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Found 5 results

  1. Found them on accident running in the void. :P
  2. jakeyiii

    yanille help

    hello sorry to bother you but the staff have gave me a fucked up warning not as they dnt have help under general descussion. lol they have been stalking me all day PEDO'S lol umm how would i disable PVP at yanille?
  3. sorry to bother you all. but please can some one tell me how to turn off PVP at yanille please?
  4. It's exciting, its thrilling, it's new! It's yanille v2! What does yanille v2 include? Many active users online daily, free experience lamps just for voting, a game of checkers, all godswords working 100%, Bosses that dropvery good items such as the kbd, black dragon, dagganoth supreme and more! We have a online store with godswords, spirit shields, phats, rares and more! We have clan chatting, private messaging, shops, customs and more. Join now and get going with one of the best servers out there. The more we grow the better we [email protected]! Join now for the ultimate rsps! here is the link: [url]http://www.yanille.com/client[/url] We have so much things, get dragon claws for 5k spider eggs, elegant sets for bear fur. You have a never ending cycle. Join now!
  5. Im trying to make the commands like yanille has to where players can type ::home, ::2, ::3, ::secretworld, ::bendover, and they will go to a new world, but its in still in the same spot as home but there are new npcs in this area. Just wondering if anybody could help me find out how to do that. Thanks.