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VistageX is a Private server that is built around what People loved during the 2011-12 Era (Pking, Gambling, Bossing) We have Attempted to create a Unique Server that offers a Large variety of content to all player types. 

[*]Useful links
[*] Play now: http://www.vistagex.com/play
[*]Community forums: VistageX Community
[*]Voting page: VistageX Voting
[*]Donation page: VistageX Donating










https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTmVdXebtmc&feature=youtu.be&ab_channel=VistageX Not many updates Today, I need some feedback on what to do next: Updates:
The Dragonfire shield Special attack has a Minimum Base damage of 180 Plus an additional Randomly generated number ranging from 1-100 

23/07/2016 - Added 'Gear' crate, You can now spawn Everything from::Gear directly into your bank, Items will be catogorized with bank tabs {Mage, melee, range, Misc}
23/07/2016 - Fixed the Bounty interface, The interface is now being sent & Checked if it's still open every 15 seconds, Example: 
if (Wilderness.isAtWild(this)) {
Please keep in mind that these items aren't worth anything, You cannot sell these to a store for a profit, these items are simply free to in encourage PvP & Bossing
23/07/2016 - Updated Cache idx3 (New interface) Id: 1314 (Viewing other peoples statistics) Ripped from a 718 Cache
18/07/2016 - Added Custom titles
18/07/2016 - Players can now Set there own Custom titles for FREE, speak to 'Walied Yassen' at home. (I named him Walied Yassen to credit him for giving me his Enum Editor & adding support for the 667 revision <3)
18/07/2016 - You can nolonger glitch your Character into the High risk Arena
19/07/2016 - Added 'Akrisae/Barrows' Minigame, You enter the minigame (instanced area) and you kill as many barrows minions as posible without dying, 
19/07/2016 - Fixed Custom titles from being displayed (Client sided)
19/07/2016 - Updated Barrows minigame rewards. You can now gamble x5 Pts @ a chance of winning 15, Odds are 4/10.
20/07/2016 - Added Partially full Nomad Requiem's boss fight -
*Flaming Vortexes
*Fake Nomads
*Nomad Deaths
*Fazes & Teleporting
*Melee, Range, Magic Attacks
16/07/2016 - Updated Redeem store with More items & changed there prices, 10 Redeems = $1
16/07/2016 - Fixed Slayer (I put a bracket somewhere which was stopping you from getting rewards from slayer)
16/07/2016 - The ServerInfomationTab.class now automaticly updates
17/06/2016 - Fixed ::Gear, IF You had 10M Coins in your inventory and you selected Dharok's for example, the System would delete your coins & not Spawn dharok's, My stupidity for not adding it to spawn, (Only worked if you had 10m from the bank)
17/07/2016  - Ironman/Ironwomen will now have a Ironman Crown displayed next to there names, this goes for Veterans aswell.
17/07/2016 - ServerInfomationTab Will now display the Local time for the VPS
17/07/2016 - The ServerInfomationTab will now display how long the server has been online for in this format : Hours, Minutes, Seconds (Doesn't display day's as the auto-reboot timer kicks in about 12 hours in.) 
13/07/2016 - Added getAmmountOf() Formatting to make the ServerInfomationTab cleaner
14/07/2016 - Installed Sean's Provote system
14/07/2016 - Updated profanity Filter system, You can now disable & enable it.
15/07/2016 - Renamed about 500 Strings from 'luke' to Charlie && reece
15/07/2016 - Added Dwarven rock cake, you can get these through ;;gear
15/07/2016 - Added another incentive for people to vote, you can now win x25 redeems from voting
15/07/2016 - Implemented R-pay donation system with Rewards
16/07/2016 - Added Dragonfire shield special attack
16/07/2016 - Were going back to the root's of tizen V3 days with void and DFS in goodie store
16/07/2016 - Fixed Opening bank through objects
16/07/2016 - Updated ServerInfomationTab to display current staff online (Helpers - Mod - Administrators)
10/07/2016 - Re-made ;;Gear, Added new Catagorys = {Zerker Mage, Zerker Melee, Dharok's, Ahrim's, Karil's, Anti-rushing (No armour), Pure Nhing}
This New Gear spawning system will now Auto-setup Your players Equipment, Inventory, Spellbooks, Prayer Books, Set-levels, & More!
10/07/2016 - Added ::Mans (Easy way to obtain rare items) Kill them for a chance to get a Mystery Box, Mystery boxes contains Mutliple Arrays of Low to Super Rare Items.
11/07/2016 - Added Teleporting to slayer tasks System, You can now teleport to any slayer task through a portal in the room with slayer masters
11/07/2016 - Finished adding all slayer teleports around 160~
11/07/2016 - Cleaned up Slayer master Right click options, Removed All unnecessary Clickables 
11/07/2016 - Added a cost to Spawning Dharok's, Ahrim's, Karil's through ::Gear, Now costs 10M Coins/set. The Function will Automaticly Withdraw 10M Coins from eaither your Inventory or Bank, Or will output an error message if you don't have the Funds to purchase it.
11/07/2016 - Updated Server Information Tab: Supports loading of slayer tasks, checks for nulls and logs the total amount you had at the start.
11/07/2016 - More updates to server info tab: now displays wilderness information and gather data on items in your bank such as pvp tokens and upgrade tokens

Also If someone would be kind enough to create some Nice GFX's E.g Banners and stuff that'd be amazing!

Slayer Update -

- Experience has been Doubled
- Slayer points now has a 1/10 Chance of being Trippled
- We now Support Full 'Teleport to tasks' This means you can teleport directly to your task in seconds,
We currently have over 100 Different and unique Slayer tasks. (I might add a 500k GP Tax to use this)

When using the Portal if the game finds a Null teleport it will be Recorded and Will be Updated as soon as possible.


It's Just Sprites :3

So now you're the second one after Pali to do the gameframe on a 700+ client

The ::Gear Selection Interface has had a Revamp, I've added Multiple New Categories
- Pure Nh
- Anti-rushing (No armour)
- Zerker Setup (Mage)
- Zerker Setup (Melee)

The Gear Spawning System Will now Automatically Set your Character up, This Includes;
- Setting up Your Equipment
- Setting up Your Inventory
- Loads the Correct Spellbook/Prayer Books
- Loads Familiars 
- Setups Your Stats

Please tell me you guys won't be having the illuminessense, it just ruins the fun of pvp. However, this looks promising and I wish you guys the best of luck :)

The Sword has a Extremely Low chance of Entering the game So I don't think it would Ruin PvP That Much, It Requires 82 Thieving + Alot of Luck with the Wilderness Chests to Get it, Plus you've gotta watch out for Pkers.

Future Updates;
- Hybridding Only Regions.
A Hybridding only Region is a Region in the Wilderness Where The game will only allow Hybrids to Pk, The server will detect if you have a 'Hybrid Instance' equipped on your Character, This Instance will be Lost on death, When leaving the Region, When Regearing, Attacking a NPC.

I will also be Creating These Regions for the Following classes;
- Zerker (Hybridding)
- Zerker Melee
- Ragging

Direct-message me Via skype for the Public beta Access; Skype - reece-ophion

Public Beta Available

Latest Update; I've Created a New Wilderness Skilling Area, The Skilling area contains the following High level Resources;
- Coal ores, Runite Ores
- Rocktail Fishing spot, Crab Fishing Spot
- Furnace
- Thieving Chests (Reqs 82 Thieving)

But why would people Skill in the Wilderness?
Well Skilling in the wilderness has a MASSIVE Advantage because your Making the Wilderness More Populated & You have a chance at Finding Coins when you finish a process E,g Catch a fish The amount of coins you find is based on the amount of players online.

You can travel to this location with the command ::Bandits, A server announcement will be sent every 10-15 minutes Displaying the amount of Skillers there are.
Images -



Let's Credit those Who Deserve it.

View Profile: TaterMater - Rune-Server - (Source)
View Profile: Ziva - Rune-Server - Models
View Profile: Simbiotic - Rune-Server - Client & Content
View Profile: Jamflex - Rune-Server - Client & Content
View Profile: Cjay0091 - Rune-Server - Matrix Release (Client/Source/Cache)
View Profile: Project- Rune-Server - Voting Script

And all others that I've left out, Please shoot me a PM & I'll be sure to add you here :)

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