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Website sided admin panel


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First go to your GameServer.java and add


right under 

public static void main(String[] params) throws Exception {

Then create package with desired name and then create three sub-packages so it all looks like this:


Under commands package create file called Commands.java and put [Java] package com.mistrix.REST.commands; import java.io.File; import java.io.FileN - Pastebin.com this code in.
Under configuration package create file called Configuration.java and put [Java] package com.mistrix.REST.configuration; import java.util.HashMap; import jav - Pastebin.com this code in.
Under server package create file called Server.java and put [Java] package com.mistrix.REST.server; import com.sun.net.httpserver.HttpExchange; - Pastebin.com this code in.

After you added all java code to your server open up configuration.java and set ipv6_adress to your hosts ipv6 adress (that way no other websites can use your commands and spam server)

Put websites ipv4 adress instead of ipv6 under ipv6_adress 

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