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[317] New Deadman Mode Project, Need Help

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Hello! My name is Matt! I am currently looking into hosting a 317 Deadman Mode server to go along with the other server I host. My alternate server is a 718 and the PVP is not very active, so I figured I would start up a 317 Deadman Mode to cover the PVP and get some older gameplay in the mix. I already have a source and client set up, it is now time to begin work so that we can release.

The primary goal of this server will be for the community to gather together and spark some PKing. The secondary goal is to eventually profit. 

I will be able to offer a paid position depending on your skills and availability to work on the server. I will be splitting the donation profit with fellow partners, as well.

If you want to learn more about this project, either PM me on here or add my Skype: matt.hillock69. My preferred method of contact is Skype, however, I am willing to discuss this over PM if need be.


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