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[OSRS] Alora - Group Ironman is NOW available!

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Hello everyone,

Today’s update brings the first part of our Holiday updates, including a 30% bonus token sale, the elusive Santa suit being available in the store, and, of course, the arrival of snow on Alora! Keep an eye out for a Christmas giveaway with IRL prizes to be won, as well as an in-game Christmas event.

Aside from the festivities, this update brings the content that you voted for in the recent polls, the Classic mode changes and the clean slate for 3rd age equipment. This should bring value to the 3rd age economy, as those items will be much more rare from here on out. We’ve reimbursed the current holders of 3rd age equipment by giving them caskets to open based on the rarity of their equipment.

Lastly, we’ve implemented some changes to Last Man Standing to hopefully keep it active and worth playing. Firstly, every 3 games, a free (casual) match will be announced. Additionally, a point system has been added, with a reward shop which you can access by speaking to Lisa. Lastly, the Leaderboard next to the LMS lobby is now functional. Aside from this, we’ve also included a few bug fixes and QOL updates!

  • Store sale:
    • For a limited time, all store purchases will receive 30% bonus tokens! Make sure to take advantage of this sale from today all the way through to December 27th, 2018.
    • The Santa outfit has been added to the shop for a limited time. This outfit, which is now tradable, can be purchased for 2,500 tokens.

  • Classic mode changes:
    • Due to popular request, we’re making some changes to the Classic game mode to hopefully revitalize it and to make it appeal to more players. As many of you know, the release of Elite Ironman lessened the Classic population, with many people preferring to play with a single partner rather than to be part of the Classic economy.
      • How are we changing the Classic game mode?
        • We’re opening the economy of Classic mode, and making it so that you can trade with normal players, use the normal Trading post, use the Donation store, etc. The current Classic economy is not large enough to sustain itself, and with these changes, we’re hoping that this becomes a game mode very similar to the Normal game mode, but with the same low XP rates that many of you prefer to play on. There isn’t currently a low XP rate “normal” game mode, so we’re hoping that Classic can fill this role, and that we can breathe a new life into the game mode.

      • List of all changes:

        • Classics will now receive the same amount of GP from NPC drops, money caskets, thieving, etc. as normal players.

        • Classics now have a new sword that they can wear to show off their status, the Classic sword (Prop sword on OSRS). This sword is solely cosmetic.

        • Classics can now use normal shops.

        • Well of goodwill contributions are no longer doubled for Classics.

      • Classic can now trade with normal players, use the Normal trading post, and use the normal donation store. They can also now PK other players and pick up their loot.

      • Any items on the Classic trading post have now been merged to the normal trading post.

    • Classic sword added:

    • This cosmetic sword is an item that only Classic mode players may possess, and signifies their rank without them having to say a word.

    • You can collect this sword for free from Paul at home.

    • New Classic players will receive this sword after their starter tutorial.

  • Clue scroll/Impling jar changes:
    • Clue scrolls are now slightly less common across the board.
    • Clue bottles from fishing are now slightly less common.
    • Clue scrolls from Bird’s nests are now slightly less common.
    • Your clue scroll completion counter now goes up as soon as you receive a casket, not as soon as you open it. This is due to the fact that many caskets were just added into the game (see below), and we don’t want those to affect clue completion counts.
    • Clue scroll caskets will now announce when a player receives a Clue hunter piece or a 3rd age item.
    • Impling jars will now announce when somebody obtains a 3rd age item.

  • 3rd Age changes:

  • 3rd age is now extremely rare from Clue scrolls and Lucky implying jars.

  • 3rd age armour has been removed from the game. Anyone who previously had any gear will receive a clue scroll casket depending on the type of 3rd age piece. As 3rd age is much more rare now, it will be difficult to receive another piece, but it gives current holders a chance.

  • The only exceptions are the 3rd age hatchet and pickaxe, which are currently custom items.

  • The following lists show which items give which types of caskets:

    • Medium casket items:

    • 3rd age range top

    • 3rd age range legs

    • 3rd age kite shield

    • Hard casket items:

    • 3rd age robe top

    • 3rd age robe bottoms

    • 3rd age plate body

    • 3rd age platelegs

    • Elite casket items:

    • 3rd age cloak

    • 3rd age longsword

    • 3rd age bow

    • 3rd age wand

  • Easy casket items:

  • 3rd age range coif

  • 3rd age range vambraces

  • 3rd age mage hat

  • 3rd age full helmet

  • 3rd age amulet

  • Snow:
    • Snow has covered Alora! You can disable the snow by typing ::snow.

  • Combat changes:

  • Bolt special attacks now have a 10% higher chance of activating if you have completed all achievements.

  • This is typically a perk that is obtained with the Kandarin diary on OSRS, though this not available on Alora so we have swapped it for achievement completion.

  • A tip message has been added in-game to notify players of this perk.

  • Venom/poison changes:

  • Both are no longer ‘instant’, and after receiving the “You have been poisoned!” message, the damage will appear after a few seconds rather than immediately.

  • The chance of envenoming a player or NPC has been corrected:

    • In PvP — chance to inflict venom:

    • Venomous weapon = 25% chance.

    • Death bug:

    • When dying to venom, there was a chance your items on the ground would not last as long. This has been fixed.

  • The Toxic staff of the dead and Trident of the swamp can no longer apply Venom with melee attacks, only through Magic.

  • In PvM. — chance to inflict venom:

    • Not wearing a Serpentine helmet:

    • Venomous weapon = 25% chance

  • Wearing a Serpentine helmet:

  • Venomous weapon = 100% chance

  • Poisonous weapon = 50% chance

  • Regular weapon = 16.7% chance

  • Price changes:

  • Many items’ exchange prices have been fixed, they will now represent the price more accurately. This is calculated by data collected over the past few months from the Trading Post history.

  • Miscellaneous:

    • Untradable reclaim item fixes (will now appear in Lost items manager’s items):

    • Crystal shield - 400k

    • Crystal bow - 400k

    • Infernal axe - 500k

    • Items that were untradable, but are now tradable as intended:

    • Guthan’s helm 0

    • Santa outfit is now tradable.

    • The Chaos Altars in level 12 and level 38 Wilderness will no longer allow you to switch your spell book, and will only recharge your prayer instead.

  • The ‘Craft 500 Wrath runes’ daily task actually only required 300. This has been fixed.

  • Baby implings will now give Pure essence rather than regular essence.

  • The Clown costume has been fixed and no longer says ’Null’.

  • When attempting to click the “Show XP drops” button, the bugged “Look North” button would overlap it. This will no longer happen, and both button boundaries have been fixed.

  • February 2018 PvM Cup winners added to the Cup in Edgevile.*

  • (King purple, Not a Nerd, Syms, Hot Pies, F 😎

  • Killtime record fixes:

  • Killtime records were bugged when a player would attack a target with a multi-combat spell (barrage) or attack (eg. Chinchompa ranging) and the surrounding NPCs that are hit would not ‘register’ a start time, leading them to have super short kill times.

  • This should no longer occur, and we’ve had to reset all affected killtimes. This means that a few monster kill times have been wiped, but this does not affect any mini-games such as the Inferno or raids.

  • Last Man Standing changes:
    • Leaderboard:
      • A leaderboard has been added near the Last Man Standing lobby. This will list the players with the most LMS wins, as well as the number of games they’ve played and their win ratio.
        • This data is only collected as of this update, so the highscores are clean.

    • Point system:

      • You can now trade Lisa to see the reward shop, which contains the following items:

        • Imbuement scroll - 1,500 points

        • Royal seed pod - 1,000 points

        • Antidote++ (3) - 10 points

        • Antifire potion (3) - 6 points

      • Last man’s cloak - 5,000 points

      • This item is a unique cape that can only be obtained from Last Man Standing.

      • Note:

      • This shop and reward system is still being tested and subject to change. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

    • Last Man Standing points have been added! This will hopefully keep the game alive and give players incentive to play.

    • You’ll get points based on your performance in the mini-game (even if it’s a free casual match!):

    • 10 points per kill

    • A # of points based on your final placement/position, and the number of players that were in the match:

    • (startingPlayerCount - placement) * 2

    • For example, if 20 players arrived on the island, and you ended in 2nd place:

    • (20 - 2) * 2 = 36 points

    • Other Additions:

      • ::checklms command has been added. This command allows you to list how many players are still alive on the island, and their names.

      • Winner announcement:

      • The winner of every game will be announced to the world, as well as the amount that they have won (if applicable).

      • Survivors in lobby:

      • Your waiting interface in the lobby will now tell you how many survivors are remaining in the current game.

      • Item on shrine:

      • You can now use your items on the Vending shrines to sell them quickly. If you only have 1 of that item, it will instantly sell. If you have multiple items, a dialogue in your chatbox will pop up to ask you how many you’d like to sell.

      • Bug fixes:

      • Players getting the error message ‘You cannot join with a pet’ while not having any pet at all has been fixed.

      • Resting in the fog will no longer stall/cancel damage.

    • Free game every 3 games:

    • Every 3 paid games, one free casual match will be held (and announced). You can still receive points and improve your ranking in this casual match.



We hope you enjoy these updates :)


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