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Found 18 results

  1. Is there a way to make it where a certain world is only available for Staff? If so can someone show me where to go and what to put in. I tried using RS2LoginProtocol by doing this: [CODE]if (cl.playerRights >= 1 && Config.WORLD2 == true) { returnCode = 23; }[/CODE] That didn't work and I can still get normal players to login to that world. What else do I need to do? Another Question is that how do I make it where if the account is on World 1 and wants to go onto World 2 they HAVE to logout to do it. It's kinda like Jagex System where you can't login to a different world until you logout. (Im probably guessing it's the same file (RS2LoginProtocol) Any help would be helpful :)
  2. Can anyone explain how to exactly make 2 worlds? I wouldn't use both worlds but I just want it there for future if I ever need to use, and have it setup to load when I run server. Also, how would I be able to change a eco to a spawn?
  3. hi, okay i'm searching for a partner, for helping me, cause it's getting to mutch for me alone! I got 2 private servers online named them Word1(promenthium637) & World2(promenthiumPkz) both running on vps Revisions: 637/639 & 677/728 would be nice if you can fil this in [code]Name: Age: how do i contact you: Years of Experience: Free time hours: Extra: [/code] or pm me your skype name
  4. I need someone to help me figure out how to have multiple worlds on my 508 source.. NOT TWO SEPARATE SERVERS.. i want the characters to be connected and pm system and everything.. also, they can not login on both at the same time and same account obviously.. then the client will have world hopping (shouldn't be hard at all to put in, just a simple interface that changes the ip)
  5. So, i have given up on any hope of there being a 508 revision that is stable enough to hold 50+ people.. I want to create multiple worlds to contemplate. How is this done?
  6. [SIZE=4][B]THERE IS NO PREFIX, THIS WILL WORK ON ALL SERVER REVISIONS AND ON ALL SERVER AND CLENTS[/B][/SIZE] Quick tutorial here, simply because I haven't seen anything like it on Runelocus. [B]Prerequisite(s):[/B] • Hopefully you have your server running from port 43594. • Have a working server and client. Step 1: Right click your server source, and click "Copy". Paste your server on your desktop, and call it something like "(server name) World 2" Step 2: Open "World 2" and navigate to "Client.java" unless you configurations are in a separate file, sometimes "Config.java", or "Configuration.java". It is almost always "Client.java" however. Step 3: Press control F and search for "43594", unless you have otherwise changed your port. Step 4: Change it to "43595", save, close, compile. Your done with the source. Step 5: Copy your client folder (needs .java files!), call it "World 2 Client" or something similar. Open "Client.java" unless configurations are otherwise specified and control F for "43594", change it to "43595". Save, close, compile. Your done with your client. Step 5: Jar your client and upload for webclient use, or leave in a folder, it doesn't matter. Step 6: Portforward on 43595, the exact same way you did for 43594. Step 7: Run both servers. The ports won't interfere, therefore both servers will run with both clients only connecting to the worlds you specify. (e.g. world 1, and world 2). Enjoy! From here, you can make one source PK, or one Eco.. whatever you desire! Or if you just have massive player count, a way to make the server less laggy and packed! :)
  7. For this you need 2 clients, 1 with the port of 43595. [CODE]private ServerChannelHandler() { channels = new DefaultChannelGroup(); bootstrap = new ServerBootstrap(new NioServerSocketChannelFactory( CoresManager.serverBossChannelExecutor, CoresManager.serverWorkerChannelExecutor, CoresManager.serverWorkersCount)); bootstrap.getPipeline().addLast("handler", this); bootstrap.setOption("reuseAddress", true); // reuses adress for bind bootstrap.setOption("child.tcpNoDelay", true); bootstrap.setOption("child.TcpAckFrequency", true); bootstrap.setOption("child.keepAlive", true); String world = JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Select a world to run"); int parsedWorld = Integer.parseInt(world); if(parsedWorld > 2 || parsedWorld < 0) { bootstrap.bind(new InetSocketAddress(43594)); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "The world you selected is invalid."); return; } if(parsedWorld == 1) { bootstrap.bind(new InetSocketAddress(43594)); System.out.println("Hosting on world 1."); return; } else if (parsedWorld == 2); bootstrap.bind(new InetSocketAddress(43595)); System.out.println("Hosting on world 2."); }[/CODE] Now you need to send some client packets in log in decoder to fix the bugs. Get crackin'.
  8. Yo, i managed to make both worlds load the same character file, great, -1 problem, now, ill explain. You can login in both worlds at the same time, problem? Yes. big one. Login both worlds at the same time, give away your stuff for another account on world 1, then logout on world 1, then logout on world 2. What it did? just saved ur account with the items and stuff, so, thats a dupe, Any way i can make like, if your logged in 1 world, u cant login on the other one?
  9. CmAc

    Adding Multiple Worlds

    Hey guys I need help adding my World 2 into the server list with World one so it runs off the same client. I have everything so I can run two worlds but just need world 1 and 2 so that they show on the same server list. I am running a 562 loading 659
  10. Do you guys think the USD will remain the Worlds Reserve Currency or do you think it will be picked off by the Yuan? Or do you think it might go back to Gold Standard, like it should?
  11. [CENTER][video=youtube;3uuSPFi9qGI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uuSPFi9qGI[/video][/CENTER]
  12. [url]http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/8930070/Worlds-biggest-insect-is-so-huge-it-eats-carrots.html#.TvVBV96LlZU.facebook[/url]
  13. Read this artical and laughed when I saw what he had done at just 15 years old... [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonathan_James[/url]
  14. I was just talking to a girl I have a thing with....................... AND I just sent her a link to my "Server status page" .................................................................... [7:28:51 PM] Kyle Lavallee: runelocus.com/toplist/details-31781-CanadianPk_317___Kyle.html [7:29:22 PM] ****** : Lol ... what is that? FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF MMMMMMMMMMMM LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!!!
  15. Ok so i'm running two servers that are based off of hybridPVP. One is spawn one is economy, they are both on the same dedicated, is there anyway I could join up the two clients and have a world switching option like Spawn / Economy on the login page? I may pay rsgp.
  16. Apple’s market capitalization reached $341.5 billion today in trading, becoming the worlds largest and most valuable company. Apples new position in the top spot just barely edges out oil giant Exxon Mobil’s $341.4 billion, and is more of a function of the skittish behavior on Wall Street than any particular news today since both stocks are down quite a ways from their 52-week highs. Nonetheless, this is quite an amazing feat for a company that was just $7.68 a share a decade ago and on the verge of bankruptcy. [RIGHT][SIZE=1]http://osxdaily.com/2011/08/09/apple-is-now-the-worlds-most-valuable-company/ ...Having fun down there on the list, Microsoft?[/SIZE][/RIGHT]
  17. Im trying to make the commands like yanille has to where players can type ::home, ::2, ::3, ::secretworld, ::bendover, and they will go to a new world, but its in still in the same spot as home but there are new npcs in this area. Just wondering if anybody could help me find out how to do that. Thanks.
  18. Hi everyone, me and my friends have a 562 server, and we want to have multiple worlds. Right now we are on an rs2hd source. I see the worldlist.java, but when I add a 3rd world as a different port, the client glitches out and stops connecting to ANY server. Even when I switch back to world 1, (After I attempted to connect to world 3) it gives me "Error connecting to server". (My servers are on, and this does NOT happen if you do not change the world when you first start up the client.) Is there any way to make the worldlist work? I found this thing on a different forum (Don't wanna get banned so not saying which one) That has worldlist and the "Create Account" button working. It works through mysql. When I try to do it, there is no runserver.bat or anything even looking like it, I even searched for JAR files. Nothing. And also when I try to imput the mysql code into my database, I get an error too. All I want is multiple worlds! Please help! :confused: :confused: