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AlternativePk is the best 718 pking server you can find around. We've been online for over two years now and don't plan on going down anytime soon! We've never had an economy reset and we have a very nice and moderately sized community looking to expand a bit more. There's plenty of unique content on our server for you to enjoy!

13z8guw.pngAlternativePk - #1 718 Rsps

s277ex.pngAlternativePk Forums


~Weapon Prestige Mini-Game~
AlternativePk has a uniquely custom coded MiniGame! Join weapon prestige and kill others to upgrade your weapon! The more kills you get, the better the weapon you'll receive! The top 3 winners receive Wp Points to spend in the rewards shop used to upgrade certain weapons outside the minigame!

~Upgrade-able Weapons~
Use your Wp Points to upgrade the following weapons for a -20% special cost, better stats, and a better looking special!

~Upgraded Dragon claws~

~Upgraded Korasi~

~Upgraded Armadyl Godsword~

~Upgraded Bandos Godsword~

~Upgraded Saradomin Godsword~

~Upgraded Zamorak Godsword~

~Grand Exchange Fully Player Based~
Buy or sell your items on this fully functional player based Grand Exchange!
~Clan System with Ranks/Capes/Banners~
Create a clan with your friends an promote them with higher ranks depending on how you see fit. You can also buy a clan cape and motif that you can customize to your clans banner!
~Full Construction Player Owned Houses~
Create your own house and design it depending on your Construction level! All objects and floors working!
~Player Owned Shops~
Put your items up for sell in your personal shop pricing it however you like! AlternativePks uniquely custom coded player owned shops will save you time waiting for items to sell on the Grand Exchange! You can search other items or other players specific shops at the PoS npc location. Higher ranked donors have more slots! Default is 3. When your item is sold you are alerted if you're logged in or the next time you log in!

 ⋆Brutal Longsword⋆
AlternativePks first custom PvM Weapon! You'll need a certain amount of each boss kills to have access to this weapon. It's untradeable and isn't useable in player vs player combat. It's special uses 100% energy and hits 5 specs, gives the overload effect and heals the player to full!

  ⋆Brutal Whip⋆
AlternativePks also contains the Brutal Whip! You'll need to collect idols from bosses around the server which have a certain percentage to drop. It's tradeable and is usable in player vs player combat. It's special uses 100% energy and hits 4 specs and stronger than any other whip in the game!

Highscores with prestige level, kills, player gamemode, and clan name!
Fully working toolbelt with storing making it easier to skill!
Easy teleportation system making it easy to find your way around the server!

Content Pics Continued:

~Money Pouch~
Money pouch is fully functional and works correctly with all shops!
~Squeal of Fortune~
Fully working squeal of fortune with a correctly coded percentage system. Rare spins announce in yell too!
~Hourly Lottery~
Try AlternativePks custom lottery for your chance at a gp jackpot! The lottery announces every 15 minutes and picks a winner every hour! Entry is only 5m and you can enter up to 5 times. 10% of the pot is taken out for taxes to help keep our economy stable.
~Dwarf Cannon with Quest~
AlternativePks first quest is here! Finish the Dwarf Cannon quest for access to the Dwarf Cannon for fast range xp.
~Hourly Boss Raids~
Once every hour the Party Demon Boss and a couple minions raid home. Defend home by killing him for a chance at some rare loot!
~FriendChat with Lootshare~
Friendchat fully working with loothshare working!
Test your luck in other ways than the lottery with the gambler npc! Enter your option and the odds are yours!
Bankpins fully working for your accounts safety!
~Monthly vote rewards + Top Voter + Vote Shop~
AlternativePks custom vote system rewards you for how much you vote monthly. Since our players support us so much we want to reward them for their support! Every month there's new rewards to be obtained! Every 5 times a player votes they are rewarded, the more votes the better! Also the top voter of each month is rewarded a $25 donation voucher to spend in our donation shop to their liking :) You also receive vote points each time you vote that you can spend in AlternativePks vote shop. You also get a mystery box for voting which gives you a chance at a random pk item!

You can now also earn 10 minutes of double drops for every site you vote on!
~Killstreaks + Killstreak points + Shop~
AlternativePks custom killstreak system rewards players for killstreaks. The higher your killstreak, the better your reward! Every 5 kills announces the player and their killstreak number in global chat. Every 5 kills the player also receives a higher amount of KillStreak points they can spend in the KillStreak rewards shop which includes Drygores and AlternativePks custom Pk Master Cape!
~Summoning Pouch Creation + Scroll Creation~
Fully working pouch and scroll creation!
~Completionist Cape~
There are many requirements for the completionist cape to ensure you don't get bored and have a goal to achieve on the server!
~AlternativePk Point System~
AlternativePk has its own point system that you can spend in the shops below. You can earn them skilling or bossing!

~Players online listing~
You can view whose online and their current gamemode/level/rank/ and wealth just by typing ::players!
~In-game Stat Viewing~
You can view anyones stats at any time by right clicking other players for the view stats option. Listed is their prestige, kills, deaths, loyalty points, combat level, hitpoints, and their skill levels!

Additional Content without media yet:
200m xp capes! (120 capes)
Wealth viewing! (Show off your wealth by typing ::wealth ::invwealth ::equipwealth to show off how much you're worth!)
Rainbow Partyhat! (Obtain by merging all partyhats together with a christmas cracker!)
Use multiple spins at once to use up your spins faster! (up to 1, 5, and 10 spins at once)
Extra Rewards every 25 boss kills!
Choose your own xp rate! (moderate (x100 | Heroic (x50) | Ethereal (x10) | IronMan (x50 & No trading/Shops)
Mage/Range & Melee Tokhaar-kal capes!
Boss pets!

~Weapon Prestige~
~Duel Arena~
~Fight Pits~
~Fight Caves~
~Pest Control~
~Jaad Waves & Kiln Waves~
~Zombie Invasion~
~Dominion Tower~
~Castle Wars~

~Hourly Boss Raids~
~All Godwars Bosses & Nex~
~King Black Dragon~
~Queen Black Dragon~
~Avatar of Destruction+Creation~
~Corporeal Beast~
~Dagonnoths Lair~
~(NEW!) Vorago!~

~Wilderness Sunfreet~
Teleport to Sunfreet in the wilderness for chance at Drygores and bonus killstreak points! Beware though because anyone can catch you off gaurd at any time and kill you while you're distracted. Sunfreet also gaurds the crystal key chest so defeat Sunfreet before you can get your reward!

Teleport to the new Vorago Boss for a chance at new Frostbite pk weapons! These weapons have a 10% chance of freezing your opponent while pking for 3-5 seconds, as well as a new frostbite spirit shield that prevents you from being frozen by 50%!





Server Specs
Bandwidth 4000GB/2TB
4 gigs of ddr2
Windows 7 Server 8.10 w/ xfc GUI
40 gig diskspace
DDOS Protected


Reserved for more content~

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Great Server. Needs more players(thats where you come in) with more players would be great. :)

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it's an epic server, we need more players, come join us now, been playing for none stop 3 years and i still have fun, and the owner, and the staff are super great. :)

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Thanks for all the great replys! 

Posting myself to show it's still active and running! :)

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Servers vps upgraded to a dedicated so we can hold even more players without lag! :)

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Come join for the valentines events starting soon! :)

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Thanks for all the comments, new quests coming in soon!~ :)

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Votes reset for month of march! Earn top voter of the month for a chance at rewards~

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Try out the new quests! Plenty new content since last update on the thread! :) (Will add new content to thread soon)

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