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[OSRS] Alora - Runelite w/ HD ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Welcome to our advertisement thread!



We're really glad you've decided to have a look at our advertisement thread. We know you're probably ready to see some pictures (or possibly already have), so we'll keep our explanation of what exactly Alora is short and sweet. We're a brand new server that has been in development for well over a year now and we have paid the closest attention to detail that we can, to provide our amazing community with the best OSRS private server experience possible!


Now, you may be asking yourselves what makes this server different from the hundreds of others already out there already? And I welcome your scepticism, providing a

brief outline of our goals and the comprehensive experience we aim to provide, something we haven't seen perfected in any other server until now!


Server Features:


• A perfect balance between PvP and Economy

• A realistic feeling in every aspect of the server ranging from combat with accurate formulas, timing and switching to a wilderness target system similar to that of OSRS

• The latest OSRS content, with tools designed to help us dump and pack new data with ease, nearly as soon as it is released!

• A wide range of dungeons and training areas, including but not limited to: Demonic Gorillas, Lizard Shamans, (Nieve's) Stronghold Slayer Cave and more

• All of the Wilderness bosses

• Fully functional skills using Oldschool content such as Rooftop Agility courses

• An optional High-definition feature on the client, using real OpenGL

• Full integration between the website, forum and server

• Professional and mature staff team

• The first server with full Raids 1 & 2! (Chambers of Xeric & Theatre of Blood)

• The most content packed OSRS server to date!












































































When was Alora released?


The server launched on Friday the 4th of November 2016.


What server is Alora based on?




Does Alora feature content solely from OSRS?


Currently there are no plans for major content from any different eras of Runescape, unless suggested from our community.


What is the XP rate?


We have a good mix between an Economy and PVP server, the XP rate of Alora is moderate to high especially for combat skills.


What is the drop rate?


Similar to the previous question, the drop rate is moderate to high for general items that allow players to begin their adventure in the wilderness, but certain items like godswords, dragon war hammer's and such will be considerably more difficult to achieve.


Does Alora have frequent updates?


Yes we do, all updates are posted on the forums here for players to keep up to date with the latest updates!


Can Alora be found on any communication platforms?


Yes, in fact we just recently opened up our Discord server which is similar to TeamSpeak. You can join in on this by clicking the Discord link below.




Staff Team:


 Omicron - Server Developer & Founder   

 Lowkey - Community Manager




NOTE: There is another thread in this section which will soon be removed as our ad manager posted it and he is no longer a part of Alora. Thanks!
Edited by Alora

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Come join, we have 400+ online!

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Hello everyone,

We apologize for the lack of updates the past week, as Jason and myself(as well as much of the staff team) have been busy due to the holidays! Nonetheless, we hope this update satisfies all of your needs!

A special thanks to @ for helping out with content testing/suggestions!

  • Gambling changes:
    • Castle wars is now the new gambling area
    • Type ::gamble to get there
    • Gambler walks around shouting out tips
    • Dice bag has been added to the donation store

  • Technical:
    • Item on player packet added
    • Fixed PM issue not showing up(not 100% sure, hard to test as it doesn't always happen. We tested 50 pms, all worked)
    • Private messages from ignored players will no longer appear
    • Fixed login issue(forever connecting to server) but you will need to redownload the latest client if you were affected by this!

  • Miscellaneous:
    • Fixed mime mask issue where you'd note it and it turns into a pineapple pizza
    • Exchange prices(for items kept on death/trading post purposes) increase for:
      • Granite maul from 34k -> 1.34M
        • (Seems to go for around 2M ingame)

    • Wyvern bones now give 72 XP(same as Dragon bones) instead of the previous 50 XP.
    • Crystal key has been re-added to vote shop
    • Master crafters at the Crafting guild can now tan your hides
    • Lockpick added to Ironman Supply shop
    • Graceful armour will now be sent to the reclaimable shop on death
      • It will cost 100k per piece to recover

  • Upgrade kits fixed:
    • Odium/malediction upgrade kits fixed

  • Voting fixed:
    • Voting has changed a bit but still has some work left to do. You now have to vote on 3/4 websites to get an auth!
    • For some users, it worked perfectly on release, while it did not work at all for others. This was due to their IP address being IPV6 instead of IPV4, and this has since been corrected. If anyone else has trouble with voting, please pm me directly so that I could debug the issue.

  • Downloads page added to website:
    • This will give players the option to choose between the client updater/launcher, or the latest version of the client ZIP.

  • Combat/Wilderness fixes:
    • Multi-spells now work on npcs as well(eg. Ice barrage was not hitting on multiple npcs)
    • Teleblock changes:
      • Leaving the wilderness will now make your teleblock fade away
      • Tb accuracy has been improved
      • Tb graphics is now more visible
      • Tb will now give 85 xp if it lands, and 80xp if it splashes.
      • Additionally, it will notify you in your chatbox whether you landed a full or half tb
      • All tb-related images will now be red in chatbox

    • Fixed issues with PKP:
      • Killstreaks not announcing past 15
      • PKP being awarded without proper risk

    • Item switching improved(see below)
    • Magic defence formula adjusted:
      • The victim's magic prayers (eg. Mystic might) affect their defence against magic attacks as intended.
        • In this way, having Mystic will/lore/might will actually increase your protection against Magic attacks as your own Magic level/prayers are taken into account for your defence.

    • Dragon spear special attack fixed:
      • Now stuns for 3 seconds as intended

    • Dark bow special attack fixed:
      • Now uses 55% instead of 65%
      • Hits a minimum of 8-8, or 4-4 if the victim has Protect from Range prayer up

    • Ruby bolt (e) special has been nerfed for PvP
    • Combat priority fixes:
      • The player you are attacking will now always show up on top of other players
      • Players in your clan/wearing same team cape will now appear as right-click options for attacking to prevent misclicks

    • Spellbook placements for Barrage/teleblock/vengeance etc are now matched to OSRS
      • This was highly requested by PKers who were used to the Barrage icon being on the left corner

  • Wilderness improvements:
    • NPC changes to match OSRS:
      • + Added 1 Magic axe to axe hut
      • + 2 Poison spiders in pre-KBD dungeon
      • - Removed excess pirates in pirate hut (Should be ~10 total, there were 21 previously)
      • - Removed excess demons at KBD entrance
      • Skeletons will now longer attack you from 6 steps away. This has been reduced to 3.

    • Object changes:
      • Picklocking for axe hut/pirate hut(see below)
      • Fixed crevices in the level 51 dungeon near Mage bank(went to wrong location)

  • Equipment changes:
    • OSRS buffed items:
      • Seers ring buffed magic attack bonuses from 4 -> 6
      • Seers ring (i) buffed magic attack bonuses from 8 -> 12

    • Equipment with incorrect requirements fixed:
      • All Void/Elite void requirements added:
      • 42 Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, Magic, Ranged, as well as 22 Prayer required to wear
      • Fighter torso now requires 40 Defence
      • Fighter hat now requires 45 Defence
      • Ahrim's robeskirt requirement fixed
      • Torag's warhammers requirements fixed
      • Light infinity hat requirements fixed
      • Serpentine helmets(all 3) now require 75 Defence

  • Client:
    • Clicking improvements:
      • Client clicking overall has been improved
      • This also improves item switching

    • Private messages will now always show up in the "Private" tab even if you have "Split private chat" toggled

  • Slayer ~ Ensouled heads:
    • Your ensouled heads can now be exchanged for GP with any Slayer Master!
    • This is intended to make PvM more profitable overall.
    • Exchangable heads:
    • From low level npcs such as Goblins(25k) all the way to Abyssal demons and Dragons(250k)

  • Ironman trading for bonds/vote books:
    • You may now use bonds/vote books on ironman players to give either to them.
    • People are selling auths/donations regardless, so this method remains a bit safer.
    • Nonetheless, be sure to use a middleman!

  • 2FA System fixed:
    • The two-step authentication system in-game has been rewritten:
    • You can now properly remove MACs from your allowed list
    • Unfortunately, this also means your old saved macs were removed and you must re-add them!

  • Fixed trading bug
    • Previously, i someone spam clicked the accept button it would fly past both confirmation screens. Now, it won't accept the second screen until you press the accept screen for that one.

  • General NPC Changes:
    • +5 Dark beasts added to Kourend catacombs
    • +3 Bandits added to Bandit camp
    • +3 Bronze dragons added to Brimhaven dungeon(Removed 1 random Black demon)
    • Fire giants can now be attacked in Kourend catacombs
    • Ensouled chaos druid head removed from Bandit droptable
    • Bandos minions armour drops nerfed

  • White berry spawns added:
    • 12 White barries now spawn on the Lava dragon isle in Wilderness

  • Red spider egg spawns added:
    • 6 spawns added near Venenatis
    • 4 spawns added in deeper portion of Edgeville dungeon where Earth obelisk is

  • Half a redberry pie now spawns on the table in the Pirate hut
  • Technical:
    • NPCs who are inside buildings(eg. Axe hut, Pirate hut, etc) who can't reach you will no longer target you

  • Thieving changes:
    • Wallsafes now have a 1/5 chance of giving gems rather than 1/9
    • Lockpicking (Success rate affected by your thieving level)
      • Axe hut doors
      • You must have a lockpick and level 23 Thieving to enter

    • Pirate hut doors
      • You must have a lockpick and level 39 Thieving to enter

  • Client updates:

  • Pet right-click options
    • Other people's pets will no longer have right-click options

  • Skin colors added for donators:
    • [Super donators] Pale white skin for Super donators 30m
    • [Extreme donators] Pitch black skin for Extreme donators 90m
    • [Legendary donators] Green skin for Legendary donators 150m

  • New spell books added:
    • Normal, ancient and lunar spellbooks have been updated with the latest OSRS spells
    • This opens the possibility of using these spells (Eg. Bounty hunter teleport, will be added ASAP) in future updates!

  • Cooking cape (trimmed or untrimmed) now provide the same effect as Cooking gauntlets(lower burn rate)
  • Improved in-game link commands:
    • ::guides, ::updates, ::events, ::report, ::bugs will all link to different sections on the forum
    • ::discord will link to the discord channel
    • ::2fa will link to the 2fa tutorial

  • Rune crossbows can now be created by ironmen:
    • Sinew can now be created:
      • Use Raw beef(from a Cow) on any Spinning wheel

    • Sinew can be combined with a Runite crossbow(u) from PvM (Wyvern drop, for example) to finish the crossbow

  • Banking Limit
    • It is now possible to deposit as much as possible when there is not enough room in the bank for the amount being deposited.

  • Animated Steel Armour Drops
    • Animated Steel Armour NPC now drops 15 tokens and no longer drops the iron platebody.

  • Bolt Enchantment changes
    • Players must now wait at least one second between enchanting bolts.

  • Staff Online
    • The message received when checking the staff online is now reflective of the amount of staff online.

  • Superheat changes
    • Superheat now consumes 1 nature rune and 4 fire runes instead of 2x that amount.

  • Fletching Arrow Shaft Make X
    • Fletching the arrow shaft for make x will now make arrow shafts and fletching normal javelins for make x will create normal javelins.

  • Coal bag
    • It is possible to use both inventory and coal bag coal to create bars, rather than either ore.

  • Chaos Elemental
    • That pesky weapon issue is fixed.



We really hope you guys enjoy this update! And as usual, we'll have some other cool updates to set the new year off right within the next few days :)


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Come Join us today, we have 400+ online!

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Come join today for our double points weekend!

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Come join us on Alora to start the new year in a great way!

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Come join us today!

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Hey guys, we're hosting a PvP video-making competition with a great prize for the best video, which can be found at this link: http://www.alora.io/forums/topic/7204-pk-video-competition010117-150114/!

We're also working on some HUGE updates involving PvP, clan chat, and banking! I'll be showing off some more stuff soon but here's a little teaser for the new bank:



Edited by Alora

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Hey guys,

I hope you all enjoyed your holidays the past few weeks! To start the new year off, we've decided to correctly re-do Alora's bank system, so that we can have cool things like placeholders and a main tab that shows all other tabs. We've completely redone the code for the banking, and we're sure you'll enjoy this update! Unfortunately your bank tabs will be reset, but you'll have an easy time getting it all set back up with the new mechanics :) Additionally, the much needed Clan chat ranks are also released, as this has been due for a long time now.

  • [Updates]
  • Technical:
    • Changed the way the trading post/clan chats are saved to reduce stress on the server
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Christmas event removed
    • Trade screen fixes:
    • Fixed trade screen not showing "Other player has accepted.." which broke on the last update
    • Switching has been improved even further(sometimes on 5+ way switches 1 item would not equip)
    • There was also an issue where the client would sometimes try to click another item on a right-click option. This has been fixed.
    • Fixed sound effects for wind spells
    • Gulls(seagulls) near Relleka now fly around as intended
    • Although Wyvern bones experience was fixed in a previous update, the experience received for bones on altar
    • was not fixed. It is now correct and matches Dragon bones.
  • Client fixes:
    • Toggles should now be updated more quickly:
    • Eg. if you click the run/quickpray orbs, they should update instantly, they were previously delayed
    • This also fixed piety/chivarly delay when being clicked, as well as the improper sound.
    • Fixed small issue with hitpoint orb icon
  • Clan Chat Ranks completed:
    • You can now rank friends in your clan
      • All ranks work properly
    • Minimum ranks
      • You may set a minimum join rank
      • You may set a minimum speak rank
      • You may set a minimum kick rank
    • Kicking:
    • You can now kick others from your chat, which will ban them from re-entering for 30 minutes.
      • To unban them, you can simply set them to any friends rank higher than "none".
    • This allows us to set official CC ranks for things like: Ironman CC, Gamble CC, etc.
      • These ranks will have to be set manually by staff to people who are worthy of a rank, eg. Knowledgeable and helpful ironmen, or trusted hosts.
  • Banking system redone to match OSRS
    • Main tab which allows you to view/drag between all other tabs
      • Searching between all tabs at the same time
    • Less delays when switching between tabs
    • Less bug-prone code
    • Tab header options(Roman numerals/digits)
    • Bank now remembers the last position you were at rather than resetting to the top
    • Bank allows you to withdraw-*last_amount* that you withdrew
    • Scrollbar scaling
      • The scrollbar will now fit to the size of the items in the interface
    • Placeholders
      • Placeholders can now be set/released.
      • You can also toggle the placeholder setting so that placeholders will always be set when an item hits 0.
  • Magic mechanics fixed
    • Splashing spells will now still reward you with the base experience(for Magic, but not hitpoints)
    • Damage map fixes for players using Magic
  • Dragon claws added
    • Dragon claws are now available in the PvP shop
    • We've even managed to use the real 2010 graphics/animation for the Dragon claws
      • The OSRS team re-designed it, but it wasn't quite as smooth as the original!
    • All OSRS bonuses/special attack mechanics
  • Wilderness changes:
    • Changes to "Eligibility" for PKP/emblems:
      • To receive emblems/pkp, and from this update forward also killcounts and killstreaks, you must:
      • Kill someone risking at least (Combat level 100+) 100K or (Combat level < 100) 50k
      • Kill someone with a different IP than you
      • Kill someone with a different MAC than you
      • Kill someone who you haven't killed within the last 10 minutes
        • A new "map" has been created to remember everyone who you've killed rather than 1 person
        • *This means if you are not eligible for PKP on a kill, your killcount and killstreak will not increase
    • Emblems now award PKP as well as GP at these rates:
      • Tier 1 120k GP 96 PKP
      • Tier 2 200k GP 160 PKP
      • Tier 3 320k GP 256 PKP
      • Tier 4 480k GP 384 PKP
      • Tier 5 800k GP 560 PKP
      • Tier 6 1.4m GP 826 PKP
      • Tier 7 2.4m GP 1128 PKP
      • Tier 8 3.6m GP 1843 PKP
      • Tier 9 5.6m GP 3072 PKP
      • Tier 10 8m GP 4096 PKP
    • Emblems now upgrade when you kill someone on death(this mechanic was previously broken):
      • You do not need to kill a target to upgrade an emblem in your inventory
        • As long as your kill is eligible for PKP(not same IP/Mac, not a recently killed person, etc) you will also receive pkp.
    • Tier 1 emblem drop changes on target kill:
      • Ironman can now receive emblems
      • Players can now receive emblems when killing ironmen targets
      • Chance to get Tier 1 emblem has changed:
        • As long as you are eligible for PKP, the chance to get an emblem on a target kill is 50%.
    • PKP Exchange changes:
      • Crystal shield price fixed
      • Ballista price lowered
      • ***All prices reduced by 30%**
        • We've realized that the PKP prices are quite high, and for PKing to be decently profitable they  needed to be reduced.
    • Banned players no longer appear on the KDR scoreboard in-game
      • This is to deter farmers from claiming the top spots on the scoreboard
  • Achievement fixes:
    • The "Mysterious" achievement to obtain 5M bounties has been changed to "Obtain 5k PKP"
    • The "Chin-chomper" achievement (catch 1000 chinchompas) can now be completed
      • Catching chinchompas will no longer increase your "Harvest" achievement completion
    • The "Oblivion" achievement is now fixed
      • Simply attack anything while wearing any Full void outfit
    • The "Tzhaar-ket-novice" acheivement now requires wave 45 instead of wave 30
    • The "Clueless" achievement has been changed from 10 Medium clues to 10 Hard clues
    • The "High stakes" achievement can now be completed by Ironmen
      • As soon as a duel starts, it will auto-complete this task since ironmen cannot stake items or GP
  • Clue scroll changes
    • 1-step clue scroll bug fixed
    • Clue hunter armour:
      • There is now a random chance to obtain Clue hunter armour when completing a Hard/Elite clue scroll!
      • Rates for donators: (+4% to all for Elite clue scrolls)
        • 16% for Legendary
        • 10% for Extreme
        • 8% for Super
        • 6% for Regular
        • 4% for Non-donators
  • Karambwan fishing added:
    • You must use Raw karambwanji as bait -- purchasable from the fishing/ironman shops for 500gp each.
    • You can fish the Karambwan in Karamja on the dock
  • Shop changes:
    • Sanfew serum added to shops
      • This potion will have the effects of both a Super restore and Superantipoison
    • Super energy added to shops
    • Guthix rest is now noted in shop, and has increased in price
    • Pure essence has been removed from Aubury's shop
      • The Trading post is filled with essence if players wish to Runecraft, there is no reason for it being in the shop.
  • Donation changes:
    • Rune pouch added for 65 tokens
      • An untradable item which allows you to store 3 different types of runes within
    • Pet box added for 300 tokens
    • Dragon claws added for 400 tokens
  • Boss killcount announcements: (Thanks to Jare for the suggestions!)
    • Reaching certain killcounts for bosses will yell a global message
    • When reaching the following milestones:
      • 100, 250, 500, 750, 100, 1250, 1500 and every 500 kills thereafter




As usual with large updates, you will need to restart your client!

Enjoy :)

Edited by Alora

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