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Right-Click Donation Option via Coins


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Did this for my project and thought it could be a useful way for donations. It's basic but does work. Basically you can donate 500k coins and get the donator rank or anything really.


Find this case in ItemDef.java:

case 995:


itemDef.itemActions = new String[6];


itemDef.itemActions[3] = "Donate 500,000gp";


Now open up ItemOption3.java and update/add this case:


case 995:
    if (c.getItems().playerHasItem(995,500000)) {
        c.sendMessage("Thank you for donating "+c.playerName+"! You're now a donator!");
        c.sendWorldMessage(c.playerName+" has just donated their coins!");
        c.playerRights = 4;
    } else {
        c.sendMessage("You don't have enough coins.");

Post results :love:

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