the patch near Draynor manor.
        • Belladonna seeds take about 120 minutes to grow, and provide 91 Farming experience for harvesting.
        • Harvesting the belladonna plant will yield cave nightshade.

    • Mushroom patch:
      • Players with level 53+ Farming can now plant Mushroom spores in the patch near Canifis.
        • Mushrooms take about 120 minutes to grow, and provide 61 Farming experience for harvesting.

  • Ammo saving changes:
    • The accumulator effects have been adjusted to work exactly like they do in OSRS.
      • That is, ammo has a 20% chance of breaking, which means it won’t fall to the ground and cannot be saved.
        • The accumulators each have the following rates:
          • Ava’s Assembler: Always collects arrows that haven’t been broken (80% recovery)
          • Ava’s Accumulator: 72% chance to collect arrows in any instance (90% chance to save an arrow that hasn’t broken).
            • The rest will fall to the ground if they haven’t broken.

          • Ava’s attractor: 60% chance to collect arrows in any instance (72% chance to save an arrow that hasn’t broken).
            • The rest will fall to the ground if they haven’t broken.

      • Note: The previous system worked similarly, so players won’t notice too much of a difference.
        • One notable difference will be that players using the Ava’s assembler, or any equivalent cape, will no longer see any arrows fall to the ground.
          • All of them will either break or be saved.

  • Autocast interface changes:
    • The following staves will now show their correct unlimited runes in the autocast interface:
      • Dust battlestaff
      • Mystic dust staff
      • Lava battlestaff
      • Mystic lava staff
      • Steam battlestaff
      • Mystic steam staff
      • Mist battlestaff
      • Mystic mist staff
      • Mystic smoke staff
      • Smoke battlestaff

    • If any other staves/equipment that are supposed to show infinite runes in the autocast interface are not working, please let us know!

  • Profanity filter:
    • Players can now toggle the profanity filter on within the settings.
      • This toggle will filter many inappropriate/offensive terms that other players say in yell/public/clan chat.
      • At this time, the filter is mostly only for terms that may be considered highly offensive or racist, so players should not hesitate to use toggle this filter on, since most words won’t be censored.

    • With this filter implementation, we’re removing the rule against using the term “Nigga” that was recently implemented.

  • Antifire changes:
    • Super antifire potions now provide protection for 3 minutes instead of the previous 6 minutes.
    • Extended super antifire potions:
      • Players with 98 Herblore can now make extended super antifire potions.
        • These potions require a super antifire potion and lava scale shards to create.
          • A 4 dose extended super antifire potion provides 160 base Herblore experience (40 experience per dose).
          • Each sip of the potion allows a player to have dragon fire immunity for 6 minutes.

  • Wyson the Gardener changes:
    • Players can now trade in their noted mole skins/claws with Wyson the gardener for nest boxes, as opposed to birds nests.
      • There are 3 types of nest boxes:
        • Seed nest box:
          • There’s a 70% chance of obtaining a seed nest when trading in a claw/skin.

        • Ring nest box:
          • There’s a 25% chance of obtaining a ring nest when trading in a claw/skin.

        • Empty nest box:
          • There’s a 5% chance of obtaining an empty nest when trading in a claw/skin.

      • Players can use these nest boxes to either extract 1 nest at a time to their inventory, or they can deposit the nest boxes into their bank, which will automatically extract all of the birds nests in the boxes.

  • Mining Guild Exchange:
    • Players can now speak to Belona in the mining guild to purchase items from the Mining Guild Mineral Exchange.
      • The items sold in the exchange are as follows:
        • Mining gloves:
          • 50 unidentified minerals

        • Superior Mining gloves:
          • 100 unidentified minerals

        • Bag full of gems:
          • 20 unidentified minerals

        • Soft clay pack:
          • 10 unidentified minerals

      • Unidentified minerals can be obtained by mining in the Mining guild.
        • The rates for the minerals are as follows:
          • Iron ore: 1/100
          • Coal: 1/60
          • Mithril: 1/40
          • Adamantite: 1/30
          • Runite: 1/20
          • Amethyst: 1/20

      • Players can also speak to Belona to upgrade their mining gloves into Expert mining gloves.
        • To do say, players will require a pair of mining gloves, superior mining gloves, and 60 unidentified minerals.

    • Mining gloves:
      • Mining gloves, when worn, will sometimes cause an ore to not deplete on its last life.
      • Mining gloves:
        • Silver ore: 50% chance of non-depletion
        • Coal ore: 40% chance of non-depletion
        • Gold ore: 33.33% chance of non-depletion

      • Superior Mining gloves:
        • Mithril ore: 25% chance of non-depletion
        • Adamantite ore: 16.66% chance of non-depletion
        • Runite Ore: 12.5% chance of non-depletion

      • Expert mining gloves:
        • The expert mining gloves have the combine perks of the regular/superior variants.
        • Amethyst crystals: 12.5% chance of non-depletion

  • Invisible item fixes:
    • The following items should no longer be invisible on either game mode:
      • Penguin mask
      • Goblin mask
      • Armadyl stole

  • Bounty Hunter change:
    • You can no longer receive a target that has the same IP or MAC address as you.
      • This is to prevent players from logging into the Wilderness on an alt and becoming their own target, which was blocking real players from having them as a target.

  • Impling changes:
    • Lucky impling loot announcements will now show the number of Lucky implings that the player has looted so far.
      • This count may be different from the number of implings caught, since players often don’t open their implings right away, or may buy the Lucky implings from others.

    • Players can now view theirs and other players’ impling catch count.
      • To view your own catch count, you can right-click on Elnock Inquisitor at Puro Puro, and click “View implings caught”.
      • To view another player’s impling catch count, you can use the adventure log in their house.

  • Bank changes:
    • Clicking the “Bank filler” option in the bank settings will no ask how many fillers you’d like to add, so you can continuously add as many fillers as you need.
      • This means the only way to clear them will be to right-click a bank filler and clear-all.

    • A left-click on bank fillers will now open the context menu (acts as a right click) instead of clearing the bank filler.
    • Left clicking the "Release" option on a placeholder in the bank will now cause it to act as a right-click, which will open up the context menu.
    • Players will now see a “wear” option just below the “store-x” option in their inventory when their bank is open, which will allow them to equip items with the bank still open.
    • Players will now see a “Drink” option just below the “store-x” option in their inventory when their bank is open, which will allow them to drink potions with the bank still open.
    • Players will now see a “Eat” option just below the “store-x” option in their inventory when their bank is open, which will allow them to eat food with the bank still open.

  • Tool Leprechaun Storage Changes:
    • Players can now store up to 1000 Buckets, Compost, and Super compost in the tool storage interface.
    • Players can now deposit noted buckets, compost, and super compost in the tool storage interface.

  • Last Man Standing updates:
    • Cupboards/drawers now have an "Open" option even after they've already been looted, allowing you to use a Bloodier key on them in late game to open them.

  • Chambers of Xeric changes:
    • Layout randomization:
      • Every raid will now have a unique layout and different rooms. There are millions of possible combinations for the order of rooms, so you won't get bored going through the same raid every time!

    • Tekton:
      • Tekton is now attackable while he is walking to the anvil.

    • Muttadile:
      • Players can now chop down the meat tree in the Muttadile room in the Chambers of Xeric.

    • Tightrope:
      • Players will now take reduced damage when crossing the tightrope if they're protecting the proper prayer.

    • Corrupted Scavenger:
      • You can now deposit all of your worms at once into the trough.

    • Ice Demon room:
      • You can now deposit all of your kindling at once on a brazier.
      • The Ice demon's shield will still melt even if only one brazier is lit, albeit at a slower rate than if all four were lit.

    • Vespula:
      • The Vespula chamber is a new addition, where players will need to try and kill the Abyssal portal in the chamber to complete the room. 
      • Lux Grubs:
        • There are 4 lux grubs that are initially spawned when a player enters the chamber, and these grubs will slowly lose their hitpoints over time.
          • Vespula will also occasionally sting the grubs if she’s not being distracted (either when players attack the portal, or attack her).
          • If a grub’s hp falls below 0, the grub will hatch into a Vespine soldier, causing Vespula and the Abyssal portal to heal back to full health.
          • Players can heal the grubs by picking the medivaemia flowers from the roots nearby and feeding them to the grubs.

      • Abyssal Portal:
        • Players must destroy this portal to complete the room.
        • Attacking this portal will cause Vespula to be enraged, where she’ll come to the centre and start rapidly stinging any players nearby for moderately high damage.
          • Players who are under Vespula will not be stung, but will be subject to rapid stomp damage instead.

      • Vespula:
        • Vespula cannot be killed while the Abyssal portal is alive.
          • If a player gets Vespula’s health to 23% or less, then she will transform into a cockroach that moves on the ground for a set period of time.
            • When this happens, players can freely attack the portal without having to worry about her becoming enraged.

    • Guardian Room:
      • Players will now encounter the Guardian room in the Chambers of Xeric.
        • In this room, players will need to quickly attack the 2 guardians that guard the passageway to get through.
          • Damage can only be dealt to these guardians with pickaxes, and if a player is using the crush/smash attack style, their damage will be booster.
            • The damage boost is based on the pickaxe, as well as the mining level of the player.

          • The Guardians health will increase based on team size/average mining level.

        • Attacks:
          • The guardians only attack in retaliation, and only if the player is right next to them after an attack.
            • The Guardians will either swing their sword to attack a player, or use a stomp attack that causes rocks to fall from the ceiling, damaging all players in a 3x3 radius.

          • If a player tries to pass between the guardians when one or more are still alive, they’ll be pushed back, causing the guardian(s) to use the stomp attack.

    • Jewelled Crab Room:
      • In this new room, players will need to use the jewelled crabs wandering about to redirect the energy focus, in hopes to turn all of the crystals white.
        • Crabs:
          • There are 4 crabs that are in the room, and players can attack the crabs to change their color.
            • Range will turn the crabs green.
            • Magic will turn the crabs blue.
            • Melee will turn the crabs red.

          • Players can also right-click “smash” to stun the crabs for a certain period of time, that way the crab will not be able to move, making it easier to line the crabs up to redirected the focus.
            • This can only be done if a player has a hammer with them (including a dragon Warhammer).

        • Energy Focus:
          • This focus will constantly be emitted, and when it hits an Player/Wall it will be destroyed and re-emitted shortly after.
            • If the focus hits a player, it will deal damage to that player upon being destroyed.

          • When the focus hits a crab, it will take on the color of that crab (White, Red, Green, Blue), and be redirected 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.

        • Crystals:
          • There are 4 crystals, and each must be destroyed by an energy focus of a specific color:
            • The black crystal can be destroyed by a white energy focus.
            • The cyan crystal can be destroyed by a red energy focus.
            • The magenta crystal can be destroyed by a green energy focus.
            • The yellow crystal can be destroyed by a blue energy focus.

    • Resource room:
      • Farming:
        • Players can now farm the 3 seeds which they can get from scavengers.
          • Buchu seed:
            • These seeds require level 39 farming to plant, and will yield grimy buchu leaves when harvested.

          • Golpar seed:
            • These seeds require level 27 farming to plant, and will yield grimy golpar leaves when harvested.

          • Noxifer seed:
            • These seeds require level 55 farming to plant, and will yield grimy noxifer leaves when harvested.

      • Herblore:
        • Players can make the following potions:
          • Revitalization (+) (4):
            • This requires a Buchu leaf, a stinkhorn mushroom, a water-filled gourd, and 78 Herblore to make.

          • Prayer enhance (+) (4):
            • This requires a Buchu leaf,  a Cicely, a water-filled gourd, and 78 Herblore to make.

          • Xeric’s aid (+) (4):
            • This requires a Buchu leaf, endarkened juice, a water-filled gourd, and 78 Herblore to make.

          • Elder (+) (4):
            • This requires a Golpar leaf, a stinkhorn mushroom, a water-filled gourd, and 70 Herblore to make.

          • Twisted (+) (4):
            • This requires a Golpar leaf, a Cicely, a water-filled gourd, and 70 Herblore to make.

          • Kodai (+) (4):
            • This requires a Golpar leaf, endarkened juice, a water-filled gourd, and 70 Herblore to make.

          • Overload (+) (4):
            • This requires a Noxifer leaf, an Elder (+) (4) potion, a Kodai (+)(4) potion, a Twisted(+)(4) potion, a water-filled gourd, and 90 Herblore to make.

      • Prayer enhance (+):
        • The prayer enhance (+) now has the effect where it will provide 1 prayer point every 6 game ticks for 5 minutes.

We hope you enjoy this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together for you! Please be sure to report any bugs as soon as they are found, especially Chambers of Xeric related bugs. With the help of the staff team (Especially @@Elite and @Stone), we've thoroughly tested this update, but there may still be unaddressed bugs.
Omicron & Chad

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