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Recruiting a Team

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Hello Members of RuneLocus


I'm currently recruiting a team to start a new Project.

First of let me tell you about myself.


About Me

I'm currently a 20 Year old Support Engineer for a company

that specialises in biometric systems, such as Eye Scanners, Fingerprint scanners and face scanners.

It doesn't mean I'm super smart, I just set up software and put some hardware in a box

and set up servers and a bit of port forwarding haha.

Anyway, I've been in the British Army before then for about 1 year, I played

runescape mostly in 2011, but I've played since 2006.

I've always had the dream of having my own private server with a community that is active

and a team that strives to actually giving players what they want.

and having players look up to you and actually feeling a sense of achievement (I promise I'm not homosexual but I am a bit cringy).


What Do I want?

I want to host a server, where the costs pay themselves, Profit? it's a bonus but I just want

to run a server for the love of the Runescape Game (not this new runescape)

I want team members who strive to satisfy there community

and don't kill children and other stupid shit just for donations.

I want a team that I actually get along with and people who are willing to sacrifice free time

to develop a server that can really put a smile on a community's face

but also recognising that I do allow you to have a social life

whether you have a job and a girlfriend/boyfriend and whatever else.


Current Positions:

Java Developer: Free

Graphic Designer: Free / Me if needed

Backup Java Developer: Me


Other Notes

I know you can look up my posts, and recognize I'm not too experienced in running my own server

and also the development process, but I'm willing to put all I can

into a team and server that are worth the effort

bark upon this journey with me and let's see what we can do.




Preferred Name:



Proof of Experience/Work:

Why Choose you?:

Why Choose me?:


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You seem alright and down to earth.

One of my biggest gripes with recruitment's of this type, is the unrealistic expectation of the amount of time a staff member must spend on the project per week. I'm glad you realize this at least! ^_^

However, I still have several questions:

what is YOUR name?

How and how often will communications be carried out?

What is you strategy for collaborative development (Tools, documentation, etc)?

Why have you decided to hire only one developer? A successful server will usually have a team of around 5-6 staff (based on observation and opinion). While scaling is most effective for this kind of project, it is going to save a lot of time and hassle then recruiting more team members later on(just to clarify, not talking about in-game moderators or administrators).

Without giving away your 'secret recipe' for server success; do you have plans for what you want the server to develop into? How do you plan on ensuring that goals will be met?

How do you plan on mitigating risks that are likely to occur (security (such as DDOS, DOX, hackers) , finances, etc)? Definitely interested in what controls you plan to put in place to protect against rogue staff.

What experience do you have in Java or C#? If A Developer was to have trouble solving a problem, say it was to do with communications between the client and the server, would you be able to offer aid?

how do you plan on marketing the project? Again, if financials were to come into play (paying for advert slots, etc), how do you plan to manage the risks that will come with it?

Realistically, most semi-successful RS servers last 3-6 months after launch. If you were to go into this assuming the worst, what is Realistically the minimum time you would be willing to put effort in, before scrapping the project?

That's all i can think of right now. Will update the post or contact you via another method if I have any more.


My name is Sam, but you can call me whatever you want.

Im 20 years old and Live in Australia GMT+ 11:00

Im in my final year at university, studying a bachelors degree in Software Engineering.

I have Experience In C#, Java, C++ and C

For Web development, I have used the MVC5 Architecture pattern in both ASP.Net and PHP Laravel

I Have briefly touched on GIT and have access to a basic tutorial to polish up on.

As far as commitments go, I am currently juggling two projects off the book, One purely by myself and another with a friend.

The workload for uni is fairly high as it stands, however It's manageable and I should be able to fit in development time for what i hope as a minimum of 5-10 hours a week.

due to the nature of my job, shifts are sporadic. Some weeks I may not have any work, others might be 12 hours a day, for the whole 7 days.

My main reason of interest is that i enjoy programming and solving puzzles. I also have not touched java in almost a year now (mostly just work with c# or c), and so it would be beneficial for me to pick up a project like this.

My main reason for striking interest with you is that you seem down to earth, but I'm still a little cautious that you may be an over ambitious type, and so the questions i have above would need to be answered before I make a decision on whether I'd like the position or not.

Thank you for your time. :)




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