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.:: Ragefire-Empire Official Server Thread ::.



.:: A message to New Players ::.

It's advised for your own gaming experience, that you give Ragefire-Empire a try.
.:: Does Ragefire-Empire have enough content ::.

Ragefire-Empire has a list of features that only grows. Some quick features to note: 100+ Tasks, Player owned shops, custom weapons, custom bosses, custom player vs monster combat, custom player vs player combat, a friendly community, gambling, and so much more!
.:: Will I be happy to be apart of the Ragefire-Empire Community ::.

You will be ABSOLUTELY pleased. The staff members are helpful and understanding. Rules are strictly enforced to ensure a positive environment. The owner dedicates most of his time to fixing the game and adding new content. You will not regret joining Ragefire-Empire!



.:: Media ::.













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good god no,...

it's good for your health come check us out

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It was to my understanding that you could only bump once every 24 hours. While reading the first page I see 7 in one day. 

come give ragefire-empire a gander! 


Warrior Guild: New Reward Shop added to Warrior guild, items include rune defender, dragon defender, flameburst defender, gold defender, lava defender, Kryptonite Defender, Mystery Box, and Ckey
Pest Control: Pest control portals had their hp lowered, new rewards added to pest control shop, rewards include a Sceptre of Death, a Void knight Deflector, a 3rd age full helmet, fighter torso's dragon boots, bandos boots, and elemental whips
Loyalty Shop: Ckeys and Mystery Boxes added to Loyalty Shop
Summoning familiar following: familiar following was recoded, please report any issues in a post below
Boss Modifications: Chaos Elemental + Barrelchest had a slight HP increase, necromancer had a slight modification to it's attack styles
The Grim Reaper: Now drop's the "Swift Fury", a pair of akimbo hammers that deal double hits in P.V.M. damage

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Well that was fun to clean up. Not really.

First, to the OP and buddies, unless you want this thread removed, I suggest you THOROUGHLY read the rules about bumping, as it says once per 24 hours per person and to NOT use "bump" or other such stuff. Any more of this "bump" 3 times a day will result in your thread disappearing.

Second, I don't give a damn what you think about this server, there is NO reason to come on here and make my job harder for me by arguing about some shit that happened on the server. I'm sure they have their own forums you can go complain on. In-server stuff stays off of RuneLocus unless it's posted by the OP in an update bump. If there is something about the server that you think other potential players should know, then post about it, but do so in a way that isn't insulting.

Third, backseat moderating is against the rules and one of my biggest pet peeves. Your dislike of the server or OP does not give you the right to harass him/her about the rules. The ONLY thing you need to do is click the Report button and fill the form out. Let the coordinators handle the issue(s).

I expect this thread to stay clean.

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much appreciation to the mod who cleaned this thread. on a more important note, 60 online come check us out!

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i've been playing this server for about 2 days now, can't get enough of it, if you are wondering if this is the server to join, it definitely is. come give me a holler in-game the name is blagajaga!

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41 online and growing come check us out teh justin the owner does new updates everyday it's really exciting to see the game growing.

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