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Can't enter UEFI

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I can't seem to enter UEFI when I have my windows HDD connected. When I press the keys(it says on POST), the first key(f2) does nothing. DEL takes me to select which OS I want to boot from(Since I only have one boot drive, it only sees Windows). I don't understand why it asks which OS I want when there is only one. Before resetting CMOS, I wasn't even able to enter the UEFI with/without the Windows drive.


Specs: Asus tower(CM 6730)

OS Windows 7

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I don't know if this also applies to your motherboard: How to Use USB BIOS Flashback - ASUS

If it doesn't apply there may still be a way to reflash the BIOS with the right key combo on start up but it sounds like your BIOS is glitched and may even be a chip problem. Might have to go back to them.

Also, automatically assuming you've smashed your F12 key - I've heard this works pretty well. As for the DEL entry; you've gotta push it during your BOOT sequence, and it should let you into the BIOS

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