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What is WolfPkz and why was it made? WPK is made by creators of old CreativeScape, means we got experience and great ideas. The purpose of this server was to bring back server that people would really enjoy. It's gonna be a server where things won't come in boring way, where You would enjoy the process. This server is all about the simplicity, because we are tired seeing try-hard servers with too much advancement. They all have cool interfaces and cool looking bosses, but does the players play because of their interfaces? Do they play because the boss looks cool? no! they all would only play if the game was actually interesting, fun to play. And WPK is all about the process. :)

If you loved servers like old Dodian, FrugooScape or Delta, You're gonna love this one. It's fun to play and it's addicting. You do want to play it without players on it...

Regarding concepts, we wanted to make a game where You would no longer than 30 mins to earn whip and no more than 2-3 hours to build good pking gear, like whip, torso, zerker, fcape, including decent stats, so you could instantly go pking at edge... Killing someone and looting their kills would actually bring you profit, you do want to take their items up. And because items was easy to gain, as everyone in longrun would have them in bulk, we are all gonna have great pk activity. This isn't just another pk server, because our items actually have value, you wouldn't want to lose but would be happy to pk.

For non-pkers we have fun skilling areas, that doesn't take you boring grind. And the most fun thing is our cw shops, there are about 20 stores placed in one place, it's great because you dont need to waste your times running around server for different shops. It's also good, because you don't need to look for players to trade. You can buy it all from stores. What's important is that the items have good price set. You would actually need to grind to buy some of them, keeping them rare. We have dragon armor inside store, yet it takes lot of money to buy. What's also interesting is that You can kill npcs and directly sell their loots, like dmed for 20m, dlegs for 60m, dsq 40m or dchain from kbd for 200m cash, hence its all sold to stores. We also have rare stores, which are for the dedicated players. They are all motivated to keep playing, collecting cash just to buy the rares... thus it's free for all, we don't lock these goods making them premium only, as we want everyone to enjoy.

Mini-games are fun and like I said, this server is all about the simplicity! Because we wanted players to enjoy, thus be reading to pk within hours - game like fight caves is supported by multi players, e.g. you do see five other players killing jad (just one gets cape). Or defenders that doesn't require you to nolife hours, hence it's just animated armor with 1k hp and high def, you kill least 5mins, but get instant defenders. It's fun! You don't get bored on this game haha.

Released at 15th Jan, hit 103 already!




shops portal






kbd, on this server it drops dchain, which goes 200m at shops.


gargoyles drop avas, torso, gmaul (worth like 5m at store), dusties drop d2h (12m), abbys whip obv, dark beasts drop sara sword, dbow and granite.

3rd age area. These dudes drops 3age, which can be alched for 3-8m basing off its piece! That's the price of a abby whip, so that's good place to make money. Usually pking there too.


safe pk, cool to train ur skills



train on the objects for exp, used for ppl who just want to pk faster. You don't gain the drops this way, so its fine.



You start with 1.5M, but rats would drop good money, so does the guards. It would take you like a hour to have decent gear. And it's all earned. Thus it wasn't boring






Download link: http://wolfpks.com/wolfpks.com.zip

Muchas gracias!

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I'm with Duffy on this one. I've been there for a few days now and I haven't played a server more unique and fun. Graphics are absolutely awesome and there's no lag whatsoever. Give it a try, you won't regret it! Hope to see people in-game! :)

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I agree also, tried it myself and it's awesome! Some good simple fun and there is plenty to keep you active in game!

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I agree also, tried it myself and it's awesome! Some good simple fun and there is plenty to keep you active in game!

what's your in game name?  Let's PK!

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what's your in game name?  Let's PK!

Yeah man let's do it! My in-game name is 'Brandon.' :)

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This server seriously gets more fun by the day. I cannot wait for clan fights at Mage Bank. The switches, pot drinking and food eating aren't delayed whatsoever. The prices in the shops are perfect and the community is awesome. :D

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