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[OSRS] Alora - Runelite w/ HD ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Posted (edited)


Hello everyone,
2010 Mode is finally here! You can now choose to relive your childhood and play the game as it was in 2010. This is completely optional, and you have the choice between 2007 and 2010 game style every time you load up the client. This update will change the appearance of your character, animations, equipment/items, NPCs, maps (especially in HD), and graphics. We're extremely excited about this update, as we'll be able to cater to players who prefer 2010 RuneScape and cement ourselves as the only option for RSPS players.

Will this update be compatible with RuneLite?
Yes! One of the most exciting aspects of this update is that we'll be the only server to provide a 2010-style RSPS that has RuneLite support, let alone HD support.

Do I need to play on HD to get the 2010 looks?
Nope! You can choose to have HD turned off, but we think that HD suits the 2010 style much better than 2007. This is because HD was added to RuneScape sometime in 2008, and all of the assets of that era (items, maps, monsters) were designed to look good in HD.

Does this mean you'll be adding items/content from 2010 RuneScape?
No. We are still an Oldschool server, and we'd like to stay true to that. This update is only a visual toggle, and we won't be bringing in any content from this era unless the Oldschool RuneScape team decides to add it in as well.

How does this work with OSRS content?
For OSRS-specific content that wasn't available in 2010 RuneScape, it'll simply look the same way as it does on OSRS. There won't be any visual upgrade for OSRS content. For example, Dragons will look different on 2010 mode, but Sand crabs will look the same as they do on 2007 mode as there is not suitable upgrade for them.

In Other News…
We've also released the Ferox Enclave with this update, and re-enabled Last Man Standing (which is now located in the Enclave)! This will provide for some more interesting weekend events on top of the regular rotation :)

  • 2010 Mode:
    • Upon starting up your client, you will now see a selection screen which helps you visualize how the game will look based on your settings. Choose the 2010 button under "Game Style" to experience the new game mode.
      • When playing on this game style, the following are updated to 2010 style:
        • Characters
        • Equipment and items
        • NPCs
        • Maps
        • Graphics
        • Animations
      • It will be almost as if you were playing RuneScape as it was in 2010, with a few small differences. The biggest difference at the moment is that maps are not 100% updated to the 2010 mode, and we plan to improve the landscape in the future by adding HD lighting and higher definition maps.

  • Ferox Enclave:

    • Points of Interest:


      • Clan Wars is now located within the Enclave. You can challenge other teams and enter the Challenge portal here.

      • Free-for-all Clan wars portal is also now located within the Enclave.

      • Last Man Standing can now be accessed within the Ferox Enclave. (More information below)

      • There is a Prayer altar within the Enclave, as well as a Pool of refreshment which can restore your hitpoint, stats and prayer points (but not special energy).

      • There is a bank chest within, as well as a Vote booth.

    • Accessing the area:

      • By running north of the Grand Exchange to level 13 Wilderness.

      • By typing ;;clanwars or ;;lms.

    • By using the Teleport Wizard and selecting one of the following locations

      • PvP -> Ferox Enclave

      • Minigames -> Last Man Standing

      • Minigames -> Clan Wars

    • Extras

      • You can also set the Ferox Enclave as your respawn point via the Teleport Wizard. It is currently the only location not on the City menu that can be selected as a Home location

  • The Ferox Enclave is a small town south of the Graveyard of Shadows, around level 13-16 Wilderness.


    • It is a safe-zone, meaning that no combat can take place within its boundaries.

    • Any player can enter the Enclave as long as they are not tele blocked.

    • A few steps outside of the Enclave are also safe-zones as long as a player is not tele-blocked. If a player is tele-blocked, these areas are still dangerous and players in the Wilderness may still attack them.

  • Last Man Standing:

    • Last Man Standing has been re-enabled!

      • Alora currently has the old version of LMS which is a true Battle-Royale style mini-game in which you start with only a spear and must loot chests/cupboards/drawers to find gear and supplies for battle.

      • There have been no major changes to the old version of LMS that we had, we are only fixing the bugs and re-enabling it.

      • In the near future, we will also add the newer version of LMS that is present in OSRS, in which you can select your load out prior to entering. Ideally, we'd like to have both version of LMS possible and Event managers could select which one they want to enable for weekend events.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • You can now drink beer, which will heal 1 hotpoint and temporarily increase your strength by 4% while decreasing your Attack by 7%.
    • For players who exchange Barrows points for a set via the Strange old man, those set items will now properly count on your Collection log.


There are bound to be bugs with this game mode, but we have not seen any crashes or major bugs, only visual ones. We're relying on you to report these bugs as soon as you find them so that we can improve the 2010 experience :) For the time being, we'd still recommend that Hardcore Ironmen don't perform dangerous activities on 2010 mode just yet.
We hope you enjoy this update as much as we've enjoyed putting it together for you! :)
Omicron & Chad

Edited by Alora

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