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Found 3 results

  1. [video=youtube;i3_YFwUJ2J8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3_YFwUJ2J8[/video]
  2. Joe

    Destination New York

    [CENTER][SIZE=3][B][COLOR="#008000"]Destination New York: Draft 1[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER] I have been motivated to get out of Florida for a long time, but 2 weeks out of state was enough to make me home sick; "Hills" I screamed enthusiastic to see a mountain reaching the border of Florida and Georgia, "those are nothing" my mother calmly replied, was I in for the adventure of my life, as we voyaged through Georgia, the tension for mountain air was even greater, as I left the opulent lifestyle of my comfortable bed and tested my wild side in the boondocks. First day we set up camp in a secluded part in Georgia, it was infested with mosquitoes, but we made the best of the circumstances and lit a fire and setup our tents in in anticipation to reach North Carolina the next day, and to enjoy the air conditioned cabin and the company of the Hot Springs. After the long first day, I slept through the night like a rock, and was up for a new day full of exploration, we packed up and began our voyage through the majestic scenery of The Smokey Mountains. I could feel the sudden change of air, the fresh whiff of fresh untouched forest air, in a distance I had seen a small city with one small dollar general store, "Are whether yet" my sister asked for the 100th time as corny as that might sound. As we were welcomed by a sign that read "Welcome to Hot springs spa and resort", personally I couldn't wait to sleep in a nice cozy bed. As I unbolted the door I was greeted with a beautiful A/C unit there to encourage me I was going to sleep in luxury after a long day of travel, I needed the rejuvenating Hot springs to relax; we spent a good 3 days as we embraced ourselves for no electricity in the cold Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by wildlife. I had been pulled away from the comfortable cabin to set up camp in the cold secluded Rocky mountains, as we arrived we set up camp prepared dinner, and retired to our beds; I was suddenly awoken by my air mattress due to the heavy rain that had made its way through our tent, wet, unhappy, and wishing I was in the comfort of my home I made it through the night; Next stop Windsor NY. The whole way to New York we encompassed every shower; as we reached Windsor New York my mother shouted "home sweet home" but I was not as cheerful, but I made the best of the circumstances and accepted the opportunity of exploring and meeting some old family friends, invited to stay with family we declined as the weather was absolutely superb, stunning blue skies shadowed by an illuminated sky of stars, we decided to set camp up in Golden Oaks campground as it was a nice small campground which had all the necessity. A week of venturing New York I was prepared to head back south although the outstanding dry cool air tempted me not to. Virginia Beach, here I come after 12 days I was ready to see a nice sandy beach again, driving over the beautiful bridge of stunning Chesapeake Bay Bridge 20 Miles of driving over water, It was a nerve wreck, driving through the tunnels with cluster phobia as I waited to see the light at the end of the tunnel. As we reached Virginia beach hopping to get a nice hotel on the beach, every decent hotel we had been in had no vacancies so we made the best of it and had taken a nice walk on the beach, and decided to drive till we can no more, as I reached Fayetteville North Carolina, I started to doze while driving where I decided to pull over and retire the night in a nice hotel. As I awoke the next day I was enthusiastic of coming back home, never in my life had I thought I would miss Florida, but I had learned to not take the luxuries obtained for granted and as I glanced at the thermometer as we intersected the border of Florida it read 103 Degrees as I thought "home sweet home".
  3. Draxxus

    New York City

    I'm leaving for NYC, NY tomorrow. :p Should be pretty fun. I'll be gone for 8 days. [video=youtube_share;yEBvFaGN8I0]http://youtu.be/yEBvFaGN8I0[/video]