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[OSRS] Alora - Gauntlet ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,


First and foremost I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates recently. This was due to a combination of spending the holidays with family and being busier IRL than usual, but I’m getting back into it full swing.


I’ve been hammering out the to-do list the past few weeks and have made huge progress on existing bugs / suggestions that the community has made. This update includes much of that work, but it is what I’d label as a general update to target many different types of content as well as bugs.


Dragon Slayer 2 Development


The next update will be more targeted, as it will mostly be Dragon Slayer II content, which was released just over a week ago on OSRS. We’d like to get this content into Alora as soon as possible, and have already gotten a decent amount of work done towards this.


This content includes:

  • Vorkath boss fight

  • Myth’s guild

  • New items such as:

    • Mythical cape

    • Wrath runes

    • Dragonbone necklace

    • Superior dragon bones

    • Ava’s assembler (with Vorkath’s head)

    • Skeletal visage / Dragonfire ward

    • Dragon crossbow / bolts

    • Dragon kite shield

    • Dragon platebody

  • As well as content such as:

    • Surge spells

    • Wrath altar

    • Myth’s guild

    • Rune / Adamant dragons

As you can see, it is quite a large update, so there is plenty of new content for us to work with, and a lot to look forward to!


We thought this was the perfect time to take a bit of a different approach and add a new quest to Alora rather than simply adding the content. Doing this, of course, takes slightly longer to do than simply releasing the Vorkath boss fight, the Rune/Adamant dragons and the Myth’s guild, but we believe it will be more enjoyable this way, and we’ll be simultaneously fulfilling the many suggestions received for a brand new quest. It won’t be identical to OSRS’ version for obvious reasons, but we’ll do our best to make it just as entertaining :)


We’re aiming to have this done within the next 10-14 days if possible.


In the meantime, enjoy this update and keep an eye out on progress in the near future! Here’s a quick sneak peak of what to expect for the next update :)







General updates:

  • Combat changes:

  • Fixed tricky combat bug:

  • If two players are fighting each other and are both red-barred (1hp), and player 1 attacks player 2 as player 2 is teleporting away, of course player 2 will not take damage, but if player 2 has vengeance active, they will not take any damage but player 1 will take the vengeance recoil, causing player 1 to die.

  • Recoils/vengeance on players who are in the process of teleporting will no longer work.

  • This also applies to phoenix necklace, barrows armour stat reducing effects, poison, etc. (will not work if the damage player is in the process of teleporting)

Risk protection changes:

  • Minimum risk amount to be able to attack anyone (regardless of their risk vs yours) is 2.5m gp (risked, meaning items kept on death do not count towards this 2.5m requirement).

  • This amount was previously 7.5m but we have lowered it as the risk protection system is mostly in place to prevent hardcore ragging with no risk, but a player with 2.5m risk should definitely be able to attack any player that they want to in the wilderness.

Dragon claw special attack buff:

  • The accuracy (chance of hitting on any 4 of the attacks) of the claws’ special attack has been considerably increased.

Armadyl godsword special attack buff:

  • The accuracy of the AGS special attack has been considerably increased.

Saradomin god sword special attack fix:

  • Previously, the special attack would not heal you or restore your prayer if you hit 0.

  • The special attack will now always heal at least 10 hitpoints and restore 5 prayer points (default if you hit less than 22 damage).

Fixed a bug with XP drops:

  • If you used a special attack weapon with 2 hits but 1 XP drop (eg. Dragon dagger special) and the first hit was a 0, the XP drop would not show until the next hitsplat. This has been patched.

PJ timer in Edgeville reduced:

  • ~5 second timer for most of wilderness (unchanged)

  • ~8 second timer for Edgeville only (reduced by 2 seconds from 10 seconds)

Dragon spear special attack fixes:

  • Fix Dragon spear special attack retaliation:

    • If someone attacked you with a Dragon spear and you attacked them back, you would get skulled. This has been fixed and you will no longer be skulled upon retaliation.

  • Push direction:

    • The direction which the target is pushed into was incorrect. It should now push them in the opposite direction of the attacker.

Giant mole changes:

  • Glitch fix:

    • The mole would sometimes get stuck in a wall after digging underground. This should no longer occur.

  • Wyson the Gardener Mole skin/claws exchange rate:

    • As requested by the community, the exchange rate for mole skins/claws has been heavily boosted.

      • Previously:

      • 20 skins = 1 bird’s nest

      • 10 claws = 1 bird’s nest

    • Updated:

      • 3 skins = 1 bird’s nest

      • 2 claws = 1 bird’s nest

  • Increased chance to get a good nest (clue / god egg) from Wyson by nearly 30%.

  • FAQ:

    • Why not update to 1:1 as it is in OSRS?

    • On OSRS, the nests that are given by Wyson never contain Bird’s eggs or Clue scroll nests. On Alora, God eggs are a possibility making the nests from Wyson more valuable which means we need to adjust the rate a little bit.

    • If requested by players, we can remove the god egg / clue nests from Wyson and make it a 1:1 exchange, but keep in mind that these god eggs can allow you to obtain Evil chicken suit pieces which are relatively rare and tradable.

Crystal halberd imbuement:

  • Crystal halberd can now be imbued through an imbuement scroll.

  • The imbued version of the halberd provides the following benefits over the regular version:

  • +2 Strength bonus

  • +3 Prayer bonus

The Crystal halberd (i) can no longer be purchased from the Slayer reward shop.

New QOL commands:

  • ::hs

  • Will take you directly to a player’s hiscores page

  • You can still type the command normally (::hs, ::highscores, ::hiscores) to be taken to the main page if you do not want to input a specific player’s name.

Staff commands:

  • (See below)

Slayer changes:

  • Slayer fixes:

    • Baby blue dragons now count towards Blue dragon Slayer tasks.

    • Baby red dragons now count towards Red dragon Slayer tasks.

    • You can no longer receive Superior slayer encounters in the Grotesque Guardian instances (they could appear after killing Dawn or Dusk which is not intended).

  • New tasks:

    • Barrows brothers can now be assigned as a Hard slayer task (18-64 assigned)

    • Each brother killed counts towards this task, rather than each chest opened.

Gem rock mining buff:

  • Gem rocks now last 3x as long before running out of ore.

  • Gem rocks will now give Opals/Jades far less often.

  • Gem rocks will now give all other gems more commonly to make up for the reduction in Opals/Jades.

Quality of Life abbreviations:

  • To make searching for items/NPCs easier, we’ve added the following abbreviations:

    • NPC drop searching:

    • Mole = Giant mole

    • Zam (as well as the previously accepted “Zamorak/zammy”) = K’ril Trutsaroth

  • Trading post item searching:

    • Gmaul = Granite maul

    • Tsotd = Toxic staff of the dead

    • AGS = Armadyl godsword

    • SGS = Saradomin godsword

    • ZGS = Zamorak godsword

    • BGS = Bandos godsword

    • ACB = Armadyl crossbow

    • BCP = Bandos chestplate

    • DFS = Dragonfire shield

[*]F2P Shop update:

  • Pizza has been added to the F2P shop (only the non-ironman version of the shop).

Barbarian assault icons are now tradable.

  • Includes: Attacker, Collector, Defender and Healer icons

Lunar spell book update: Flax Spin spell:

  • The flax spin spell is now functional!

  • You must have a Magic level of 76 to perform this spell.

  • Up to 5 flax will be turned into bowstrings upon casting this spell. If you have less in your inventory, it will spin as many as you have.

Edgeville PvP added:

  • You can now fight other players in the Edgeville PvP area!

  • You can reach this area by typing ::edgepvp or using the Teleport wizard and clicking on the PvP teleports (will place you inside the bank)

  • Features:

  • There are no targets here.

  • There is no risk protection here.

  • The only safe-zone here is within the bank.

  • You can attack any other player who’s level is within 15 of your own.

  • You can still receive PKPoints for killing other players here.

  • The map is classic Edgeville (without the home area’s custom edits)

  • The only differences here being that the Well of Goodwill, as well as a tree north of the bank have both been removed.

  • The wilderness ditch, as well as the trapdoors around the map have all been disabled.

  • With that being said, ladders around Edgeville can still be used.

::skull/::skullme commands added:

  • These commands, as the title intends, will skull you if you type them into your chatbox. You will be first shown an “Are you sure you wish to do this?” confirmation dialogue with a yes/no option before skulling.

Cleaning cloth is now available:

  • Use this item on any imbued items (eg. Berserker ring (i)) to unimbue them. Keep in mind you will not get back the imbuement scroll! Same goes for any painted items (eg. Green Dark bow), you will not get the pain back.

  • How to obtain:

    • Regular/Ironmen/classic can both purchase this item from their respective General/Supply shops.

  • Example items:

    • Fremennik rings

    • Crystal halberd, Granite ring, Salve amulet, Slayer staff, Wilderness rings, etc

    • Ornamented items (eg. Dragon defender, Occult necklace, Dark bows, etc)

Bug fixes / miscellaneous updates:

  • Banking fix if bank is full:

    • Previously, if your bank was full, you could not deposit more of items that you already have in your bank. You can now deposit existing items without the error message.

  • Ring of Life / Defence skullcap fix:

    • A major bug with these items caused them to teleport you home instantly when attacked, even with high hitpoints. This has been fixed and the items should operate as intended.

  • Event manager rank collars changed on the forums and in-game.

  • Christmas event + Giveaway have been removed:

    • Christmas mesh net / barrel bomb have been removed.

    • Unfortunately the mesh net was a temporary item and OSRS has removed it from their cache.

    • Anyone holding these items from the Christmas event will now be holding a piece of cabbage instead.

Fletching bug fixed:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to fletch very quickly.

Godwars dungeon aggression distance:

  • Minions within the boss chambers would often ignore players and not attack them after a certain distance.

  • All minions within these chambers will now be aggressive throughout the whole room and attack any players who are within the room.

  • This also applies to instanced rooms.

Raids changes:

  • Muttadile healing has been nerfed:

  • Mostly intended to make solo raids easier, Muttadiles will now heal less HP and have less time to heal.

  • With this change, Muttadiles also heal slightly less on team raids, but it will likely not be as noticeable.

Killtime record fix:

  • A bug when determining whether your fight with a boss was a team fight or a solo fight has been fix.

  • Previously, if the boss hit you first and you had Vengeance or a Ring of recoil on, the recoil or veng would be the first thing to damage the boss, meaning your kill time would not count as a solo record and would not be logged. This has been fixed, and recoil/veng will no longer mess up your kill times.

Boss failed retaliation bug:

  • Sometimes, certain bosses would cease to attack players whatsoever (eg. Bandos, Giant mole, etc).

  • I believe that this bug has now been patched, but since it is difficult to reproduce, there is a possibility that the fix did not work. In this case, please re-report this bug and I will look into it further.

Item changes:

  • Wise old man’s santa hat is now tradable.

  • Santa suit (regular) is now tradable.

  • Iban’s staff now requires 50 Attack and 50 Magic to wield.

  • Pharaoh’s sceptre can now be claimed by ironmen/classic from their collection boxes.

Demonic gorilla fixes:

  • Demonic gorillas safe spots have been patched.

  • They can no longer switch prayers as quickly as they could before. The delay between their prayer switches has been doubled to make them easier to fight.

Item TP values fixed:

  • Strength potions (1-4)

  • Imbued Fremennik rings (Berserker, Warriors, Seers, Archer) now all have a proper item value.

Prayer fix:

  • A bug with prayer which could be exploited through Banshees and other prayer-reducing NPCs has been patched (negative/unlimited prayer).

::watchbr bug:

  • Fixed a bug where you could ::watchbr from an instance (eg. Kraken room) and then when you stopped watching you’d be in someone else’s instance.

Staff updates:

  • UUID banning:

  • Staff members will now be able to ban problematic players with a more secure method, through their computer’s UUID. This cannot be easily changed the way as a MAC address can and is unique to your computer using the serial number of your BIOS chip.

  • Commands:

  • ::uuidban / ::muuidban (manual)

  • ::liftuuidban or ::removeuuidban or ::unuuidban

  • ::getuuid

  • UUID will also now show/link players on usage of ::ru (For Global moderator+)

The staffCP has also been updated to allow viewing/searching of UUIDs in logs.

Punishment note system:

  • Staff members can now leave notes on bans/mutes/jails/mutes/ipmutes/etc.

  • When handing out a punishment, the staff member will be asked if they’d like to leave a note for future reference and for other staff to see.

  • (See below for command)

New staff commands:

  • ::scp

  • Will open a player’s staff CP page

  • You can type ::scp without a username to be taken to the main panel to manually search.


  • Will open a player’s log history

  • You can type ::logs without a username to be taken to the global logs page.

::punishments or ::punish

  • Will open an interface showing all of the player’s current/previous punishments, as well as any notes left by the staff member who punished them.

  • Note: Pay attention to the names on the list, if you search for “Omi”, punishments for both “Omicron” and “Omipure”), for example, could show up.

Forum updates:

  • @Mention button added on every post near the edit/report/quote buttons.

    • Clicking this button will automatically add @ into the post reply box, and will also scroll you down to the bottom of the topic where the reply box is making it convenient in longer topics.

  • Shoutbox rejuvenation:

    • Using @[name] within the shoutbox will now properly format usernames with group colours and add a link to their profile.

    • Tiny profile pictures now appear next to usernames in the shout box.

    • BBCode is now allowed in the shoutbox. Examples:

    • Using for bold text

    • Using for italic text

    • Using for URLs

    • Using for coloured text backgrounds

    • Using for coloured text


    • Using to use specific fonts


    • … and many more!





Master Donator Rank


  • The Master Donator (rainbow) rank is now available!


    • This is the most prestigious rank on Alora, with unique benefits not available to any of the other donator classes.


      • Any player who has opened 500 or more bonds or donated in excess of $5000 will be granted this rank! This makes it a highly elusive rank which will likely not be seen often.




    • Forum effect:


      • One of the most notable features of the Master donator is the color-changing effect of the username as well as the post background to match the color of the website.




    • Standard benefits (upgraded versions of the lower donator rank benefits:


      • All Uber (and below) donator benefits mostly one-upped, including:


      • 35% chance of rare loot from Clue scrolls


      • Raids benefits:


      • 30% chance of extra loot in Raids


      • Possibility of 6 rewards




    • 7.5% points lost on death in Raids




  • 12% boosted drop rate on all rare loot


  • 20% increased clue bottle/bird’s next chance


  • 50% PKP bonus


  • 30% Instance cost reduction


  • 32% Bloody chest rare loot chance increase


  • Inferno start wave raised to 45


  • Maximum of 9 planks can be made with Plank make spell


  • …and every other Uber benefit!



Unique benefits:


  • Stray dog pet


  • Only available for Master donators, this unique pet can be purchase from Probita!


  • You can even shoo-away your stray dog! Don’t worry, he won’t run off, though.



Cost-free skin colors:


  • Master donators do not have to pay to set/change their skin colors through the Donation manager.



Dragon skin color:


  • Also exclusive to holders of this rank, a new deep-red skin color is now available! As with other skin colors, this color will be free to obtain. Speak to the Donation Manager to set your skin color to Dragon.



Possibility of 6 items from Raids

Vote book bonus experience lasts 30 minutes longer (1:30 instead of 1 hour) as well as giving 10 extra vote points (does not stack with vote bonus on weekends)




















Cheers :)


Edited by Alora

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