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Found 14 results

  1. So I've tried to get trees/NPCS I've spawned using NPCSpawning.java to respawn after being cut down/killed. But Nothing seems to work. (Example) Ive added the tree to the unpacked spawns list and packed them as well but still nothing? do i need to remove the NPCSpawning.java code for the tree and only put it in unpacked spawns? please inform me what im doing wrong. THANKS (Ive attached a picture of what code ive put where) [ATTACH=CONFIG]8887[/ATTACH]
  2. ferret

    zenithscape problems

    I have a zenith source, and I added a shop that i want to buy everyone's stuff. The problem is that when I try and sell something back, example ags, it says 0 gp. though the godswords price is like 15-20m... How do i fix this? I've been looking for a while and can't find a guide. Second problem: my friend has a username that's like 13-14 characters long, yet when i try and add him, the cap of the letters allowed to use is like 10 so i can't add him... :/ Third problem: Summoning, I have an obelisk with the correct interface but when I click something like make steel titan it says this isn't added yet where would i code these? I added a new summoningPouch.java and it didn't fix it and i don't know what to do
  3. Wat the title says and I will post pictures showing the problem as well. Ok so here is the pic I buy a Ranger boot sfor 25m but when i want to sell it to the shop they buy it for 0 gp. [ATTACH=CONFIG]6492[/ATTACH]
  4. the auras of zenithscape are glitched , there like a wall you see , how can i fix them? this is how it looks [url]http://prntscr.com/17rs26[/url] Please reply
  5. Everytime I try to do one of the commands, IE: ::item or ::home, it says the whole "Use developer console thing." I looked and googled to no avail, they just said "it's easy to do just replace a name durr" but where? Please please help me! Actually it's a 667/728* =o Media: [ATTACH=CONFIG]7843[/ATTACH]
  6. How to promote... i cant promote by going here cuz its just computer language [ATTACH=CONFIG]7252[/ATTACH]
  7. Hey I'm having trouble with the shop prices of the "ZenithScape" Source. I remember him saying there was a bug with the stores and after coding alot of stuff i've came across the bug, i've tried numerous different things to fix it, and they don't seem to work. Can anyone help? ;o The bug is: You can't change prices of any items in the store using prices.cfg, only by editing the cache, as i don't have and can't get hold of a 667/718 cache editor, i can't change prices at all... There is a post about this on Mopar but it doesn't work and just gives errors.
  8. Okay i havent coded in a few years and decided to come back the transition into 667s wasnt as hard as i thought but im a bit confused with a couple things. In the duel arena there is NO challenge upon right click so you cannot fight at all. If anyone has any info on this please help i need this the most. Also Dominion tower it gets stuck on the screen that asks to choose taunt and hold on is this supposed to happen? am i suppose to wait or is this a coding error? and last Kalphite queen has never reappeared i thought it was a timer issue like i had with my bandos boss but it wasnt any fix for this? and some monsters just stand there and look at you even when you attack they dont fight back, thanks guys for any help you have and please dont criticize like i said i havent coded in some years so thanks Credits for the server Laakerrules even though im not hosting just trying to catch the hang of coding again
  9. hey guys i was wondering if u can help me make a webclient for my rsps and after ur done i will pay u 5m rsgp.
  10. hey guys I need help adding a cyrstal key chest properly with random items to be given.
  11. I was wondering how to make that certain characters arent allowed in name
  12. Hello guys was wondering if someone could help me adding crystal key chest to my server.
  13. I was wondering if u can activate the selling component of the ge in zenithscape source.
  14. hello guys i need help whit my no-ip on runelocus server status check i get that is server online like this picture [img]http://shrani.si/f/23/og/1CuWNWGR/runelocus-server-is-onli.png[/img] and the stie canyouseeme.org picture: [img]http://shrani.si/f/2m/tL/1yUtjzrp/canyouseemeorgit-can-see.png[/img] but when my mate want to run it it stays at 1% checking for updates and when my brother run it stays at 1% checking for updates please help me