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Virtus - 718

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Welcome to Today's Updates

Players can now access the Kalphite Queen hive correctly.

Thok has been added at home so players can access Dungeoneering

Players can now trade Max for skill capes.

A monk has been added at home for players to switch between prayers and magic books

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Welcome to Today's Updates

Today was spent entirely on the forums. I realized that there was a whole missing where to community should be able to communicate.

To start it off, the forums have been upgraded to the newest version of IPB. This should fix the emails not being sent out to verify accounts.

A shoutbox has been added to the homepage. People can now communicate even if you aren't in game.

We have changed the default skin on the forum. This theme now changes depending on the time of day. It is personally my favorite skin.

A player's username will now match the color of the user group they are in.

For example, My name is yellow with a glow since I am an owner. If you are a donator it will be green and so on.

I hope you enjoy these updates. Thank you for playing Virtus!

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