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[OSRS] Alora - Gauntlet ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,
Today's update brings some long-awaited Chambers of Xeric changes that allow you to solo more efficiently. We've also made some cool changes to the Voting system that allows accounts that were previously limited to 1 vote book every 12 hours (EIM/GIM/Realism etc) to open multiple books, but only 1 book for each bonus type (5 total). We've also added a random chance at obtaining the Alora-exclusive 'The Guns' pet, as well as the ability to purchase Rada's blessing (2) from the vote shop. 
You are now finally able to manage the Kingdom of Miscellania! Speak to Advisor Ghrim to get started. Last but not least, we've worked hard to get the latest OSRS content out from their update last week, which introduced the new dungeon, Jormungand's Prison. Within this dungeon, you can find new Basilisk-type creatures that drop Basilisk jaws, which can be attached to the Neitiznot helm to create the Neitiznot faceguard.
In Other News…
For future updates that take longer than a week, we will make it a priority to release a development blog halfway through to show what we are working on. For obvious reasons, if we are working on getting an update out just 1 week after the previous one, there simply isn't enough time to write up a full dev blog, so they will only be written up for updates that are more time-consuming.


Follow this link for full update notes:


As always, please immediately report any bugs you encounter. Enjoy! :)
Omicron & Chad

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