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Vernox 830

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CLICK HERE TO PLAY|| Website currently under construction

About us:

 Hello everyone, my name is Trikru. You may know the name Vernox, but you've never heard of Vernox 3. In this project, my long time pal Swaghetti & I, will be developing Vernox 3 together. Due to the abundance of OSRS revisions, we've decided to take another route, which is why Swaghetti & I are creating this project, in hopes that players will find that RS3 revisions are fun, visually appealing, and still popular. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates a user-friendly, fun environment for the players.  Flame/hate will get annoyed & reported.



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Started playing on this server, super fun and unique, never seen another server like this one before. Would recommend. By the way, the website is vernox-rsps.com

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Add ruby bolts un-enchanted to range shop
Add summoning and construction shop to home
Add Ancients, Curses, Lunars Alter to home
Add Bonecrusher, charming imp, arcane pulse necklace all to the Dungeoneering store
Add clue scrolls
Increase bird's nest drop rate from trees
Fix multi ice barrage in dung areas
Fixed Divination harvesting bug
Fixed summoning shops 
Added SurgeonHealer to home (not finished, no dialogue)
Nerfed Dungeoneering EXP
Added Guam seed
Buffed summoning shop
Buffed barrows a bit 
Added Poision Waste Dungeon
Buffed summoning EXP
Added basic Herblore & Farming into shops to get started
Nerfed warped tortoise drop rates
Added Crystal chest
Ironmen restrictions
Add bonfire to work at home
Phoenix Necklace added
Ring of Recoil added
Ring of Life added
Added Monkey Knife Fighters to Ape Atoll
Added Mystery Box Rewards

Ascension Dungeon is being worked on right now. Will be finished tonight!
10 Players are online, and double EXP is active!

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