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[OSRS] Alora - Gauntlet ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,

We're rolling into the Holiday season with many new updates, ranging from bug fixes to QOL and brand new content! Some long-awaited content such as the Zulrah death box has been added, and some recent suggestions such as matching the Realism PvP point shop to the normal one (with a few small changes). We've also included a ton of bug fixes and QOL, but we'll let you check that out for yourselves:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed a long-standing bug that caused HCIM to lose all of statuses other than Ironman when they died.
    • Tzhaar city lava forges now function as furnaces.
    • The amulet of bounty now only works on Allotments/Herb patches.
    • Auto-cast spell saving no longer works if a player is in combat with another player.
      • This includes non-wilderness situations such as castle wars, LMS, etc…

    • Fixed a bug that caused players to no-clip if they went up gnome stronghold ladders from the wrong side.

    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to solve multiple clue steps of different difficulties by doing the same step over and over.

    • Fixed an issue where you would be told you can’t reach the arial fishing spot if your cormorant was already flying.

    • The entrance to the ogre enclave from the ogre city now functions properly.

    • Items with negative weight bonuses will no longer reduce overall weight if they are not equipped.

    • Fixed an issue where players could not deposit the rune shield h(4) and h(5) into their POH treasure chests.

    • Fixed a bug which caused Name changes to bug accounts if they typed in a username with more than 1 space between characters.

    • Fixed an item drop bug with Ironman accounts.

    • Log balance / Tight rope bug fix:

    • It was previously possible to get stuck on log balances if you clicked to pick up an item while crossing.

    • This bug primarily affect the Tightrope in Chambers of Xeric, where it is detrimental to get stuck.

    • Fixed Elysian spirit shield (or) placeholder:

    • The ornamented spirit shield (divine) would show up as a Magic sapling placeholder when you withdrew it from your bank. This will no longer occur.

    • Fixed knives/ammo not stacking when thrown by Ironman or Realism mode players.

    • Fixed an Ironman loot bug with degradable equipment dropping in PvP (eg. PvP armour).

    • Pet metamorphosis bug fixed:

    • A bug which caused your morphed pet to revert to the main pet when you log out has been fixed.

    • For example, if you had the ToB pet and morphed it to the Lil' Maiden but logged out, it would be Lil' Zik again upon logging in.

    • Fixed double smithing bug:

    • You'll no longer be able to smith 2 items in one tick.

    • Fixed Herblore double-potion creation bug:

    • A bug which allowed you to quickly spam create options without waiting the 2 ticks per potion has been fixed.

  • Theatre of Blood changes:

    • Loot changes:

    • The chance of obtaining Metamorphic dust has been significantly increased (30%) due to only 1 player obtaining it in the past 12 days.

  • Pet changes:

  • Xarpus' size has been increased to match other pets.

  • Maiden's size has been increased to match other pets.

  • Skotizo drop changes:

  • The non-wilderness version of Skotizo (spawned in Catacombs) will now drop a Hard clue scroll 100% of the time.

  • Scroll of redirection:

    • The scroll is not reusable, and you will need to purchase more of them to set more than one teleport.

    • After teleporting to this location, the next teleport tablet will go to your default location (which is either your house, or your home-town location (usually Edgeville)).

    • Using the right-click option to select between your House or Edgeville will also remove the effect of the Scroll of redirection.

  • The scroll of redirection can now be purchased from the Vote shop for 4 Vote points.

  • The scroll allows you to change the next destination of the Home teleport tablet to any PoH portal, with the following locations to choose from, depending on your Construction level:

  • Rimmington

  • Taverley (10)

  • Pollivneach (20)

  • Hosidius (25)

  • Rellekka (30)

  • Brimhaven (40)

  • Yanille (50)

  • Prifddinas (must have access based on quests/skill level)

  • POH Portal Addition:

  • The Player-owned House portal in Prifddinas is now functional.

  • Experience drop stacking:

    • Affected combat methods:

    • All multi-combat spells

    • Chinchompa ranging

  • XP drops will no longer be sent multiple times for multi-combat attacks, and rather will all be sent together.

  • For example, if you use Ice barrage to hit 5 different monsters, previously 10 different XP drops would be sent (2 for each monster). Instead, it will now add up all of the Magic/HP additions and send it all in 2 XP drops.

  • Quality of Life:

    • Players can now use items on the treasure chests in their POH to add deposit them if they don’t already have the item/set stored.

    • Added a tool leprechaun to the Trollheim farming patch.

    • Added a tool leprechaun to the Hosidius farming patch.

    • Item overlay changes:

    • More than 1 item overlay filter can now be added/removed at a time.

    • To do so, just type in the items you wish to add/remove from the filter separated by a comma.

    • Players can now exchange coins/platinum tokens by using them on the Trading Post.

  • 300 Empty vial packs have been added to Trader Stan’s Trading Post for 1050 coins each.

  • Name change tickets can now be transferred to other accounts of all game modes.

  • To do so, just use the name change ticket on another player, and players will be prompted with an option to transfer the ticket.

  • Realism PvP shop:

  • The Realism PvP shop has been overhauled, and now contains similar items to the normal PvP shop.

  • There are 2 key differences in the Realism PvP shop.

  • The prices are all 30% higher than the normal PvP shop.

  • Pegasian, Primordial, and Eternal boots have been removed from the Realism PvP shop.

  • Lizardman shaman changes:

  • Lizardman shamans will no longer use the jump attack if there is an obstruction near the player.

  • Lizardman shaman spawns will now stop moving for 2 ticks before exploding.

  • Lizardman shaman spawns shamans now cover a 2-tile radius instead of 1-tile radius when they explode.

  • Lizardman shaman spawns will now last 1 tick longer to give players slightly more time to react.

  • Zulrah Death Box:

    • NOTE: If a player does again before they claim the items in their death box(a dangerous death, or another death at Zulrah), then their items being held by the priestess will be permanently lost.

  • Players who die at Zulrah will now lose their items when they die.

  • These items are not permanently lost, and can be re-claimed by speaking to Priestess Zul-gwenwynig.

  • A fee of 100k must be paid to reclaim your items.

  • This fee is omitted for Immortal donators.

  • Farming timer changes:

  • A little while back we polled a change that would make farming timers 1/4 as long as they are in OSRS, which has now been implemented.

  • All farming timers have been effectively doubled in length.

  • Slayer reward shop additions:

    • Tooth half of key:

    • Costs 75 slayer points.

  • Loop half of key:

  • Costs 75 slayer points.

  • The Falador patch teleport has been removed from the farmer's blessing.

  • This was an oversight and shouldn’t have been added, since it renders the explorer’s ring useless to players who have both items.

  • H.A.M Hideout:

    • H.A.M pickpocketing:

      • H.A.M member(female):

      • Requires level 15 thieving to pickpocket, and provides 18 base experience.

      • Rewards:

      • The rewards are the same for both the male and female H.A.M members, and the full list can be found here: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/H.A.M._Member

      • One of the main purposes of the HAM Hideout was to be able to provide non-donators with access to a supply of topaz/jade/opal.

      • For this reason, we’ve added uncut topaz to the reward table for H.A.M members(these are not on the list provided in the link).

    • H.A.M member(male):

    • Requires level 20 thieving to pickpocket, and provides 22 base experience.

  • Players can now access the H.A.M Hideout.

  • It can be accessed by going through the trapdoor near the Lumbridge farming patch.

  • Zahur potion decanting changes:

    • Due to the nature of these changes, we now require that players have the necessary amount of empty vials to decant their potions into lower doses.

    • We also now reimburse the empty vials from decanting potions into higher doses.

    • Decanting potions to 1, 2, and 3 doses only works for noted potions.

    • Un-noted potions can still be decanted into 4-dose potions.

  • We’ve added the option for players to decant their potions into various sizes through Zahur.

  • This feature, as before, is a donator+ only feature.

  • Lizardman temple:

    • The temple also contains the stone chest, which requires 64 thieving to picklock, and provides 280 base exp upon successfully doing so.

      • There is a small chance upon failing to picklock the chest that the player will be teleported out of the temple, back above ground.

    • The chance to picklock the stone chest increases by 10% if the player has a lock pick in their inventory.

    • The possible rewards from the chest can be found through the link below:

    • https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Stone_chest

    • *

  • Players can now access the Lizardman temple under Molch.

  • The temple is a multi-zone, and contains 3 separate rooms, each with 2 Lizardman shamans inside of them.

  • There are mystical barriers the player must pass through to access them, and these barriers deal damage if players pass through them too frequently.

  • Xerician robe crafting:

  • Players can now craft Xerician robes by using a needle and thread on Xerician fabrics.

  • Xerician hat: Requires 14 crafting and 3 Xerician fabric, and provides 66 base crafting experience.

  • Xerician robe: Requires 17 crafting and 4 Xerician fabric, and provides 88 base crafting experience.

  • Xerician top: Requires 22 crafting and 5 Xerician fabric, and provides 110 base crafting experience.

  • Sound effect additions:

  • Sound effects for the following actions have been added:

  • Mixing potions for herblore

  • Sacrificing bones on the altar for prayer exp

  • Smelting bars

  • Cannonball smithing

  • Crafting jewelry

  • Fully chopping down a tree

  • Eating Dwarven rock cakes

  • Digging with a spade

  • Modern spell book teleports

  • Ancient spell book teleports

  • Potion timers running out (stamina, anti-fire, super anti-fire)

  • Cleaning herbs

  • Pickpocket success

  • Pickpocket failure

Forum updates:

  • Previously, if you tagged a username that was less than 3 characters (Eg. @22), it would not highlight the name and tag the user.
    • Additionally, if you manually typed out @, it would highlight the name but never send them a notification.
      • Both of these issues have been fixed and tags will now work properly for both 1 and 2 character usernames.




We hope you enjoy this update :) Please report any bugs that you encounter immediately.

Omicron & Chad

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