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[OSRS] Alora - Runelite w/ HD ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,
Today's update contains the highly requested Theatre of Blood rework as we continue to work on the Chambers of Xeric update which will take more time. We've also added 9 new RuneLite plugins to enhance your gameplay, which you'll find more info about below. We've also thrown in a bunch of bug fixes and QoL, as well as some other updates we're sure you'll enjoy such as Nightmare scaling and placeholders for many items that previously did not have one. We also added a Windows installer which will create an app that you can add to your task bar / start menu, as well as a Mac OS app that you can pin to your Dock.
In Other News...
We're aiming to release the 2010 Mode update later this week, as we had some testers on to help ensure that there aren't any bugs. We'll continue to test this week, and if all goes well you can hopefully play with the 2010 visual style as early as Thursday :)

  • Mac launcher:
    • Although the alora.jar launcher worked just fine, we've added a Mac launcher that you can install as an application. The benefit of this is the ability to have the Alora launcher as a dock icon that you can launch from anywhere.

  • Windows installer:
    • A Windows installer for Alora has been added!
      • This will install the app onto your computer, allowing you to create shortcuts to it or launch from your Start menu / pin to the task bar.
      • This app will also work if a user doesn't have Java installer, making it more reliable for new players.
      • It can be downloaded here:

  • RuneLite changes/fixes:
    • Merged the latest Runelite update to the client, more details can be found here:

    • Plugin changes/additions:
      • Equipment Inspector Plugin:
        • Players will now be able to use the Equipment inspector plugin, which will give players a new right-click option called “Equipment”, and when clicked, it will open a sidebar showing all the equipment they have on them.

      • Calculator Plugin:
        • Players can now use the calculator plugin, which creates a calculator in the toolbar which can be used.

      • Animations in densely populated areas are now enabled.
        • Previously, all players would have an idle animation in densely populated areas, however we’ve decided to enable all animations by default, and allow players to turn them off if they wish through the Interface Styles plugin on Runelite.

      • Door kicker plugin:
        • Players can now use the door kicker plugin to assert their dominance.

      • Death timer:
        • A death timer has been added to the Timers plugin, this will tell you how many seconds until your loot pile because public to everybody.

      • Players can now use the Friends chat plugin.
        • This plugin mostly has features to control clan rank icons showing up in various chat types.
          • It can also show you how many of your fellow clan mates are in the same region as you, and notify you when people join/leave the clan.

      • Login plugin:
        • Players can now paste their username/passwords when enabling the option in the login screen plugin.

      • Emoji Palette Plugin:
        • The Emoji palette plugin has been added, which will create an icon on the tool bar that players can use to see all the available emoji’s, as well as their shortcuts. 

      • Fight Caves Plugin:
        • Players can now use the Fight Caves Plugin to see which mobs will spawn on the current wave and next wave in the fight caves.

      • Banked Experience Plugin:
        • Players can now use the Banked Experience plugin to calculate how much experience they have in their banks.
          • These calculations will automatically take into account your CURRENT experience multiplier (vote boost, game mode multiplier, well of goodwill, etc..) 
          • We’ve added options to include the Group ironman and Elite ironman banks as well.

      • Inventory Setups Plugin:
        • Players can now use the Inventory Setups plugin, which will allow them to save their inventory/equipment setups, and click a button to do a search in their bank to pull up all of those items.
        • We’ve also decided to go above and beyond and give this plugin preset automatic withdrawal functionality.
          • This means that players can toggle a configuration in the plugin settings that will automatically withdraw and equip the items in their inventory setup presets.
            • This does not include filling a rune pouch with the specific runes.

    • Bug fixes:
      • Runelite will now change chat colors appropriately based on if your chatbox is transparent or not.
      • Fixed a bug where item overlays would draw over the bank buttons on the bottom.
      • The gauntlet plugin will no longer count the Whirlpool/Lightning spawn attack as a mage/range attack hit for the Hunllef.
      • The tele block timer for Skotizo now shows the appropriate time.
      • Fixed a bug with the Gauntlet plugin not tracking player attacks properly.
      • Inventory tags will no longer move with your mouse if you're not actually dragging an item (due to anti drag delays).
        • Previously, the overlay would look like your item was being dragged, even if your drag timer wasn’t up.

      • The Report button plugin's login timer will no longer be capped to 24 hours.
        • This was previously the case since on OSRS players are 6-hour-logged, and can’t stay logged in for more than 6 hours at a time.

      • Fixed a bug where Holy water would prompt Runelite to show an infobox since it considers it ammo.
      • Fixed an error that caused your client to crash at the nightmare if you were using 2008 hitmarkers.
      • Fixed a bug with cave kraken loot not showing up on the Loot tracker.
      • Fixed an issue where the regular ironman mode experience multipliers in the skill calculator was using a 20x multiplier instead of 40x.
      • Fixed an issue with the regeneration orbs on the 2010 interface style in fixed mode.
      • Fixed an issue with the prayer flick overlay/timer on the 2010 interface style in fixed mode.
      • Some players were freezing when the client was loading up, which should no longer occur.
      • The friends chat plugin would sometimes show Mod icons if you right click on your clan members in-game. Instead, it will now show the correct friends rank.
      • 2FA could not be entered on RuneLite (it would close the chatbox). It should now work as intended.
      • Trading Post fixes:
        • You can now search for items that would previously not show up (certain bonds, boosters, cooked food (eg. Sharks) and more).

      • Item search interface fixes:
        • When searching for an item on the Trading post or in the Drop Searcher, you can now click "Enter" rather than selecting a specific item, and it will search for items that match that name.
          • For example, if you want to see all Booster scrolls and not click just a Gauntlet booster, you can now do so.

      • Fixed a bug with minimap orb overlays on the 2010 fixed interface style.

  • Regular client fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where context menus for large piles of items would show the examine options before the "take" options.
    • Fixed a bug where the bank title would not reset after searching.
    • An issue which caused the game frame to "flash" repeatedly has been fixed.

  • Bug fixes:
    • The price of the dark totem in the Pk point exchange has been increased from 100 to 200 points.
    • The farmer's set is no longer tradable.
    • The fossil island rope anchors now work properly.
    • Fixed an issue where combining Revitilization potions would yield the incorrect dose.
    • Corporeal Beast’s stomp attack that he does while players are standing under him will now always do 30-51 damage.
    • The Nightmare's Sleepwalker attack will no longer deal damage if the player is not in the instance.
      • Previously, players could teleport out and take damage outside of the area.

    • Dawnbringer will now instantly show up on the floor to all players if a player tries to search the skeleton with a full inventory.
    • Fixed an issue where players' pets would disappear after dying safe deaths, and wouldn't re-appear until they re-logged.
    • Fletching darts will now reset actions, so players can now longer passively do other skilling actions while fletching darts.
    • Fixed a bug where the eleven crystal chest rare loot message would show the incorrect spelling of the loot.
    • Fixed a bug where the cannon wasn't showing 0 damage hitmarkers.
    • Fixed an issue where sheared should would sometimes not transform into the sheared sheep, or a different npc entirely.
    • Fixed a bug where ironmen items would go public a bit sooner than expected.
    • Fixed a bug where the Morrigan Javelin and Morrigan Thrownaxe would warn that they were out of charges, even though these items didn't require any.
    • Poison Karambwans now give 80 cooking experience instead of 190.
    • Removed the duplicate smithing skillcape from the Skillcape shop.
    • Fixed an issue where players couldn't delete friends who got name changes under specific circumstances.
    • Removed the duplicate chatbox messages from drinking divine potions.
    • Commander Zilyana will now drop 5 noted Grimy ranarrs, as opposed to un-noted.
    • Fixed a bug where some altars in-game would give players the "Pray at the Ardougne church altar" achievement.
    • Fixed an issue with empty fishbowls not noting properly in the bank.
    • The DFS activation special attack will now provide Defensive exp drops when used against other players.
    • Added 25 new seeds players can store in the seed box.
    • Fixed a bug where players wouldn't stop filling vials/jugs of water even after they moved away from the water source.
    • Raids chest items will no longer try to be deposited in the bank for UIM if a player's inventory is full.
    • Reduced the price of the Slayer Helmet recolor perks from 1000 points each to 500 points each.
    • Bolt racks from Barrows chests now show up in the Collection log.
    • Fixed a bug where players could smuggle items out of the Gauntlet after completing it.
    • NPC’s should no longer wander off too far from their spawn locations anymore.
    • Players who accidentally press enter to close a random event dialog will automatically be prompted to enter the answer if they try to move somewhere.
    • Fixed an issue where players would be teleported back to the Pyramid Plunder entrance when their 5 minutes were up, even if they teleported out of the mini-game.
    • Added the steel dragon spawns back to the catacombs.
    • Kalphite Queen's magic attack projectile will now move at a slower rate, so that you can make a better estimate of when it will hit you.
    • Barbarian spirit and Confused barbarian animations have been fixed.
    • Iorwerth warrior/archer animations and attack styles have been fixed.
    • Bree (Saradomin GWD) animations have been fixed.
    • Cerberus death animation has been fixed.
    • Vet'ion animations (attack/block/death) have all been fixed.
    • Removed  "Strange plant" spawns from the world.
    • Removed "Dr. Jekyll" spawns from the world.
    • Scythe of Vitur walk/run animations have been improved (proper OSRS animations).
      • The previous animations would place the Scythe too low, cutting off the scythe's head when you move.

    • Moss guardian animations have been fixed.
    • The ladder from the Waterbirth isle Dagannoth cave up to the top of the island has been fixed.
    • Morrigan's javelin and throwing axe projectiles were swapped and have been fixed. Also, the special attack graphics was offset and is now in the correct position.
    • Chambers of Xeric NPC names that were blank have been fixed.
    • Fixed the black texture on the bridge between Varrock and Edgeville near the Wilderness ditch.

  • Quality of life changes:
    • Slightly increased the chance to get a Molch pearl from aerial fishing.
    • Buffed the max hit of the Craws Bow.
    • Slightly increased the chance to get a mark of grace from the Falador agility course.
    • Zalcano loot changes:
      • The chance of getting the Smolcano pet is now the same for all players, regardless of contribution (assuming the player is eligible for rewards).
      • The chance of receiving a Crystal tool seed from Zalcano has been increased to 1/200.

    • Unsired’s will now be announced in yell when players receive one.
    • The notification players get when they complete their slayer task will now be highlighted in red.
    • Players will now have their Hp healed/poison removed when exiting clan wars/FFA portals.
    • Nail beast nails have been added to the Realism Herblore shop for 6,000 coins each.
    • Clean snake weed has been added to the Realism Herblore shop for 2,000 coins each.
    • Recolouring the Phoenix pet now only requires 100 firelighters, instead of the previous 250.
    • Server bonuses will now display the time left in hours in the Boosts interface.
      • If no time is listed, it means the timers will be on for an indeterminate amount of time.

    • Players can now combine their Dagon’hai pieces on the trading post to create a Dagon’hai robe set.
    • Players can now combine their justiciar pieces on the trading post to create a Justiciar armour set.
    • Added the Black Graceful and the custom black graceful to the Magic Wardrobe, which players can now use to store both sets.
    • Players can now store the Completionist Monkey and Completionist Monkey (g) in their Cape racks.
    • Players now have the option to use Feathers for Barbarian fishing, as well as bait/fish chunks.
    • Players with 99 herblore will now seen an option when speaking to Zahur to turn their noted grimy herbs into unfinished potions.
      • The cost will be the normal cost to create unfinished potions + 1000 coins to clean the herb.

    • Paul, a substantial figurehead in the ironman community, has returned to his post.
    • Adjusted the location of the Xeric's Glade teleport to be more similar to OSRS.
    • Added Little Nightmare to the “All pets” section of the collection log.
    • Players can now charge their Iban's staff (u) with Aubury before it has completely run out of charges.
      • Note that the max charges a player can have is 2,500, so if they charge their staff with 200 charges left, for example, they’ll only receive 2,300 extra charges.

    • The price of Shayzien armor in the daily task shop has been reduced from 80 points per piece to 40 points per piece.
    • Players can now input the amount of mole skins/claws to trade into Wyson the Gardener.
    • Players now have the option to store only the cape in the Cape rack.
      • They can still store the hood + cape, and the cape rack will remember the combination of trimmed/untrimmed cape + hood/no hood that was deposited.

    • Players now have the option to toggle the floating effect of the Pharaoh's sceptre on or off before equipping it.
    • Added a ::noobsown YouTube redirect command.

  • NPC combat changes:
    • There was a bug found that was causing NPC’s defensive stats not to change if the NPC transformed (for example, zulrah phase changes), which meant that the npc always had it’s initial defensive stats.
      • This issue has been fixed, so players may now notice that bosses that transform may be more difficult/easier to hit based on the combat style they’re using.
        • A notable example would be Zulrah, since previously zulrah’s green phases range defence was -45 magic defence, and 0 range defence, players could essentially use either style the whole fight, since the magma and tanzanite phases also were using those defensive stats.
          • These changes mean that players will hit far less often with range on the magma(melee) phase for zulrah, and will hit far less often with mage on the tanzanite(mage) phase.

  • Jewellery changes:
    • Players can now enchant Dragonstone bracelets into combat bracelets.
    • The following items can now be used to teleport in up to level 30 wilderness:
      • Amulets of glory
      • Combat bracelets
      • Rings of wealth
      • Slayer rings
      • Skills necklaces 

  • Theatre of blood changes:
    • Sotetseg's energy ball attack will no longer deal any damage if it lands after Sotetseg's hit points have fallen to 0.
    • Fixed a bug where the name of the chest in the reward room was “Larran’s chest”.
    • Player appearances will now be properly updated when Dawnbringer is deleted from their equipment slot.
    • The player orbs on the top left side of the screen will now reflect the proper hp ratio’s of all the players in the team.
      • When a player dies, their orbs will turn black and stay black until the phase has been completed.

    • Chest interface changes:
      • Removed the “Withdraw” options that didn’t work on the interface when right-clicking items.
      • Added a button to add all items to your inventory.
      • Added a button to add all items to your bank.
      • The loot from the chest will no longer instantly be added to the players inventory, instead they’ll be able to choose one of the two options to deposit the loot.

    • Players will now be warned that if they haven’t collected their loot from the chest before leaving the reward room.
    • Bloat Mechanic changes:
      • Bloat has had 2 new mechanics added:
        • Bloat will now randomly turn around when walking in the opposite direction.
          • This is random and can happen at any corner, even when he re-awakens.

        • Bloat will become enraged when his health is between 60% and 20%, at which point he’ll begin to run instead of walk.

    • Nylocas Vasilias changes:
      • Nylocas will now change forms every 6 seconds instead of 10 seconds, and will change to one of the other 2 forms, in no particular order (the forms are selected randomly).
      • Players can now attack the Nylocas when they’re walking on the webs, before they’ve crawled onto the platform.
      • When a pillar falls, all active players will be dealt 10-35 damage due to falling rocks.

    • Xarpus changes:
      • Phase 1 has been re-added back to Xarpus:
        • Xarpus will now start with 75% health, and spawn exhumes to heal him that players will need to stand on.
          • The number of exhumed skeletons that spawn will be based on team sizes, with the lowest being 8 exhumed skeletons for solo’s, and 15 for a team of 5.
            • This difference is due to the fact that the exhumes spawn faster for larger team sizes, while also healing Xarpus for less health.

          • The amount Xarpus will heal will be based on team size, with the maximum being 19 (solos) and the minimum being 9 (5 man team).
          • Each Exhumed skeleton will last 6.6 seconds. 

  • PvP weapon changes:
    • Morrigan’s Javelin special attack:
      • Phantom Strike:
        • This attack requires 50% of the player’s special attack energy, and will cause a bleed effect that inflicts 5 damage every 3 ticks until the initial damage dealt by the special attack has been delivered.
          • This effect will also be removed once the player is out of combat.

    • Morrigan’s Thrownaxe special attack:
      • Hamstrung:
        • This requires 50% of the players special attack, and will cause the target’s run energy to decrease 6x faster than usual for 1 minute.

  • Slayer helmet options:
    • All slayer helmets now have the “Check”, “Log”, and “Partner” options when right clicking them in the equipment interface.
      • The check option will allow players to check their slayer streak.
      • The Log option will allow players to check their monster kill counts.
      • The Partner option will allow players to see who their current slayer partner is.

  • Wilderness supply chest changes:
    • Players who wish to open the Wilderness supply chest will now require 1500+ total level, as well as 110+ Combat level to loot the supply chest.

  • Placeholder changes:
    • We’ve added the placeholders to over 100+ items that were previously missing them.
      • If you notice any other items that don’t have placeholders which should, file a bug report and we can add the placeholders for those items.

    • NOTE: This will only work on the latest client version, so if you’re still having issues with placeholders, make sure you update your client to the latest version.

  • Nightmare scaling changes:
    • The nightmares health will now always be 2400 when the team size is between 1-5 players, and will then scale up for each additional player after the 5th member.
      • Previously, the nightmare would start at 2000 health, and scale up for each team member, which was a bit too difficult for medium sized teams.

  • Achievement Diary changes:
    • Morytania Diaries:
      • The “15% more runes from Barrows” perk has been moved to a reward for the Medium Diary.
      • The “30% more runes from Barrows” perk has been moved to a reward for the Hard Diary.

    • Skill requirements:
      • We’ve added any explicit skill requirements next to each perk in the Achievement diaries.
        • These level requirements will be crossed out if your currently level is >= the level required to complete the diary (including boosts).
          • For example, if the perk is “Grow 2 Redwood trees in the farming guild”, there will be an indicator showing “(90 Farming)” next to the task, and it will be crossed out if the player has that skill level.

  • Wiki banner:
    • We’ve introduced the wiki banner to Alora! Players will be able to find this right below their minimap.
      • Players can click the wiki banner, which will give them the option to left click on any object/item/npc to be re-directed to the wiki.
        • We’ve combined functionality for both the Alora wiki, and the OSRS wiki, such that if a player looks up an article that doesn’t exist on the Alora wiki, they’ll simply be redirected to the OSRS wiki.
          • This will be useful for most things, since they are similar to OSRS, however it will provide a lot of utility for content that’s more unique to Alora, such as the well of goodwill for example.

      • We’ve also added 2 right-click options on the wiki banner:
        • Search wiki:
          • This will trigger a search box that players can use to search the OSRS/Alora Wiki.
            • As with the other functionality, it will first check the Alora Wiki for a page that exists, and falls back on the OSRS wiki.

        • Add to Alora Wiki:
          • Once selected, players can simply click on an object/item/npc, and if that wiki page doesn’t exist on the Alora Wiki, it will re-direct players to a wiki creation page where they can fill in information for it.

  • Barrows changes:
    • Players will now have a chance to get a second piece of barrows loot when doing barrows.
      • These aren’t 2 independent rolls, meaning the players will only have a chance to get a second piece if they got a first piece to begin with.
        • For balancing purposes, we’ve the chance to get the second piece slightly harder than the chance to land the first piece.
        • If players successfully receive a second piece, it will not be added to their overall loot, but instead will replace one of the “junk” items, such as rune armour, runes, bolts, etc…

  • Completionist Monkey changes:
    • The Completionist monkeys will now have the perks of all the Achievement diary items available.
      • When equipped, the “features” right-click option has been replaced with the “Diary teleports” option, which will open up a scroll that will allow players to choose any of the Achievement diary item teleports.
      • Players will be able to slash webs with 100% success rate if a completionist monkey is equipped.
      • Players will receive the 15% Agility bonus when wearing the monkey.
        • This does not stack with the Karamja gloves.

      • The Completionist monkey will now have the same perks as the Varrock Armour 4 (Acts as prospector top, and has a chance to provide an extra ore when mining).
      • The Completionist monkey will now provide the chance to catch an extra fish (Rada’s blessing perk).

  • Farmer’s Blessing expansion:
    • We’ve added 4 new Spirit tree patch teleports to the Farmer’s Blessing:
      • Brimhaven Spirit tree patch.
      • Port Sarim Spirit tree patch.
      • Miscellania Spirit tree patch.
      • Hosidius Spirit tree patch.

    • We’ve also added the Brimhaven fruit tree patch to the teleports.

  • STASH unit changes:
    • The STASH unit south of the eastern winch in the Digsite is now functional.
      • Players will be able to store an iron pickaxe within it, given that they have at least 27 construction.

  • Baba Yaga’s Rune Shop:
    • Players can now purchase runes from Baba Yaga, who can be found in the General store in Edgeville.
      • Only Ironmen are permitted to use this shop.
      • This shop is similar to Amlod/Wizard Sinina’s rune shops, however it also contains fire/water/earth/air staves, astral runes, and regular battlestaves.
        • The prices are 10x the normal prices on OSRS.

      • Players who wish to use this shop must first complete Lunar Diplomacy to access it.

  • Runecrafting pouch changes:
    • Players can now right click on Runecrafting pouches in their inventory while banking, and use the “Fill” option to fill them with essence without having to close the bank.
      • This option naturally replaces the “Store X” option when right-clicking the pouch, so as not to be inconsistent, however we’ve also added a configuration on the Menu-entry swapper that will allow players to swap the “Store 1” and “Fill” options, so they can simple left click their pouches to store them with essence.

  • Farming changes:
    • Players can now grow Hardwood trees in the 3 Hardwood tree patches on Fossil Island, just south-east of the teleport location.
      • There are 2 types of Hardwood tree’s that can be grown:
        • Mahogany Tree:
          • This tree requires 55 Farming to plant, and provides 15,720 base Farming experience for checking the health of it.
            • The time it takes to grow this tree is 1280 minutes.

        • Teak Tree:
          • This tree requires 35 Farming to plant, and provides 7,290 base Farming experience for checking the health of it.
            • The time it takes to grow this tree is 1120 minutes.

  • Collection log changes:
    • The collection log’s text will now change to green when a player has completed it by collecting all items.

  • Gauntlet changes:

  • Mining Geodes:
    • Players will now have a small chance of obtaining a “Clue geode” when mining.
      • These geodes may contain easy, medium, hard, or elite clue scrolls within them.
        • The higher the player’s mining level, as well as the higher level requirement of the rock will both factor into the likelihood of getting a geode.
          • For example, players are most likely to get a geode from mining a runite rock with 99 mining.

    • The rates of getting geodes are similar to OSRS, but boosted by about 23%.

  • Ordan’s Supplies changes:
    • We’ve expanded Ordan’s Supplies to include the following items:
      • Tin ore: 100 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Copper ore: 100 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Silver ore: 1200 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Iron ore: 500 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Coal ore: 400 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Mithril ore: 3000 gp each, 500 in stock.
      • Gold ore: 2500 gp each, 500 in stock.

    • This expanded shop is only available to Ironman accounts, and regular/realism/classic players will still see the old shop.

We hope you enjoy this update! If you find any bugs, please report them as soon as they are found :)
Omicron & Chad

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