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Infinite Era - 718

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Website: http://infinite-era.com/community/

Play: http://infinite-era.com/Infinite-Era.V3.0.jar

Vote: http://infinite-era.com/vote

Highscores: http://Infinite-era.com/highscores/


There is a lot of content to see here. Most of the things are place under spoilers.





Latest Updates

T90 Armours



Cape Particles



Boss Instances



Unlimited Prestige System



Livid Farming



Additional Media


Home & Skilling:








Donor Zone



Lava Flow Mining



Lrc Fishing



Puro Puro Hunting






Artisan's Workshop







Bosses & Monsters:











Kalphite Queen



Sunfreet - Donor Boss



Avatar of Destruction












Dagannoth Kings






Ice Strikewyrms












Fight Caves



Castle Wars



Soul Wars



Zombie Onslaught







Extra Media Pictures





Global Loot Announcements





Thank you for viewing this really long list, we plan to keep adding more content daily an will post updates below in comments.



Credits to gfx and pictures:











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Fixing the flaw on DropSystem took me some time, anyhow its Finished, fixed and finalized! Goodluck and Happy Grinding!

3:27 PM 3/6/2016
- Fixed 200m exp spin reward for regular mode
- Fixed slayer helms getting error on pvp
- Added chance to double drop woodcutting on ironman island
- Added a chance to double drop mining on ironman island
- Added a chance to double drop fishing on ironman island
- Added double drop chance on cooking on ironman island
- Fixed screen bug/gtlich while having buff and on fixed screen( i just remove it for now on fixed screens) having resizeable screen is fine with buff timer
- Zombies at ironman island now drops all kinds of herbs noted
- Zombies at ironman island now drops noted vials
- Added vials of water process while using vials into fountain,well,sink, waterpump
- Fixed using vials into sink
- Added animation while using vials on water

9:49 AM 3/7/2016
- Disabled house option on the settings
- Added owner command to remove players house

8:50 AM 3/10/2016
- Droprates Reworked and finally DONE! all droprate now depends to characters drop Bonus
- New DropBonuses for each modes
- Novice now having +1 dropbonus
- Regular now having +2 dropbonus
- No-life now having +3 dropbonus
- Ironman now having +4 dropbonus
- HC Ironman now having +5 dropbonus
- Drop rates are now for real, if you have 5% drop bonus, you will have 5% chance to get a rare
- Added NPC Full Examine: shows all drops from npc, with droprate, item name, item ID, npc name and npc level, just press ~ which shows console ingame you see stuffs there



Ironman modes are now in public beta mode, come test them out while we make changes to them!


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Hey fellow Infinite-Era players, we are happy to announce that we have moved away from Hosting24(web hosting company) to a much more sustainable host. With this move, we have kept our forums intact completely, so no worry's in having to re-post all of your hard work! Along with that, our web side security has been upgraded to make sure no password leaks or DDOs attacks occur. No more resource limits reached or error 404's will occur when loading our page. This means voting is back, and you will be able to obtain your rewards! With this host change we hope to see the community participating on the forums again!


New website is:



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Now that our website hosting is sorted, here are some more updates :D

11:02 AM 3/14/2016
- IronMan now getting jailed after dying, no more exp loss.
- IronMan jail on death accumulates from 1 hour to 24hours cap(1hour per death)
- Dragonfire shield effect is now live!
- Only normal DFS works for the moment because it needs to edit the client side for the fix(not doing that atm unless i will go for client fixes)
- Dragonfire shield needs to be charged first to activate
- Dragonfire shield activate option needs to be on oldlooks to be able to see
- Dragonfire shield needs 30 seconds cooldown to re-activate
- You can gain charge if you got hit by avatar
- To charge your DFS all you need to do is to get hit by avatar for now, other npcs will be added later on

3:08 PM 3/15/2016
- NPC default attack damage now depends on their combat level
- Avatar now fires range attack for making poison to targets
- Avatar's breath immunity are now fixed by using 2 of these stuffs (prayer/antifire/dfs)
- Fixed combat and full prestige resetting method

5:28 PM 3/16/2016
- Added graphical effect when certain entity get hit by the dfs blast
- Added emote to charge dfs
- Added emote to activate dfs
- Buffed royal cb a bit
- Fixed Royal CB attack animtion into karils
- Fixed aspd of royal cb
- Disabled auto attack while charging the dfs
- Disabled any for of action while charging the dfs
- DFs charging stacks up to 50
- You can check charges by unwielding the dfs and inspect!
- Avatar combatscript now balanced or maybe kinda harder now

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This server is awesome. Now the drop rate is better, the server is alive with awesome drops. Plus the change of ironman getting jail instead of loss of xp is a great way to increase the difficulty.

Come check it out. :)

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This would be the only change I would say.

Move plugin to the bottom of the page.


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I have paused website adventure logs to work on some in-game updates! Good luck finishing the quest! :)


9:54 AM 3/21/2016
- Fixed some rares that don't get recorded on droplogs @ players adventurers logs

8:50 AM 3/23/2016
- Wheat can now be picked
- Potato can now be picked
- Skilling package 2 (increased artisan smithing speed) added to daily task counter.
- Added automated item spawning on the ground :P
- All spawned items on the ground autospawns every 5 minutes once picked
- Added shears on the table near the sheep at lumbridge
- Added super large egg(cooks assistant quest) on the chicken part of lumby
- Added empty pot on cooks area(lumbridge)
- Added empty bucket inside cow farm (lumbridge)
- Added Cooks Assistant Quest!! so you will be able to use the cooking gaunts


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Our new website look is now up! Come check it out!

Finally finished working on adventure logs ^^ enjoy!

8:04 PM 3/29/2016
- Added all ingame logs into the web
- Fixed sending data to the web for the logs
- Added an hour limitation to save your logs
- Added exception when you acquire rare drop, it will be saved automatically
- Added ;;adv ingame to save your web based adventurers logs
- When a rare drop is acquired/announced, the web based realtime rare drop logs will be refreshed it will be added there
- Added how many minutes ago the rare drop announcement happened
- Added how many hours ago the rare drop announcement happened
- Added how many days ago the rare drop announcement happened
- If more than a month it will be added as date when did the rare drop announced
- Theres so much i did but this is web works so i did not list the stuffs i made, this all i remember
- Webside Adventuerers Logs Finished and Live http://www.infinite-era.com/advlogs/


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Just a few fixes, looking to push daily updates

8:20 PM 3/30/2016
- Votings are now added(New votescript) motivote.
- Added dialogue for ;;vote
- Added option to choose what rewards to recieve (default is SOf spins)
- Added re-claim for max cape at the cape stand
- Added re-claim for comp cape at the cape stand
- Added re-claim for the trimmed cape at the cape stand
- Added 24hours wait time to re-claim again (to prevent claiming spam)
- increased from 50 to 250 vote for trimmed comp requirements due to voting changes the same values


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Everything has been done locally, not yet ingame, and this are the stuffs i have done so far, this is for the minigame like, pk/spawn feature to be released soon!

4:07 PM 4/2/2016
- Added GrandMaster npc which will be your portal to arena Royale
- Added autosaver for your current exp so it wont be changed when you enter arena Royale
- Added controller to handle when your on arena lobby
- Added auto lock for exp inside the Arena Royale
- Added checks to ;;lock and ;;unlock for skills cause your exp is locked when inside the lobby and arena royale.
- Added auto set to 99 for your combat stats so you will be ready!
- Added checks to alching can't alch while on arena royale instance.
- Setting 99 combat levels and going back to original levels / exp finished.
- Added ;;home checks to leave the Arena Royale and will ask you to leave.
- Removed unlocked/lock message when auto locking/unlocking your skills @ entering Arena Royale
- Only object clickable are the slope to enter or exit the arena royale.
- Added controler for inside the battle arena @ arena royale

And this are the stuffs i made live to the server 

4:22 PM 3/31/2016
- Adjusted ckey price on voteshop into 2 vote points per key
- Added whip at the voteship for 5 vote points

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