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Nocturne RS3


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Good luck on finals everyone, I will not be pushing any updates today or tomorrow as I have 3 final exams starting at 10:30am tomorrow and ending at 5:30pm. RIP me but you gotta do what you gotta do. Keep finding bugs, keep posting suggestions, the forums is looking active. Great job everyone, please invite your friends and build the hype for this project! We have been working very hard; not only the developers, but also our gfx/web designer, my co owner, my staff team, and of course the players who have had a huge role in the creation of this amazing project. I can't thank you all enough for the crazy participation that we have received over the past 2 months. I wouldn't have had these amazing content ideas and serious bug patches if it wasn't for all of you. Keep it up, I am seeing a great future for Nocturne RS3 :)

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This is a cool new feature that I thought of adding recently to the server. Discord has been a very popular communication platform for servers and games, with a cleaner interface than teamspeak and lot's of customization options. Through discord we can easily communicate to players, post development logs/announcements, receive suggestions and feedback, voice chat with our players, and the list goes on. Now an interesting feature with discord is the API which allows users to create bots that can be hosted on the server. There are many sophisticated bots out there that are public and I figured, why not learn the API and create a bot for Nocturne RS3? There are bots for RuneScape which grab data from the game, so I thought I would give a shot.

I like to keep little commands, implementing important commands that can be easily accessed for players that can't load the game (on their phone, slow computers, lazy, etc.) that provide useful information a player may want. I am thinking of adding more commands so if there are any suggestions please post them below!

Interested in the bot? Visit our discord: https://discord.gg/tWjS9Kd

Current Commands:
.wealth <player_name>
.stats <player_name>
.online <player_name>
.drops <npc_id>

Along with commands, server news such as maxing, achieving a completionist cape, server events, rare drops, etc. are now streamed to the discord public channel.




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