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Nocturne RS3


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Elveron RS3 Alpha is out! Download our client (v0,2) in the link below. Here is a quick summary of what the alpha phase is. We still do not have all of our features added yet, however we have been working a lot on stability and our cores. Now we need to finish cleaning up the source and testing things such as the xp rate, the economy, the flow of things, bugs, etc. Player files will save, however they may be periodically deleted due to us modifying the player class and saving techniques. Because of this players during the alpha stage can use ::master and ::item for testing purposes. To report bugs please use ::report, to make suggestions please use the #suggestions channel on discord. The alpha server will be online until the beta is ready, however there is no eta yet. Enjoy everyone and happy holidays!

Client v0,2: https://mega.nz/#!KdkRyYhC!MFs9XMKSC180n84yfTyksoD-gxzcWi_CKX9dEpgdR4g

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