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Current Stage: Beta


Before we get started, I'd like to brush you all up on what Pauper's all about. I wanted to create a special kind of economy server. Not one of those ordinary ones that mainstream-type servers claim to be - no, no, those are too easy for my taste. I'm hoping to reach out to anyone who feels the same as I do. What's missing in the RuneScape private server community is a challenging server, one that you can actually enjoy. I intend to bring you this server, under the name of Pauper. This server will have hours upon hours of gameplay availability. I know this, for I already have roughly 80 hours of gameplay at the time of making this thread. I hope that you guys come and check out Pauper!

Pauper's development began on March 9th, and was planned out extensively for three days beforehand. Why this has taken me so long to conceive was because this was a special project for me. Now, for any of you whom may still remember, you may want to bring up EcoPS. However, consider this the revamped, completed version of that server. When EcoPS was in beta stage, on it's initial release, it was that in equivalence to Pauper's last three weeks of alpha stage. Now, I won't go onto say how it's perfect, the server still needs quite a bit of work. However, the server is indefinitely a playable, enjoyable server. Momentarily, there is no means of voting (as we are not on any toplists yet), and there is no means of donations (though I do have a plan for them).

Pauper underwent some rather serious development for a time-span of almost two months. Most of these things were revamping an entire source, so there were virtually no leftover remains; so I could build Pauper around an almost empty environment. However, there were a fair amount of pretty significant updates on my behalf, but nothing too extravagant. This server was mostly designed for it's simplicity, enjoyability, and ableness to consistently provide achievements for players.

During the development process, an 'alpha stage' was held. There was a small community of around 5-7 players, helping with the server's testing process. The fortunate bunch that were online during these stages got access to the alpha forums, of where I had discussed future plans, helped get ideas, and had bugs reported to me. And for their good fortune, I had rewarded them with a title of 'Alpha Tester'. There will also be one for the beta testers as well. So, as long as you have an account created during the beta stages, which is ongoing right now, you will have access to the 'Beta Tester' title. This thread will be updated once we reach the public stage.


-We've connected, and are ready to go!
-Home location selected
-Combat experience rates set to x22
-Skilling experience rates are set to x12
-Melee shop added
-Melee armor shop added
-Magic armor shop added
-Magic shop added
-Range armor shop added
-Range shop added
-General store added and made available to sell items
-Revamped home
-Added and removed spawns
-Added and removed objects
-Fixed thieving proportions
-Running oldschool models
-Enhanced attack and defense modifiers
-Started the mass spawning process for essential, grinding, NPCs
-Added drops to hill giants
-Removed selling availability from general store and replaced with grand exchange
-Teleportal added with teleportation locations
-Taxes rough draft completed and will be implemented shortly for testing
-Skeletons encrypted into spawns
-Cockroach workers encrypted into spawns
-Ghosts encrypted into spawns
-Asgarnia Ice Dungeon added to teleports
-Fully working caskets added
-Charm drops added
-Casket drops added
-Bones on altar added
-Green dragons encrypted into spawns
-Blue dragons encrypted into spawns
-Zamorakian ruins spawns encrypted
-Drops added for skeletons, ghosts, ice warriors and giants, hobgoblins, hill giants (modified), green dragons, cockroach workers, blue dragons, Zamorak rangers, Zamorak mages, Zamorak warriors, and blue dragons
-Grand exchange limitations added
-Grand Exchange limitations drastically increased
-Cockroach soldiers added
-Red dragons added
-Blue dragons added correctly
-Black dragons added
-Barrows teleport added
-Clan wars teleport added
-Castle wars teleport added
-Fight caves teleport added
-Daemonheim teleport added
-Pauper Points and shop added (dungeoneering exp)
-King Black Dragon teleport added
-God Wars Dungeon teleport added
-Chaos Elemental added
-Chaos Elemental teleport added
-Kalphite Queen added
-Kalphite hive teleport added
-Lumbridge teleport added
-Draynor teleport added
-Seers' Village teleport added
-Ardougne teleport added
-Drops extensively modified
-Mining random life properties coded
-Black mask stats increased
-Grand Exchange limitations edited
-Bones on altar has been taxed
-Hunter coded and added in the server
-Drops modified
-Teleporting has been taxed
-Tax counter initialized
-Summoning pouch drops added globally
-Enhanced charm drops
-Grand Exchange limitations enhanced
-Drops modified
-King Black Dragon made wilderness
-Taxing modified to be more efficient
-Casket and crystal chest rewards altered
-Barrows rewards modified
-Quest tab updated
-Magic books taxed
-The Descendant of Darkness boss added
-Descendant of Darkness quest completed and released (good rewards)
-Drops modified
-Grand Exchange limitations enhanced
-Pauper Point shop modified
-Less Pauper points per kill on NPCs that give them
-Dragonfire shield made available to craft with 80 smithing
-Estate agent added (plank crafting for construction experience (taxed))
-You can now gain farming experience through doing herblore
-All skills now available to train
-Drops modified
-Grand Exchange limitations edited
-Fully working DFS added
-Yell command added!
---Yell is taxed with 5,000 gold per-use
---If you have not successfully yelled three times, it will initiate the 'Yell Confirmation' dialogue
---Once confirming this dialogue, you will have 15 seconds to use the yell command, or else the dialogue will appear again
---If you have yelled successfully 3 times, or more, you will not receive the dialogue, and simply be taxed on your yell
-The Descendant of Darkness quest experience rewards nerfed
-Removed the Rasolo mystery box message
-Added global messages with tips, info, and 'Did You Know?'
-Updated drops for various monsters
-Grand Exchange limitations enhanced
-Added a couple more counters
-Alpha tester variable initiated
-Pauper's General Manager spawned
-Skilling points enabled
-The first page of Pauper's General Manager is here!
---You are able to purchase all of the titles in the list provided on the alpha forums for the requirements corresponding
-----Each title is there to represent what sort of activities you've partaken/are accomplished in
---The usage of Skilling Points is soon to come
---Availability to purchase timed experience boosters
-----You may purchase +2, +4, or +6 on your experience multiplier
-----Experience boosters can only last in intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, or two hours
-----Experience boosters price increases by each sequence of 15 minutes
-----Increases total taxes paid amount
-----Once purchased, you can see how much time you have left in your quest tab
-----Once ended, you will receive a message in-game telling you so
---Access to slayer dungeons (taxed)
-----Fremennik Slayer Dungeon (75k gold, 45 slayer)
-----Kuradal's Slayer Dungeon (250k gold, 65 slayer)
-----Frost Dragon Lair (600k gold, 80 slayer)
-God Wars Dungeon now available!
---I know the teleport has been there, however there was no means of accessing the boss
---To enter the Nex location, one must first slay all of the God Wars Broods at least 5 times
-----Once you've passed through the Nex door, you will need 75 agility to climb down the tunnel into Nex's antechambers
---You will need 70 strength to push open the door to Bandos' antechambers
---You will need 70 ranging to grapple across the gap to Armadyl's antechambers
---You will need 70 magic to teleport across the water into Zamorak's antechambers
---You will need 70 agility to climb down the rope into Saradomin's antechambers
---Once in the antechambers, you will need to pay 500,000 gold to enter the boss's room
-Drops modified
-Grand Exchange limitations edited
-Slayer task locations edited
-Various shortcuts for agility enabled with their correspondent levels
-NPC kill counter enabled
-Boss kill counter enabled
-Finally removed the "my distance" message from the combat action - sorry about that delay
-Added safety parameters to purchasing experience boosters so players don't accidentally overlap them
-NPCs spawned
-Prices modified
-Drops edited
-Grand Exchange limitations modified
-Starter tutorial completed
---Anyone who has not completed the starter tutorial will be forced to do so
---Upon the combat tasks asked of you, you can re-click the tutor to initiate a dialogue that asks whether or not you want to do so
---If declined, it skips the combat sequence of the tutorial and finishes up with the tutorial
-Casket rewards made better
-Crystal chest rewards made better
-Barrows rewards made much better
-2nd page of boss teleports added
-Corporeal Beast location made wilderness
-Taverly Dungeon entrance and exit now working
-Ensures player has a spade in their possession before teleporting to barrows
-Various agility obstacles added with their correspondent requirements
-Taverly Dungeon made wilderness
-Chaos elemental now drops Korasi's Sword and Staff of Light
-Law staff and nature staff added (they do give infinite runes, but it is not yet displayed in the spell parameters)
-Skeletal wyvern now drops draconic visage, law staves, and nature staves
-Starter tutorial edited so you can have more room in your inventory
-Zamorak Mage used for runecrafting and rune essence teleports
---You need a total level of 575 to use the Zamorak Mage, but his teleports are free
-Patched essence mining to actually work
-Replaced the skilling points option in Pauper's General Manager dialogue with the pet manager interface













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Bump - forums are online. I'd also like to point out that, yes, I know the website looks bad right now. However, it is of low priority. While it being on the list of things I need to do during beta, it's not very high on that list. Either way, I've gotten some pretty good feedback on the server thus far. Once there is a way to vote, I will start investing more money into Pauper for things such as advertisements and gold memberships.

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