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Found 2 results

  1. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/bhkiuq.png[/IMG] Updates and more can also be found at one of our other online homes! [URL="http://worldofdomination.net/"]Website Home[/URL] | [URL="http://worldofdomination.net/forum/index.php"]Forums[/URL] | [URL="https://twitter.com/WodNet"]Twitter[/URL] [U][B]General[/B][/U] As the owner and founder of W.O.D, I am getting the server to a point where i need some feedback and an experienced rs playing team to help critique and mold my growing combat system. Anyways, there's not much else too it, I'll add you on skype and/or have client uploaded on our website. [U][B]Staff Enlistment Info[/B][/U] Interested in being apart of a great growing community from the start? Getting a chance to co-create the content of the game? Maybe, just be one of the first elite players to get ahead of the game? We are nearly ready for our beta program and with that in mind, i know i will need some staff and help around the community! I think it's best to get a team and get to know each other before we launch. Those of you who are interested in being apart of my staff team will be subject to an interview with i or another administrator. I'm looking for forum staff and future in-game staff that look forward to helping others and have a positive fun attitude while enjoying my server. Remember, one hand washes the other... If we keep our community strong from the beginning and are there to assist, i like to think they will go and help someone else after. If you are interested, post a little about yourself and the part you wish to play in our community. [U][B]Pre-Beta/Beta Program[/B][/U] If you are interested in giving your feedback on our existing game content and want a special right to access our community before full game release, then post here now! Our intensively growing game needs live feedback to help determine the path of our game! Beta testers are subjectively required to some bug and feedback posting. [U][B]Story/Content Writers[/B][/U] I love the idea of my players writing stories for the server, enjoying the open fantasy of what they love best. I'm opening positions to those who want to write stories and content ideas for our server. This is an absolutely open mind position, if you can think it... You can write it. ([B]withing 'PG-13' context[/B]) Post if you are a great writer or just a beginner with some fresh ideas! We'd love to have you! __________________________________________ Thanks for reading, Lou. [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?96996-World-of-Domination-Let-the-fight-begin!&p=766387#post766387"]Heres the project thread if you wanna take a look.[/URL] Thanks, Post if interested.[/CENTER]
  2. [URL="http://toprsps.com"]Toplist[/URL] [URL="http://toprsps.com/forum"]Forum[/URL] Top RSPS is looking for Developers(PHP/HTML/JQuery), Graphic Artists for making the website look even better, Forum Moderators, Review Writers. Developers: - You would need to have a good knowledge of PHP/HTML/JQuery, and not just basic knowledge as we are developing new features from scratch. - Have something to show to, some sort of previous work - Be patient and use skype to connect with the rest of the team. Graphic Artists: - Have a good knowledge of Photoshop and/or illustrator. - Have some previous work to show to, PSD's would be even better. - Be creative and use skype to connect with the rest of the team. Review Writers: What will a review writer do? A Review writer will test servers and write a review of the server with both good and bad sides of the server. You will have to write a full review based on a form that's already made so you can simply fill it out. - You would have to be able to see different sides of a server. - Write proper English. - Be active. Fill this form and post it in this thread to apply for one of the above. ------------- Position: Age: Country: Why should YOU join the team?: ------------- Thanks