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Found 28 results

  1. Ziek`


    1. Cart



    2. Ziek`


      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

    3. Ziek`


      I also have


  2. BZB

    PS4 or Xbox One?

    Which one do you think is better so far?
  3. Is this still possible? I know it used to be for a while but now you need a capture card mainly BUT I was wondering if someone knew a different way to just have the feed go directly to PC to capture it with like lets say XSplit or some other program? Let me know!
  4. alexbanerjee

    Xbox 360

    If you play fifa 15 add me! Skype: Ryanalex1
  5. high105

    Xbox Giveaway

    I am doing a give away. All YOU need to do is read the rest of the post. I am giving away 3 RGHes all you have to do is ask me a question about[I] Call of Duty[/I] or my [I]clan[/I] (for instance: How did you come up with your clan name or even what is your favorite call of duty) for a QnA i want to make on YouTube but i wont get enough all i ask is for you to ask a question non modding related Example(How Old Are You) i am leader of my clan so ask questions like how i became a leader and ETC so it looks legit Just tweet me [MENTION=4878]Xero[/MENTION]Replayz Using [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=ReplayzQnA]#ReplayzQnA[/URL] Also ClownFish this out to also become closer to winning i will pay for shipping of the RGH when you win Thanks to all that tweet its highly appreciated the more tweets and RT it gets and more you pass it on you can get closer to winning dont forget Legit Questions [MENTION=4878]Xero[/MENTION]Replayz
  6. doritos are givine away free 2 day trials [url]https://www.facebook.com/DoritosMX?sk=app_450974005045494[/url] all you have to do is like/follow the page, translate the text from mexican to english and claim your trial
  7. 2day trials or anything is appreciated. i ran outta live
  8. Do any of you have a Xbox One and play Battlefield 4? If so please tell me below. Maybe we can get a Platoon going and rape kids. Xbox One: TyluurO Battlelog: [url]http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/soldier/TyluurO/stats/945839577/xboxone/[/url]
  9. Really great strategic game, anyone else play?
  10. Anyone play?
  11. hyrow

    xbox one or ps4

    everyone is fighting over new game systems witch one do u pick add commend be low ps4 or xbox one
  12. My favorite Xbox games Final Fantasy XIII-2 SSX Halo:Reach
  13. Well I'm in need of Paypal $. So I'm selling a xbox live card 3 months, post below your skype and I'll add your skype. If you think I'm a scammer just don't even bother replying. I'm in need of $.
  14. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/KYDmdF8.jpg[/IMG] Skype: fingerpod[/CENTER]
  15. [img]http://i.imgur.com/NTfrFVC.png[/img]
  16. Karaam

    Xbox One or PS4?

    Someone delete this topic (duplicated)
  17. [IMG]https://i.minus.com/itabux1WyOpCQ.gif[/IMG]
  18. irrelevance

    Xbox or Ps?

    [url]http://gear.ign.com/articles/119/1192625p1.html[/url] You thought this was gonna be a arguement didn't you?
  19. I bought a computer monitor today to hook my Xbox 360 up to. I connected the Xbox to the monitor with a DVI to HDMI cable, and the video works fine. However, there is no sound. I have speakers I would like to hook up to the monitor or the Xbox. On the back of the monitor, there are only the VGA input, the DVI input, and neither of them allowed sound. Does anybody have any solutions to this problem?
  20. I am converting a bunch of code to C#. I just need a dev who can help me. We need to make a new interface. I am deciding between first-person or third-person. We will have to make some changes so the xbox can load it without a ton of lag. And we will make some other changes to avoid copywrite. PM me please! =)
  21. [img]http://img593.imageshack.us/img593/8126/16776815.png[/img] Would love to hear opinions on how to improve it (this is only the top part, only thing i have so far)
  22. Glen

    PS3 for Xbox

    Should I sell my PS3 and buy a Xbox 360 or keep the PS3 and buy a Xbox 360 or keep the PS3.
  23. How would I 'rip' that from the xbox 360 website? I don't know exactly what components it needs in order to operate with motion. I just want to have the code specifying my Gamertag, if you have any idea what I'm talking about give me a shout!
  24. Which console did you start playing Xbox live on Regular Xbox or Xbox 360 i started playing on the regular Xbox.
  25. Lol mom get's trolled on xbox live [video=youtube;LwIxY_KgiyQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwIxY_KgiyQ&feature=related[/video]