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Changings Tab Icons to old RS 3?


Hi! This is probably a really nooby question, but im really new with 718, im only slightly knowledgeable with 317s.

Anyways, i have a 718 server that i just mess around with stuff on by myself connected to localhost, and it has the ugly new RS 3 tab icons and i was curious if there's a good, noob friendly tutorial anywhere on where to get the old icons back? Or how to put them into the client/cache myself.

Ill supply a picture of how i want the tabs to look if that helps anyone. I know little to none about 718's, so please be respectful. >_< Ive already downloaded Steven's Sprite Editor but no idea what to do once i get thus far.

Any and all replies are greatly appreciated.


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Can you show me the icons you currently have? In any case, these icons are sprites and you can change them with a sprite editor by going through the sprite IDs until you find an icon, then change it. You may also use a sprite editor to get the sprites of an older RSPS so you can use them to replace the new ones.

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