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[OSRS] Alora - Runelite w/ HD ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,
RuneLite Release
The long awaited RuneLite release is finally here! We'd like to thank you all for your patience while we ironed out the bugs and made sure that the client was smooth enough for the public. We'd also like to thank all of our beta testers for helping to expedite this process.
While we're confident enough to release RuneLite to everyone, due to the size of this update there are certainly bound to be bugs which he hope that you'll report to help us patch them up as quickly as possible. While there shouldn't be any major bugs (eg. Client crashes), it may still be advisable that certain accounts (such as Hardcore Ironman) take precautions and do not perform risky activities on the RuneLite client just yet. You can choose to play the regular Alora client through the launcher if you'd like.
The launcher must be redownloaded to give you the option to launch via RuneLite, and you can download it here:
Alora Client Launcher
NOTE: If you are currently on the RuneLite beta, you should still download this launcher to get the latest version, as well as the auto-updating feature so that you always have the newest client.
Once it's downloaded once, it'll auto-update RuneLite every time we release a new update. RuneLite is compatible with all operating systems, and OpenGL HD is now functional via RuneLite as well. At the moment, HD on Mac is not supported, though we will work on providing GPU/HD support for our Mac users in the near future.
Server Updates
Aside from the RuneLite update, we've managed to bring some major content updates to the server as well. This includes a brand new minigame, Pyramid Plunder! You'll be able to train Thieving in a unique way, while on the hunt for the elusive Blisterwoood flail. Rocky pets can now be recolored to a Red Panda or a Tanuki by using different berries on him. You'll also be able to make other players' hitsplats appear as a slightly darker color than your own. Other noteworthy features include the ability to heal venom/poison by clicking on your HP orb, Cape racks and Toy boxes in POH, and an abundance of bug fixes and miscellaneous QoL updates.
Without further ado:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed the Ankou attack animation.
    • Removed the duplicate Aranwe spawns in Priffdinas.
    • Players will no longer be able to take advantage of the Infernal pickaxe effect if they are using not actually mining with that pickaxe.
      • At this time, this only applies to using a crystal pickaxe with an infernal pickaxe in your inventory.

    • Fixed an issue where Vorkath’s fireball attack wouldn’t launch if you were right next to him.
    • Fixed issues that would cause the fremennik shirts from Thessalia’s imports to become noted in your bank when depositing them. 
    • Trying to unequip a weapon with a full inventory will no longer remove that weapon's special attack bar.
    • Fixed a bug that wouldn't let you close the auto-cast interface if it was open while switching magic styles.
    • Fixed a graphical bug with the Bandos/Armadyl d'hide bodies.
    • Players can now properly store the Armadyl Blessed dragonhide set in their Treasure Chest in their POH.
    • Fixed a bug where players could join a different raid party if their clan leader was in a different clan before the raid began.
    • Fixed a bug where the teak tree stumps would be offset from where the tree actually is.
    • Fixed a bug where if the player left the gauntlet with a crystal staff equipped, it would keep trying to cast the spell and not let you attack.
    • NPC's will no be aggressive towards players who've relogged in the Inferno once they finish entering their 2FA.
    • Players will now receive one of the other 2 weapon upgrades in the Gauntlet when killing a demi-boss and receiving the primary weapon upgrade from that demi boss.
      • Previously, this would apply after killing a Demi boss, regardless of if they had dropped the weapon upgrade or not, meaning sometimes players could kill, for example, a crystalline bear and get a crystal orb even if they had never gotten the spike.

    • Fixed the Lunar teleport graphics to match OSRS.
    • Players will now get the proper amount of experience from cutting a Blue Gill/Common Tench when Aerial fishing.
    • Fixed a bug where players couldn't use the "Features" option on their max cape from their inventory if they didn't have 200m in every stat.
    • Fixed a bug where players who had 200m in every stat and try to use the ardougne farm teleport would be prompted with the skill cape swap option.
    • Players can no longer get clue nests from the God boss event if they already have the corresponding clue scroll.
    • Players can no longer get duplicate medium clue scrolls from the stone chest.
    • Move Arianwyn 1 tile to the east so she isn’t standing on the inconspicuous crate.
    • Fixed an issue where players were not being guaranteed weapon frames from killing Demi-bosses in the Gauntlet.
    • Fixed a bug where there were dead clicks in the upper right corner of the screen near the minimap orbs on resizable.
    • Fixed a bug where players could spam click a farming patch to harvest it faster.
    • Fixed the Corporeal beast graphics/projectiles.
    • Switching to a staff with a built in spell will no longer sometimes select the defensive casting style if you had switched from a weapon with the “slash” style selected.
    • Switching to/from a staff with a built in spell(trident, sanguinesti, etc..) will now select the appropriate attack style.
    • Stamina potion (4)'s now require 4 amylase crystals instead of 2.
    • Fixed some construction decorations that had their names listed as "null".
    • Twisted horns drop rate has been slightly nerfed.
    • Catching Implings without inventory space will now drop their loot on the ground beneath you, rather than not giving any loot at all.
    • Fixed Ammo mould not appearing in the Achievement shop
    • Fixed Scroll Sack not being equippable.
    • Fixed Dark dye pack only adding 1 instead of 6 to your collection box.
    • Fixed a bug where insect repellant was being mislabeled as a tinder box.
    • Fixed a bug with quick prayers where turning them on, and then manually turning the prayers off through the prayer book would leave the quick prayers enabled.
    • A bug which caused players to not be able to tick the "Remember username" box on the login screen in some cases if they were on resizable has been fixed.

  • Quality of Life:
    • The Abyssal Bludgeon now uses the proper idle/run animations.
    • The Hand fan now uses the proper idle/run/walk animations.
    • The Blowpipe now uses the proper idle/run/walk animations.
    • The Scythe of vitur now uses the proper run/walk animation.
    • The Catacombs of Kourend npc spawns have been re-done so that NPC's are now in their proper locations, and don't wander off.
      • The dark beasts have been moved to the west side of the Catacombs.

    • Players can now use tab to respond to private messages if their chatbox is hidden.
    • Players will now be warned when clicking a dangerous teleport in their previous teleport options.
    • Removed the birdhouse crafting interface, so players will now be able to quickly make 1 birdhouse at a time.
    • Players can now use water pumps to fill vials, watering cans, jugs, etc.. with water.
    • Chambers of Xeric chest loot will now be sent to the players bank if they don't have room in their inventory, instead of dropping to the ground.
      • Previously, items would drop to the ground if the player didn’t have room for them.

    • Players can now revert their regular Slayer helm and Slayer helm(I) to a black mask and Spiny helmet.
    • Players can now un-imbue their Black mask (I), however the imbuement scroll will be lost upon doing so.
    • The vote booth in the Darkmeyer bank now works properly.
    • The “Obtain a Vorkath head” achievement will now be auto-completed for players who have over 50 Vorkath kills and have not yet completed the diary.
      • This is to cover the players who got over 50 kc before the diaries were re-worked (when they should have gotten the Vorkath head for the achievement).

    • Added the ::zephyr Mixer redirect command.
    • Added the ::ipkmaxjr YouTube redirect command.
    • Increased farming patch harvesting speed to 2 ticks instead of 3 ticks.
    • The time it takes for the Daeyalt aura to move to a new ore has been increased.
    • Players can now recharge their empty crystal teleport seeds for 10k gold by speaking to Arianwyn in the elf camp.
    • Crystal teleport seeds no longer disappear when they’re empty, they now degrade to an uncharge crystal teleport seed.
    • 2 Bankers have been added to Lletya.
    • The bank counters in Lletya can now be used.
    • The trading post “Search item” interface now uses a much more friendly interface that allows players to see all of the items that match their inputs as they type, and then select the one they want.
      • This is only available on Runelite clients.

    • Players can now use the "guzzle" option on the Dwarven rock cake, which will drain 10% of their hitpoints instead of just 1 hitpoint when eating the Dwarven rock cake.
    • Players can now use a knife in their inventory to slash through a web.
    • The max cape teleport option from the inventory now uses the teleport scroll interface.
    • Added an option to check the remaining ring of endurance charges from the equipment interface.
    • Brother Lowkey has been moved slightly north of the Well of Goodwill.
    • Players can now click the vote points text in the quest tab to check their vote count.
    • Players can now click the slayer points text in the quest tab to check their slayer streak.
    • The coal within a coal bag will now automatically be deposited when a player banks their coal bag.

  • Rocky Pet recolours:
    • Players can now use various berries on Rocky to recolour him.
      • Red: Players can transform Rocky into Red by using red berries on him.
      • Ziggy: Players can transform Rocky into Ziggy by using poison ivy berries on him.

  • Crabclaw dungeon:
    • Players can now access Crabclaw dungeon by entering the cave just south of the woodcutting guild.
      • In this dungeon, there are a few sand crab spawns, as well as a few king sand crab spawns that players can train on.

  • King sand crabs:
    • King sand crabs can now be awakened when players approach them.
      • They have 200 hit points, and are aggressive, similar to regular sand crabs.

    • These can be found in the Kourend Catacombs, as well as the Crabclaw dungeon.

  • Collection log changes:
    • Item additions:
      • Added the Twisted ancestral kit to the collection log.
      • Added Metamorphic dust to the Collection log for the Theatre of blood.
      • Added the Corrupted Youngllef to the collection log for the gauntlet.

    • Fixes:
      • Vials of blood will now properly be counted in the collection log.
      • The Zulrah killcount will now show up in the Collection log.
      • The collection log will now properly count mole skin/claws that are noted due to the Diary perk.

  • Potion changes:
    • Stamina potions:
      • Players can now drink a sip of stamina potion before their previous stamina potion timer has expired and it will reset properly.
        • Previously if this was done, it would keep the old timer, meaning the most recent sip you took had no effect.

      • Removed a duplicate message when taking a sip of a stamina potion.

    • Antifire/Super antifire/Extended antifire potions:
      • Players can now drink a sip of these potions before they’ve expired to reset the timer on them.
        • The most recent potion that was sipped will be the effect that will take hold.
          • For example, if you took a sip of the Extended antifire, then soon after took a sip of the regular antifire, the timer would be set to that of the regular antifire (the most recent dose).

      • Removed duplicate dose messages when drinking these potions

  • Tinted hitsplats:
    • You can now choose to tint other players' hitsplats so that they are slightly darker than yours. This way, it is clear to see which hits belong to you and which do not, especially in situations with many players (eg. World boss event, Clan wars, etc).
      • This option is completely toggleable in the "Advanced options" interface. (See below)

  • HP Orb Button:
    • Players can now click on the HP orb to cure their poison/venom.
      • Their inventory will be checked for the lowest-level potion that can cure either their poison or venom (starting at anti-poison up until anti-venom+).

  • Farmer’s blessing changes:
    • We’ve re-organized the Farmer’s blessing teleports to be more descriptive of the patch that the teleport will take you to (fruit tree patch, tree patch, herb patch), and have organized them so that they are in order.
      • We’ve also changed the interface used for teleports, and it now uses a teleport scroll that has all of the options visible at once.

  • The boulder jump shortcut north of the dense essence mine can now be used to return from the soul altar.
    • Players using this shortcut will require level 49 agility to use it, and it is a one-way shortcut, meaning it can only be used while returning from the soul altar.

  • The Gauntlet Changes:
    • Players will no longer need to deposit all of their equipment/Inventory items before entering the Gauntlet.
      • These items will now be temporarily stored while the player is in The Gauntlet, and they’ll then be returned automatically when a player exits The Gauntlet.

  • Construction additions:
    • Cape Rack:
      • Players can now use the Cape rack in their POH costume room.
        • There are 6 types of Cape racks, and each of them can store the following capes:
          • Oak Cape rack: All capes can be stored except capes of accomplishment.
          • Teak Cape rack: All capes can be stored, as well as 1 cape of accomplishment.
          • Mahogany Cape rack: All capes can be stored, as well as 5 capes of accomplishment.
          • Gilded Cape rack: All capes can be stored, as well as 10 cape of accomplishment.
          • Marble/Magical Cape rack: All capes can be stored.

        • The list of capes that can be stored can be found here:

    • Players can now use the Basic, Fancy, and Ornate jewellery boxes:
      • Each higher tier box contains all of the teleports of the previous tier, and some new ones as well.
      • The basic jewellery box has the following teleports:

    • Toy Box:
      • Players can now use the Toy Box in their POH costume room.

  • Runelite changes:
    • Blast Furnace Plugin:
      • The Blast Furnace Plugin has been added to Runelite.
      • Features:
        • Conveyor Belt and bar dispenser click-box highlighting.
        • Timer overlay which lets you know how much time you have left.

    • Gauntlet Plugin:
      • We’ve re-added the Gauntlet plugin back to Runelite.
        • This plugin was removed from Runelite a while ago, but we’ve decided to add it back to help players complete the Gauntlet.

      • Features:
        • Resource highlighting:
          • This configuration will highlight and draw an icon over resources in the gauntlet.

        • Count boss/player attacks:
          • This configuration will keep track of the number of attacks the boss has done, as well as how many you’ve done.
            • This is useful to keep track of when the Hunllef will change prayers or attack styles.

        • Unique audio for each Hunllef attack style.
        • Boss overlay:
          • This configuration draws an overlay around the Hunllef, and will change colors based on the current attack style.
            • There is also an option to draw an attack style icon denoting which type of attack the Hunllef is currently using.

        • Tornado overlay:
          • This configuration draws a timer on the tornadoes which represents the time until the tornado disappears.

        • Timers:
          • This configuration allows for custom timers that will time your prep time and your boss time separately.

  • Pyramid Plunder:
    • To start, players can use the Pyramid Plunder teleport in the Minigames section of the Teleport wizard interface, and enter the pyramid.
      • Once inside, just speak to the Guardian Mummy, and he can either explain how it works, or let you in right away!

    • Players can go through 8 possible rooms, given that they have the proper level:
      • Room 1 requires 21 thieving.
      • Room 2 requires 31 thieving.
      • Room 3 requires 41 thieving.
      • Room 4 requires 51 thieving.
      • Room 5 requires 61 thieving.
      • Room 6 requires 71 thieving.
      • Room 7 requires 81 thieving.
      • Room 8 requires 81 thieving.

    • Players will have 5 minutes to loot as many of the rooms as they can.
      • In each room, players will need to disable the trap to enter, and then they can loot the urns, sarcophagus, and golden chest.
        • There is a small chance that the golden chest will damage you and spawn scarabs which will attack you.
        • There is also a chance that the sarcophagus will spawn a mummy which will also attack you.
        • Players have a 1/1000 chance of obtaining the Blisterwood flail from the Sarcophagus/Golden chest, a rare cosmetic that can only be obtained through this mini-game.

    • When looting urns, players will receive artefacts that they can trade in to Simon Templeton, who is located just outside of the pyramid.
      • The prices of these artefacts can be traded in for the following amounts:
        • Ivory comb: 500 gold
        • Pottery Scarab: 750 gold
        • Pottery Statuette: 1,000 gold
        • Stone seal: 1,500 gold
        • Stone scarab: 1,750 gold
        • Stone Statuette: 2,000 gold
        • Gold Seal: 7,500 gold
        • Gold Scarab: 10,000 gold
        • Gold Statuette: 12,500 gold

      • The chance to get more valuable artefacts increases as you move into higher rooms.

    • The experience from looting will vary from room to room, but the OSRS wiki provides base experience rates that are the same as on Alora:

  • Skilling set changes:
    • Farmer’s Set:
      • Players can now acquire the Farmers Set.
        • This set provides a 2.5% experience bonus to Farming experience when fully equipped.
          • The hat provides a 0.4% bonus.
          • The jacket provides a 0.8% bonus.
          • The trousers provide a 0.6% bonus.
          • The boots provide a 0.2% bonus.
          • An additional 0.5% bonus is added when the full set is equipped.

        • Players can acquire pieces of the Farmer’s set in 2 different ways:
          • The Loyalty point shop:
            • The Jacket and Trousers cost 125,000 Loyalty points.
            • The Boots/Trousers cost 75,000 Loyalty points.

          • Seed Packs:
            • Players will have a chance to receive a unique piece of the farmers set if they don’t already have it when opening seed packs. The rates are as follows:
              • Easy contract seed pack:
                • 1/512 chance of obtaining a piece.

              • Medium contract seed pack:
                • 1/384 chance of obtaining a piece.

              • Hard contract seed pack:
                • 1/256 chance of obtaining a piece.

    • Lumberjack Set Effect:
      • This set provides a 2.5% experience bonus to Woodcutting experience when fully equipped.
        • The hat provides a 0.5% bonus.
        • The jacket provides a 0.5% bonus.
        • The trousers provide a 0.5% bonus.
        • The boots provide a 0.5% bonus.
        • An additional 0.5% bonus is added when the full set is equipped.

    • Pyromancer Set Effect:
      • This set provides a 2.5% experience bonus to Firemaking experience when fully equipped.
        • The hood provides a 0.5% bonus.
        • The garb provides a 0.5% bonus.
        • The robe provide a 0.5% bonus.
        • The boots provide a 0.5% bonus.
        • An additional 0.5% bonus is added when the full set is equipped.

In Other News...
Keep an eye out for a development blog on a brand new, completely toggleable game mode which will transform your gameplay visually to that of ~2010 RS. Many players prefer the look of this era, and we'd like to set ourselves apart from other Oldschool servers by allowing players to play exactly how they want to. Here's a preview of what we're looking forward to, you'll notice the whip animations, characters, and NPCs are quite different:
We'll share more details very shortly on how this is achieved and when you can expect it, as well as some more previews :)
Enjoy! :)
Omicron & Staff Team

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We've just released the Runelite Alora client to all players, be sure to try it out yourselves!


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