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Found 60 results

  1. The yells are coded in the yell handler but the only ;;yell that works for staff ranks is Admin. All the Donator rank yells work just fine anyone. I would appreciate some advice or suggestions on how to fix
  2. Don't tell me to try <img=#> or @cr#@ I have tried that. It's only with this client that I can actually go somewhere on..(adding 602 anims fully instead of just no animations at all) my command that works on other client I tryed on the same source.. [CODE] if (command.startsWith("yell")) { String rank = ""; String Message = command.substring(4); if (c.playerRights == 0) { c.sendMessage("Do you want access to the yell command? ::donate"); return; } if (Connection.isMuted(c)) { c.sendMessage("You are muted for breaking a rule."); return; } /* Staff */ if (c.playerRights == 1) { rank = "@[email protected][Mod] [MENTION=162308]cr1[/MENTION]@"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +":"; } if (c.playerRights == 2) { rank = "@[email protected][Admin] @[email protected]"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +":"; } if (c.playerRights == 3) { rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]] @[email protected]" + Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) + ":@[email protected]"; } if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("xxx")) { rank = "@[email protected][Developer] @[email protected]" + Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +":"; } if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("xxx")) { rank = "@[email protected][Owner] @[email protected]" + Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +":"; } for (int j = 0; j < PlayerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (PlayerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client) PlayerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendMessage(rank + Message); } } }[/CODE] Names been censored out just because. Yell works and such, but no crowns are displayed. Yes they appear in normal chat, but if i ::yell a it just shows [Developer] XXX: A with no crown before XXX. I have checked modicons in the cache, and yes they are in there..obviously. Googled, no avail. Don't tell me to use the 459+ text engine either, [URL="http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs2-client/help/498095-pi-character-doesnt-show-up-chatbox-but-shows-screen.html"]I hate the stupid "<" disappear bug[/URL] and yeah, I have a client which yell works flawlessly on, which is Project Pegasus (317 loading 474) ([URL="http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs2-client/downloads/474034-updated-317-client-loading-474-data.html"]HERE[/URL]) The client I am trying to do this on is [URL="http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/520907-pi-diversityx-choose-your-own-xp-enjoyable-content-nice-stability.html"]DiversityX[/URL]. The links are all youknow-where.org Please help. Rep+
  3. So, in my commands.java, I have this exact code: [CODE]} else if (player.isDonator()) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("[<col=00ff00>Donator</col>] <img=8>"+ player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=00ff00>"+ message + "</col>"); } else if (player.isExtremeDonator()) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage("[<col=20f2eb>Extreme Donator</col>]<img=11>"+ player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=20f2eb>"+ message + "</col>");[/CODE] It clearly says if you are a normal donator, use the tag Donator. And if you are an extreme donator, use the tag Extreme Donator. So I go in game and make a test account extreme donator and the tag displays as this: [ATTACH]10591[/ATTACH] No matter what I change, an extreme donator's tag always says donator instead of extreme donator. And my compiler does compile commands.java. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. It's probably an easy fix but at the moment i'm a little lost.. I've done all crown placements. <img=1> Mod <img=2> Admin <img=3> Owner <img=4> Donator <img=5> Server Support <img=6> Veteran This is how it looks in the command.java files. [CODE] if(c.playerRights == 5 && !hasYelled) { c2.sendMessage("<col=2200FF><shad=0>[Support]</col><img=5>"+ c.playerName +": "+ Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); hasYelled = true; } else if (c.playerRights == 1 && !hasYelled) { c2.sendMessage("<col=8F8F8F><shad=0> [Mod] <img=1>"+ c.playerName +": "+ Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); hasYelled = true;[/CODE] That's Server Support and Mod... The crowns show up normally when you talk, All in the correct order.. But when i want them to appear in the ::yell [message] The yells work perfectly just no crown appears.. :/ Anyone have a fix for this? I would be really thankful.
  5. I use Insanityx V6.1 base. I made two characters. The only difference is character rights. character rights = 2 is admin and can ::yell character rights = 3 is owner and can not ::yell All the rest is same. Only character rights are different and name+password. Can anybody help?
  6. Diff: 1 Copy + Paste. First make a new class called YellTag anywere. enter this in it. [code] package server.model.players; public class YellTag { public static String getYellTitle(Client player) { return player.currentTitle; } public static String setYellTitle(Client player, String set) { return player.currentTitle = set; } public static boolean attemptTitle(Client player, String title) { if (!getLimitations(player, title)) return false; setYellTitle(player, title); player.sendMessage("Successfully set title to "+title); return true; } private static boolean getLimitations(Client player, String title) { if (title.length() > 12) { player.sendMessage("Your title can only have a maximum of 12 characters!"); return false; } String[] badWords = {"nigger", "fuck"}; for (int i = 0; i < badWords.length; i++) { if (title.contains(badWords[i])) { player.sendMessage("Your title contains illegal text. Please try again."); return false; } } return true; } } [/code] next in player.java add this. [code] public String currentTitle = ""; [/code] next in PlayerSave.java add these two things. [code] characterfile.write("currentTitle = ", 0, 15); characterfile.write(p.currentTitle, 0, p.currentTitle.length()); characterfile.newLine(); also add this. } else if (token.equals("currentTitle")) { p.currentTitle = token2; [/code]
  7. Hi, I have been off from this community for a while because of some life issues but... Recently i have created a new yell editing, with a new base and lots of contents. Features: 1. Custom titles. 2. Custom fonts that works on the chatbox. 3. Ingame COLOR PICKER. 4. Interfaces over interfaces with fading. 5. Checkboxes that shows/removes buttons. 6. No set title/color/.. commads. all on interfaces. 7. Previewing the text on the main interface. and more. 8. Recently i added Underline effect to the text. 9. The button "Enter" for conforming. Some media: [CENTER] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/25pq0yb.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/10gldt1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/334qama.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/35nbzgg.png[/IMG] [video=youtube_share;fru_Hve7vwo]http://youtu.be/fru_Hve7vwo[/video] [/CENTER] The system is only the first version. And i got some ideas for the next version such as smiles and more. I you have any new uniqe ideas please provide me some :p. credits: Me the most, and a little bit for google.
  8. When I try to add a crown to my yell command there is always an issue. it does not show the Crown I have tried @[email protected] and <img=1> and all of that but none of it ever works it just shows Example: @[email protected]:Hello! instead of showing the crown. I have been trying to fix this for a while please add me on skype or reply here for help Skype: Imsoskills [code]if (playerCommand.startsWith("yell")) { /* *This is the sensor for the yell command */ String text = playerCommand.substring(5); String[] bad = {""}; for(int i = 0; i < bad.length; i++){ if(text.indexOf(bad[i]) >= 0){ return; } } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; if (c.playerRights == 3){ c2.sendMessage("@[email protected][Owner]@[email protected]@[email protected]"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }[/code]
  9. Hey guys, Does anyone know how to change the yell tag for Admin and Mod? I want to change the Admin and Mod yell tag to ''Staff''. IF someone knows how to change this please awnser. Source and Client are ''ExtremeKO'' for if you need that :P
  10. Read the title, I'm working on a new project and I need some help.. I've tried <img=1>, I have also tried [MENTION=162308]cr1[/MENTION]@ I've been all through my client.java client sided and cannot seem to find an answer, anything that will lead to me being able to add these will help tremendously. Some extra information: I am running a 474 client a 474 PI <img=1> just shows up as it is in ::yell, [MENTION=162308]cr1[/MENTION]@ completely disappears.
  11. hi i am doing coding pretty wel last time but i am whas looking for a good base that i found :D but there is one problem there is no yell coded and like i said i can code pretty wel but yell command isn't easy for me :P so i am asking here for help how to added a yell only for donors + ofcourse :P [CODE]if(playerCommand.startsWith[/CODE] i know i need to start like that but the coding for me itself is giving errors or my yell dont work for donors but than it works for staff if someone could help me shall be really apriciated. Ps: sorry for bad english
  12. biggs8888

    vote4cash yell

    Hey, I was wondering if its possible when someone has voted it says there name like this "test has voted and received 50m" here is my claim command [code=apache]if (playerCommand.startsWith("claim")) { if(c.checkVotes(c.playerName)) { c.getItems().addItem(995, 50000000); c.sendMessage("Thanks for voting!"); } else { c.sendMessage("You have not yet voted, type ::vote to do so"); }
  13. Hi, It's more of a in-depth coding problem rather than the actual command. The yelling works fine. But I have certain things that it says for each player FOR EXAMPLE: For "Joe" it says Co-Owner. For "D Mcnabb" it says Co-Owner. For "Lil Cheerio" it says Owner. The problem is, only Joe's works. For Lil Cheerio it says Donator. For D Mcnabb it says donator. Sometimes it switches to Admin. But Joes is the only one that works. Here is the code: [CODE] + message + "</col>"); } else if (player.getRights() == 2 && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("Joe")) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "[<col=736AFF>Co-Owner</col>] <img=10>" + player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=ff0000>" + message + "</col>"); } else if (player.getRights() == 2 && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("Lil Cheerio")) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "[<col=736AFF>OWNER</col>] <img=10>" + player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=ff0000>" + message + "</col>"); } else if (player.getRights() == 2 && player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("D Mcnabb")) { players.getPackets().sendGameMessage( "[<col=736AFF>Co-Owner</col>] <img=10>" + player.getDisplayName() + ": <col=ff0000>" + message + "</col>");[/CODE] Why is Joes the only one working? Basically I am asking why is it not saying Owner for Lil Cheerio and Co-Owner for D Mcnabb? Thanks :P
  14. If anyone can help me add into myserver Donator Symbols for chat and yell, I'd be glad to pay you $5-10 via Paypal. Add my skype xsamchenx or pm me
  15. tay

    [PI] ::Yell

    So yesterday I started with the Starter Pack, because I think it has alot of potential as the source Project Insanity clean. One thing I want to fix is by starting the command :: yell, nonexistent! So I found on another forum lines in the same kind (I would not say the name, because of compliance regulations) so if the player recognizes the credit it deserves. [CODE]if (playerCommand.startsWith("yell")) { String rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; String Message = playerCommand.substring(7);//Originaly it wasn't 7... switch(c.playerRights) { case 0: rank = (c.isDonator >= 0 ? "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]" : "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"); break; case 1: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; case 2: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; case 3: rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; break; } if(c.playerName.equals("")) { rank = "[@[email protected]@[email protected]]"; } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; c2.sendMessage(rank + "[" + c.playerName + "]: " + Message); } } }[/CODE] As I commented in line 3, this is probably the only thing I change, in fact I base the number 7 which was in control :: sanity, that it works! (this command give something like: [ your name ] text... If someone could help me with this little code, I would be really grateful. (Ya I forgive, it doesn't work)
  16. Xandorious

    server yell help

    Ok im using a 637 source and my yell code is public static void playercommands(final Player player, String[] command) { if (command[0].equals("yell")) { String yell = getCompleteString(command, 0); for (Player pl : World.getWorld().getPlayers()) { pl.sendMessage("[<img=" + (player.getRights() == 0 ? 2 : player.getRights() - 1) + ">" + Misc.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(player.getUsername()) + "]: <col=ff00ff>" + yell); } } } I am wondering how to change it so yell tags go by name and not rank, thanks!
  17. well in the base i am using there is a yell command, but it was very simple, so i added some stuff onto it: [QUOTE] else if (command.startsWith("yell") && command.length() > 12) { command.substring(5).replaceAll("no-ip", "imgay"); command.substring(5).replaceAll("servegame", "imgay"); command.substring(5).trim(); if(muted == 1) sendMessage("You are muted and cannot yell!"); else if(playerRights == 3 && playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("godrood")) PlayerHandler.messageToAll = "Owner "+ playerName+ " - " +command.substring(12); else if(playerRights == 3 && playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("shawn)) PlayerHandler.messageToAll = "Co-owner ... - " +command.substring(12); else if(playerRights == 1) PlayerHandler.messageToAll = "Mod "+ playerName+ " - " +command.substring(12); else if(playerRights == 2) PlayerHandler.messageToAll = "Admin "+ playerName+ " - " +command.substring(12); else if(playerIsMember == 1 && playerRights == 4) PlayerHandler.messageToAll = "Donator "+ playerName+ " - " +command.substring(12); else PlayerHandler.messageToAll = playerName+ " - " +command.substring(12); }[/QUOTE] but now in game it still does the same, and yes i compiled. ingame before: i typed: ::yell hello it said: Godrood - hello after, i dit the same command, and it should show me : (owner Godrood - hello) but it showed me: godrood - hello again! plz help... ps: sorry for my bad english.
  18. Hash

    Yell handler

    This is for rs2hd, you can easily convert to any other sources. Here it is: [code]package org.thematics.util; import org.thematics.Server; import org.thematics.server.player.Player; import org.thematics.server.world.World; /** * Class handling different rights yell. * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Guillaume * */ public class YellHandler { private static boolean canYell(Player player) { if (player.getMute()) { player.getActionSender().sendMessage( "You are muted, and therefore can't yell."); return false; } if (Server.getFirewall().isIpMuted(player)) { player.getActionSender() .sendMessage( "You are ip-muted, and therefore can't yell with any of your accounts."); return false; } return true; } public static void handleYell(Player player, String command) { if (!canYell(player)) return; String yellText = command.substring(5); yellText = Censor.replace(yellText); for (Player players : World.getWorld().getPlayers()) if (player.getRights() == 3) players.getActionSender() .sendMessage( new StringBuilder() .append("<shad=3399FF><img=1>[Developer]<img=1>") .append(player.getDisplayName()) .append(": ") .append(Misc.optimizeText(yellText)) .toString()); else if (player.getRights() == 2) players.getActionSender() .sendMessage( new StringBuilder() .append("<shad=FCB514><img=1>[Administrator]") .append(player.getDisplayName()) .append(": ") .append(Misc.optimizeText(yellText)) .toString()); else if (player.getRights() == 1) players.getActionSender() .sendMessage( new StringBuilder() .append("<shad=A9ACB6><img=0>[Moderator]") .append(player.getDisplayName()) .append(": ") .append(Misc.optimizeText(yellText)) .toString()); else if (player.donator() == 1) players.getActionSender() .sendMessage( new StringBuilder() .append("<shad=458B00>[Donator]") .append(player.getDisplayName()) .append(": ") .append(Misc.optimizeText(yellText)) .toString()); } } [/code] In CommandPacketHandler.java and CommandsPacketHandler.java, where there is yell command, put this: [code] YellHandler.handleYell(player, command);[/code] You can add whatever you want with it, I only made the skeleton and you do the rest yourself.
  19. Vek

    Rainbow Yell

    There are some servers where staff have rainbow yells, is there anyway to replacate that in a 718 client? I don't have enough room to add all colors.
  20. Hello I have Yell titles set as ID's but it shows up as the rank you are, and then the ID title. I need a command like ::title (title ID) that gives you a title you have unlocked and so that it ONLY shows the ID title. Add me on Skype if you can help: clayton.williams.99 Thanks. Hope you can help me. :)
  21. Help me 69

    718 Change Yell

    Does anyone know how to change the yell's for like mod's or admin's????
  22. does anyone know how i can change the automated yells that the server comes with like for example welcome to or Did you know? like those random yells in the server?
  23. [code]if (playerCommand.startsWith("yell")) { if (Connection.isMuted(c)) { c.sendMessage("You are muted and cannot yell."); return; } for (int j = 0; j < Server.playerHandler.players.length; j++) { if (Server.playerHandler.players[j] != null) { Client c2 = (Client)Server.playerHandler.players[j]; if (c.playerRights == 5){ c.sendMessage("You must be a donator to use this command!"); } if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=15007744><img=2>[Sexy Queen]</col><img=2><shad=16711680>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +":</col> " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=6081134>[<img=3>Extreme Rapeist<img=3>]</col><img=3>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("Austin")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=255><img=2>[Head-Admin]</col><img=2>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=15007744><img=2>[<img=1>GOD<img=1>]</col><img=2>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("Mj")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=200000000><img=2>[Main Owner]</col><img=2>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<col=20451204><shad=20451204>[<img=2>!Sexy Admin!<img=2>]</col></shad><img=2><col=20451204>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=255><img=2>[<img=2>Head Admin<img=2>]<img=2></col>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=800000000><img=1>[!Head Mod!]<img=1></col>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=13989119><img=2>[<img=2>Head-Admin]</col><img=2>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("")){ c2.sendMessage("<col=255>[Head Admin]</col><img=1>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("limey")){ c2.sendMessage("<col=255>[Trial Moderator]</col><img=1>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerName.equalsIgnoreCase("rush4wild")){ c2.sendMessage("<col=255>[Noah]</col><img=3>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerRights == 1){ c2.sendMessage("<col=255><shad=255>[Moderator]</col><img=1><col=255><shad=255>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerRights == 2){ c2.sendMessage("<col=800000000>[!Administrator!]</col><img=2><col=800000000>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerRights == 3){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=15695415><img=2>[!Co-Owner!]</col><img=2>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerRights == 4){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=6081134>[Donator]</col><img=0>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); }else if (c.playerRights == 5){ c2.sendMessage("<shad=60811334>[Server Sponsor]</col><img=3>"+ Misc.optimizeText(c.playerName) +": " + Misc.optimizeText(playerCommand.substring(5)) +""); } } } } } [/code] What should i add so every could use yell (simple members). Btw looking for a paid codder add skype :nika443
  24. Hey, i want it so that I can do ::changetitle (titlehere) for my yell, thanks. Colours would be great
  25. I was wondering how you would call the crowns from the server side. Can someone explain to me how the server and the client communicates and determines the crowns? Name specific class and method. Trying to get the crowns to appear in the yell command, but before that is possible, I have to know what is going on.