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[OSRS] Alora - Gauntlet ★ Prifddinas ★ Raids 1 & 2 ★ Group Ironman

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Hello everyone,

This week's update contains many long-awaited bug fixes, numerous QOL updates (from some great suggestions you guys have put out) and some unique content. Some of this content includes 7 new Theatre of Blood pets that you can unlock when you obtain the Metamorphic dust from the loot chest, Autocast saving when you swap weapons, Jewelry decantation through Murky Matt for a fee, Hosidius farming patch functionality, the Farmer's blessing item & more! We'll let you see the rest for yourself below:

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed client crash due to item filters:
      • Players with 50 or more filtered items previously would not be able to log in, this has been fixed and you can now add more than 50 items to your filters.
    • Replaced the rock golems in Tzhaar city with Tzhaar bankers.

    • The combat dummy at home can no longer be envenomed or poisoned.

    • Fixed a bug that caused the Edgeville dungeon monkey bars not to work.

    • Elder chaos druids can now be killed for chaos druid tasks.

    • Sergeant Grimspike and Sergeant Steelwill will now be aggressive in instances.

    • The Saradomin’s tear can now be attached to the Staff of the dead to create the Staff of light.

      • Previously, this required a Toxic staff of the dead to do.

    • The following staffs now provide unlimited water runes:

      • Trident of the swamp

      • Trident of the seas

      • Trident of the swamp (e)

      • Trident of the seas (e)

    • Combat bracelet(5) and Combat bracelet(6) are now functional.

    • Crystal implings will no longer spawn in Puro Puro.

    • Fixed Elysian spirit shield ornament kit turning into another ornament kit when noted (Dragon sq shield kit).

    • Added the equipment tab Completionist monkey options.*

    • Players with the Designer OR Official Designer as their main rank will now have their donator symbol show alongside their yells, assuming they do not have a game mode icon (eg. Ironman or Realism).

    • Changed the end location for RFD so that it's no longer on top of the combat dummy.

    • Cavalier mask can now be properly equipped.

    • Raid death bug:

      • We've fixed a bug which caused players to lose their items if they died as soon as the raid ended.

  • Teleport Interface update:

    • You can now use the Teleport Wizard to teleport to Brimhaven through the "Cities" menu, which should make reaching the farming patch there a bit quicker.

  • Theatre of Blood Metamorphic Dust: (Thanks to @No for the suggestion!)

    • Metamorphic dust is now an available reward from the Theatre of Blood!

      • This item can be added to the Lil' Zik pet, allowing you to access 7 different metamorphosis options for your pet:

        • Lil' Sotetseg

        • Lil' Xarpus

        • Lil' Maiden

        • Lil' Bloat

        • Lil' Nylocas

          • Silver

          • Green

          • Blue

      • It is not a tradable item, and once you obtain it once you will no longer have a chance for it as loot from ToB.

      • If you have insured Lil' Zik already, it covers all of these pets. You only need to buy insurance for one of them to cover them all.

    • This does not affect your chance at unique loot from the chests, and is rolled entirely separately, so you don't need to feel bad if you obtain this instead of a Scythe.

    • The chance to obtain this dust is similar to the chance of obtaining the Lil' Zik pet, but you cannot get them both in a drop, it will have to be one or the other.

  • Quality of life:

    • Players can now left click the animators in the warriors guild to animate armor sets.

      • Doing so will animate the first available armor set in your inventory.

    • Players can have a 1/20 chance of receiving a clue scroll of any type from a barrows chest.

    • Players can now dismantle the Avernic defender, however the Avernic defender hilt will be lost upon doing so.

    • Using the cleaning cloth on an item will now prompt the player to confirm their action.

    • Players can now ring the cloister bell in the Grotesque Guardian room to re-spawn the guardians without having to leave and re-enter.

    • Zulrah snakelings will now be killed off when zulrah dies.

    • The Angler set previously only granted a maximum of 2.3% bonus Fishing experience, but will now grant the intended 2.5%.

    • Players can now left click on objects that have the “Cook” option to bring up the cooking interface if they have raw food available.

      • Doing so will give you the option to cook the first raw food available in your inventory.
  • Pest control changes:

    • The # of bonus points from Pest control will now round upwards, meaning if you previously earned 3.1 points (3), you will now earn 4.

  • Pyromancer outfit Firemaking bonus:

    • TOTAL: 2.5% with full outfit equipped.

    • The Pyromancer outfit (from the Achievement shop), similarly to the Angler outfit, will now grant bonus Firemaking experience while worn. Each piece will grant:

      • Hood - 0.4%

      • Garb (top) - 0.8%

      • Robe legs - 0.6%

      • Boots - 0.2%

      • Bonus for wearing all 4 pieces: 0.5%

  • Dark Mage QOL - Previous Option: (Thanks to @ for the suggestion!)

    • You can now use the 'Previous' right-click option on the Dark mage to quickly teleport to the last Runecrafting altar you visited, without having to open the interface and click a button, which should speed up Runecrafting a bit.

  • Autocast spell saving:

    • When setting up an autocast spell on a staff, that will now be re-applied when you un-equip and re-equip the staff.

      • Note that this will only work for re-equipping the same weapon, so if you setup an autocast spell on an ancient staff, and later equip a staff of air, it will not save automatically apply the autocast spell to the staff of air.

  • Jewelry Decanting:

    • Players can now speak to Murky Matt to decant their jewelry to condense the charges.

      • Only noted jewelry can be decanted, and each piece of jewelry that gets decanted costs 500 gp.

  • The following items can be decanted:

    • Dueling rings (1-7)

    • Games necklaces (1-7)

    • Burning amulets (1-4)

    • Necklaces of Passage (1-4)

    • Combat Bracelets (1-5)

    • Skills necklaces (1-4)

    • Glory amulets (1-5)

  • Xeric’s talisman:

    • If a xeric’s talisman runs out of charges, it will revert to the inert form.

    • Xeric’s talismans can be uncharged at any moment to have the Lizardman fangs returned.

    • The inert xeric’s talisman can now be dismantled for 100 Lizardman fangs.

    • The inert talisman can now be charged with up to 1000 Lizardman fangs, and each teleport will cost 1 fang.

    • Players can right click on the Xeric’s talisman in their inventory/equipment tab to check how many charges they have left.

      • They will also be notified how many charges they have left after each teleport.

  • Godwars changes:

    • Drop rate changes:

      • The rate of obtaining Godsword shards from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate.

      • The rate of obtaining Bandos equipment from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate.

      • The rate of obtaining Armadyl equipment from minions has been reduced to the correct OSRS rate.

    • It has come to our attention that minions have not been functioning properly in a few of the Godwars chambers, so we’ve implemented the following fixes:

      • All GWD minions attack range has been doubled.

      • Some minion spawns have been moved to a more central location.

      • There was a bug in Bandos instances that caused the range and mage minions not to be able to attack players at all, this issue has now been fixed.

  • Hosidius farming patches:

    • The farming patches at Hosidius are now fully functional as intended, with the following patches available:

      • 2 Allotment patches

      • 1 Flower patch

      • 1 Herb patch

      • 1 Compost bin


  • Store changes:
    • Farmer’s Blessing:
      • The farmer’s blessing can now be purchased in the shop by all players for 300 tokens.
      • The farmer’s blessing is an ammo slot item that allows players to teleport to various farming patches around the game, including an exclusive herb patch, only accessible through the blessing.
        • The teleport locations are as follows:
          • Tree gnome village fruit tree patch
          • Falador farming patch
          • Port phasmatys farming patch
          • Catherby farming patch
          • Hosidius farming patch*
          • Varrock tree patch
          • Lumbridge tree patch
          • Troll stronghold herb patch (Exclusive access)
      • The blessing also provides a +1 prayer bonus.



We hope you enjoy this update :) Please report any bugs that you encounter immediately.

Omicron & Chad

Edited by Alora

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