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Found 16 results

  1. Archive of 175 region xteas I've collected over time from oldschool. Some things Included: Zeah Last man standing Cerberus Zulrah Obor Abyssal Sire Download here
  2. Beastly14

    718 xteas

    my spurce said it was missing exteas because i added a diffrent cache and it did that how do i fix this
  3. ToySoul

    Repack Xteas

    How do i repack my Xteas?
  4. Does anyone have some 736 xteas or 742? Mainly Queen black dragon and Runespan if possible.
  5. Ok so when i log in on cetelliums source i cant see any buildings. someone told me to download xteas and i did [ 736 xteas ] and i dont know where to put them lol. Anyone? THANKS!
  6. Im trying to change the cache and I've tired to delete data/map/archivekeys/unpacked/ and data/map/archivekeys/packed.mcx Then i compile so the packed.mcx comes back so then it works when i try to run it. But no unpacked data comes back? can anyone help me?
  7. Heya. I'm trying to run NRS3Server V4 and the client I had did not display the Objects & Walls correctly. I've downloaded Xteas, and when I run it, it opens the client and when I go to log in all I get is "Invalid Username or Password." I've tried many different methods that I know of, and nothing is working. Any help will be most greatful! Regards' Stoneyz
  8. Subliminal

    What are Xteas?

    Hey, I just want to know what are Xteas? for a 667+ cause Hope you can explain below :) No flame? :P
  9. [COLOR="#33ff00"]Hello guys well im not really new to this my old account was mystical monkeys but i got a new computer so i had to make a new account and i lost all my old projects........ so anyway i saw that some people have been working on 667/718 now i just got my 667/718 cache to work with no bugs but as you guys know you have to skip idx5 if you dont have the xtea's so i decided to work realy hard and find a way to get them thats safe... thats the introduction out the way...[/COLOR] [SPOILER= Goals] [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Well as i said in the intro the main goal is to make a xtea's dumper im gonna be using emilys runeception opensource release from rune-server as a base.....[/COLOR][/B] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER= Want to help?] [COLOR="#4B0082"]If you would like to help im open to any help possible i know that some people may say getting the xtea's is easy but if they are easy to et why does not everyone atleast have some? anyway if youd like to help you can help by contributing what u know if thats possible that would be amazing thnx[/COLOR] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER= team] [COLOR="#008000"]Me atm not accepting new members i might later on though[/COLOR] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER= Pics] [COLOR="#00FFFF"]Not sure if i should upload pics as im just using emilys runeception client lol[/COLOR] [/SPOILER] credits: emily for client 100% thnx for reading i will be uploading a support sig soon by ;)
  10. Anyone have them, if so the community would grandly appreciate them! :) Thanks for your time and ttyl. Doesnt matter, anywhere inbeetween there. And if its been released than google and search have failed me miserably.
  11. Wrong section.
  12. hello guys today i started a project thread to make a xteas dumper well today i was looking through some files and so forth and i came across somthing that interested me anyway runescape loads mapdata and so forth from idx5 right? what if we could read idx5 and find xteas within it and than dump them 1 at a time as it finds the regionid??? i just thought id ask if its possible before i go ahead with this :)
  13. hey so when i run my server on my mac with is bootcamped with windows 7 i get this this problem in my running command: [CODE]7239:Clue scroll (hard) 7240:Casket (hard) 7241:Clue scroll (hard) 7242:Casket (hard) 7243:Clue scroll (hard) 7244:Casket (hard) 7245:Clue scroll (hard) 7246:Casket (hard) 7247:Clue scroll (hard) 7248:Clue scroll (hard) 7249:Clue scroll (hard) 7250:Clue scroll (hard) 7251:Clue scroll (hard) 7252:Clue scroll (hard) 7253:Clue scroll (hard) 7254:Clue scroll (hard) 7255:Clue scroll (hard) 7256:Clue scroll (hard) 7257:Casket (hard) 7258:Clue scroll (hard) 7259:Casket (hard) 7260:Clue scroll (hard) 7261:Casket (hard) 7262:Clue scroll (hard) 7263:Casket (hard) 7264:Clue scroll (hard) 7265:Casket (hard) 7266:Clue scroll (hard) 7267:Casket (hard) 7268:Clue scroll (hard) 7269:Challenge scroll 7270:Clue scroll (hard) 7271:Challenge scroll 7272:Clue scroll (hard) 7273:Challenge scroll 7274:Clue scroll (medium) 7275:Challenge scroll 7276:Clue scroll (medium) 7277:Challenge scroll 7278:Clue scroll (medium) 7279:Challenge scroll 7280:Clue scroll (medium) 7281:Challenge scroll 7282:Clue scroll (medium) 7283:Challenge scroll 7284:Clue scroll (medium) 7285:Challenge scroll 7286:Clue scroll (medium) 7287:Casket (medium) 7288:Clue scroll (medium) 7289:Casket (medium) 7290:Clue scroll (medium) 7291:Casket (medium) 7292:Clue scroll (medium) 7293:Casket (medium) 7294:Clue scroll (medium) 7295:Casket (medium) 7296:Clue scroll (medium) 7297:Key 7298:Clue scroll (medium) 7299:Key 7300:Clue scroll (medium) 7301:Clue scroll (medium) 7302:Key 7303:Clue scroll (medium) 7304:Clue scroll (medium) 7305:Clue scroll (medium) 7306:Casket (medium) 7307:Clue scroll (medium) 7308:Casket (medium) 7309:Clue scroll (medium) 7310:Casket (medium) 7311:Clue scroll (medium) 7312:Casket (medium) 7313:Clue scroll (medium) 7314:Casket (medium) 7315:Clue scroll (medium) 7316:Casket (medium) 7317:Clue scroll (medium) 7318:Casket (medium) 7319:Red boater 7321:Orange boater 7323:Green boater 7325:Blue boater 7327:Black boater 7329:Red firelighter 7330:Green firelighter 7331:Blue firelighter 7332:Black shield (h1) 7334:Adamant shield (h1) 7336:Rune shield (h1) 7338:Black shield (h2) 7340:Adamant shield (h2) 7342:Rune shield (h2) 7344:Black shield (h3) 7346:Adamant shield (h3) 7348:Rune shield (h3) 7350:Black shield (h4) 7352:Adamant shield (h4) 7354:Rune shield (h4) 7356:Black shield (h5) 7358:Adamant shield (h5) 7360:Rune shield (h5) 7362:Studded body (g) 7364:Studded body (t) 7366:Studded chaps (g) 7368:Studded chaps (t) 7370:Dragonhide body (g) 7372:Dragonhide body (t) 7374:Dragonhide body (g) 7376:Dragonhide body (t) 7378:Dragonhide chaps (g) 7380:Dragonhide chaps (t) 7382:Dragonhide chaps (g) 7384:Dragonhide chaps (t) 7386:Wizard robe skirt (g) 7388:Wizard robe skirt (t) 7390:Wizard robe top (g) 7392:Wizard robe top (t) 7394:Wizard hat (g) 7396:Wizard hat (t) 7398:Enchanted robe 7399:Enchanted top 7400:Enchanted hat 7404:Red logs 7405:Green logs 7406:Blue logs 7408:Draynor skull 7409:Magic secateurs 7410:Queen's secateurs 7411:Symptoms list 7413:Bird's nest 7414:Paddle 7416:Mole claw 7418:Mole skin 7420:Mutated zygomite 7421:Fungicide spray 10 7422:Fungicide spray 9 7423:Fungicide spray 8 7424:Fungicide spray 7 7425:Fungicide spray 6 7426:Fungicide spray 5 7427:Fungicide spray 4 7428:Fungicide spray 3 7429:Fungicide spray 2 7430:Fungicide spray 1 7431:Fungicide spray 0 7432:Fungicide 7433:Wooden spoon 7435:Egg whisk 7437:Spork 7439:Spatula 7441:Frying pan 7443:Skewer 7445:Rolling pin 7447:Kitchen knife 7449:Meat tenderiser 7451:Cleaver 7453:Culinaromancer's gloves 1 7454:Culinaromancer's gloves 2 7455:Culinaromancer's gloves 3 7456:Culinaromancer's gloves 4 7457:Culinaromancer's gloves 5 7458:Culinaromancer's gloves 6 7459:Culinaromancer's gloves 7 7460:Culinaromancer's gloves 8 7461:Culinaromancer's gloves 9 7462:Culinaromancer's gloves 10 7463:Cornflour 7464:Book on chickens 7465:Vanilla pod 7466:Cornflour 7467:Tinderbox 7468:Pot of cornflour 7469:Tinderbox 7470:Cornflour mixture 7471:Milky mixture 7472:Cinnamon 7473:Brulee 7474:Brulee 7475:Brulee 7476:Brulee supreme 7477:Evil chicken's egg 7478:Dragon token 7479:Spicy stew 7480:Red spice (4) 7481:Red spice (3) 7482:Red spice (2) 7483:Red spice (1) 7484:Orange spice (4) 7485:Orange spice (3) 7486:Orange spice (2) 7487:Orange spice (1) 7488:Brown spice (4) 7489:Brown spice (3) 7490:Brown spice (2) 7491:Brown spice (1) 7492:Yellow spice (4) 7493:Yellow spice (3) 7494:Yellow spice (2) 7495:Yellow spice (1) 7496:Empty spice shaker 7497:Dirty blast 7498:Antique lamp 7499:Evil dave 7500:Dwarf 7501:Goblins 7502:Lumbridge sage 7503:Monkey 7504:Osman 7505:Pirate pete 7506:Sir amik varze 7507:Skrach 7508:Asgoldian ale 7509:Dwarven rock cake 7510:Dwarven rock cake 7511:Slop of compromise 7512:Soggy bread 7513:Spicy maggots 7514:Dyed orange 7515:Breadcrumbs 7516:Kelp 7517:Ground kelp 7518:Crab meat 7519:Crab meat 7520:Burnt crab meat 7521:Cooked crab meat 7523:Cooked crab meat 7524:Cooked crab meat 7525:Cooked crab meat 7526:Cooked crab meat 7527:Ground crab meat 7528:Ground cod 7529:Raw fishcake 7530:Cooked fishcake 7531:Burnt fishcake 7532:Mudskipper hide 7533:Rock 7534:Fishbowl helmet 7535:Diving apparatus 7536:Fresh crab claw 7537:Crab claw 7538:Fresh crab shell 7539:Crab helmet 7540:Broken crab claw 7541:Broken crab shell 7542:Cake of guidance 7543:Raw guide cake 7544:Enchanted egg 7545:Enchanted milk 7546:Enchanted flour 7547:Druid pouch 7548:Potato seed 7550:Onion seed 7552:Mithril arrow 7554:Fire rune 7556:Water rune 7558:Air rune 7560:Chaos rune 7562:Tomato seed 7564:Balloon toad 7565:Balloon toad 7566:Raw jubbly 7568:Cooked jubbly 7570:Burnt jubbly 7572:Red banana 7573:Tchiki monkey nuts 7574:Sliced red banana 7575:Tchiki nut paste 7576:Snake corpse 7577:Raw stuffed snake 7578:Odd stuffed snake 7579:Stuffed snake 7580:Snake over-cooked 7581:Overgrown hellcat 7582:Hellcat 7583:Hell-kitten 7584:Lazy hellcat 7585:Wily hellcat 7586:Dummy 7587:Coffin 7588:Coffin 7589:Coffin 7590:Coffin 7591:Coffin 7592:Zombie shirt [Launcher] Initiating Data Files... [Launcher] Initiating Fishing Spots... [Launcher] Initiating NPC Combat Scripts... [Launcher] Initiating Dialogues... [Launcher] Initiating Controlers... [Launcher] Initiating Cutscenes... [Launcher] Initiating Friend Chats Manager... [Launcher] Initiating Cores Manager... [Launcher] Initiating World... [Launcher] Initiating Region Builder... [Launcher] Initiating Server Channel Handler... [Region] Missing xteas for region 12078. [Launcher] Server took 2594 milli seconds to launch. [/CODE] and when i logg on to server the map is screwed, theres no texture or detail theres no walls or anything, how would i fix this?
  14. Anyone willing to sell me 718 XTEAS for full bandos in runescape? i dun play runescape dat much anymore :S
  15. axter

    711 Xteas

    I packed a 718 cache into a 711 cache so i could load 711 XTEAS.. but after it's done "fetching updates" (using the old loading screen for some reason) it turns white. i can load a regular 718 cache fine. also, why is the old load screen appearing instead of the new one when i updated my opcodes and cache? 0.o
  16. can anyone give me any background info on how "dynamic region" works, im trying to add a simple fight caves. also, i have 711 xteas and 711 cache, but when it packs and i log in there are no objects. people are saying missing "index 5" but i dont know what that mean :P