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Flnal wlsh

My ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP300LA

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Hello guys, so I bought my ASUS Transformer Book Flip TP300LA about a year ago, and it's great. But just recently, I ran into a bit of trouble. Well, I recently downloaded a rsps and it contained a 'virus' (name/info about it is posted below). I wasn't sure if it was real/fake and safe/dangerous, so I tried to remove it. I ran malware scans, but nothing came up, I even went to start up and tried to delete it, but I could only disable it. Even it being disabled, I didn't feel safe, so I decided to do a system restore, as I had a restore point 6 days back, so it wasn't too bad. After the restore was complete, I realized the 'virus' was gone, but my laptop was really slow, and the touch pad wasn't responding. I realized I had to do lots of updates due to the restore, and now even after the updates, my laptops performance (at times) is really slow, and freezes a lot. The touch pad works sometimes, but mainly isn't. 

Anyways to get to my point, I would like assistance with the following:

  • How to fix touch pad, it still isn't working when use it
  • Performance (was well before the 'virus' and updates)

Information on 'virus':  http://threatinfo.net/exploit-zip-heuristic-java-csrvpr-installs-itself-for-autorun-at-windows-startup/

Laptop specs:Image

Thanks for reading :).

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