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Found 11 results

  1. Nick

    The Words We Use

    [video=youtube;iFqU-WkqC3E]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iFqU-WkqC3E[/video] pls update max videos per thread to at least two. ;-;
  2. Blake

    So, two words

    Super. Bowl. 1. Who do you [I]want[/I] to win? 2. Who is [I]actually[/I] going to win? [CENTER][img]http://www.koaa.com/images/thumbnails/89CEFF53A166672E0574D9B9D86EF54E_787_442.jpg[/img][/CENTER] I'm from Denver so I'm a little biased, but I believe Broncos are going to win. They'll definitely sweat more than when they played the Patriots (LOL BRADY), but even if Seattle's defense is the best in the league, Broncos have the best offence of all time.
  3. Someone help change this please: [url]http://gyazo.com/8cad458a2fd71e494d54f385d014b925[/url] Leave reply below
  4. I have 2 pictures, they'll be listed as 1 and 2 In comments below just say the picture number and what file i go to , to change the words. 1. [url]http://gyazo.com/73af41fac8a05cfb6fb5b84bc06742f1[/url] 2. [url]http://gyazo.com/284c4befd6d46076cc63e131d8bb2ee2[/url]
  5. How can I go about changing which words are obfuscated ('f word = ****' and such) or even disabling it if I have to? I really need it g0ne. I am running a Delta 317 server, plox help! Thanks in advance mates! :)
  6. Tyler

    My last words

    Well, I am gone for now. Also. Here is a private message from @fatmess which I thought was HILARIOUS. [QUOTE]im not here to argue. im here to make you an offer. i will delete your personal information from everywhere i posted it and get you removed from the scammers list on runelocus and rune-server if you give me the runescape account back. i will also give you the money for the webhosting and rs membership when my debit cards been confirmed with paypal. if you decline i will be sending people to your house. i have over $4000 to spend and i would rather spend it on bailiffs and people trolling you on your doorstep than a rs account. so take your pick [/QUOTE] You will totally spend $4,000 to troll me over pixels... HAHAHAHAHA. Bye'z people. :)
  7. Something I did for fun when I was bored... Idea is not mine, but the coding is mine. [php] <?php $Author = "Ishana"; $Credits = "manci5.deviantart.com"; //I got the idea from his rainmeter app (Same name as Runelocus topic title) $Minutes = date("i"); $Hours = date("g"); //TODO : Add "To" Example "Quarter to Three". $Time_str = array(1 =>"One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine", "Ten", "Eleven", "Twelve", "Thirteen", "Fourteen", "Quarter", "Sixteen", "Seventeen", "Eighteen", "Nineteen","Twenty", "Twenty-one", "Twenty-two","twenty-three", "Twenty-four", "Twenty-five", "Twenty-six", "Twenty-seven", "Twenty-eight", "Twenty-nine", "Half", "Thirty-one", "Thirty-two", "Thirty-three","Thirty-four", "Thirty-five", "Thirty-six", "Thirty-eight", "Thirty-nine", "Forty", "Forty-one", "Forty-two", "Forty-three", "Forty-four", "Forty-five", "Forty-six", "Forty-seven", "Forty-eight","Forty-nine", "Fifty", "Fifty-one", "Fifty-two", "Fifty-three", "Fifty-four", "Fifty-five", "Fifty-six", "Fifty-seven", "Fifty-nine", "Sixty"); //Sixty will never show up because php minutes is 0-59 echo "It is $Time_str[$Minutes] Minutes Past $Time_str[$Hours]"; echo "<br /> Real time is : $Hours : $Minutes"; ?> [/php] You can have it, no credits, etc.. I don't care
  8. So i just made my forums and all and when i go to my admin cpanel and stuff there isnt any words. I copied a index.php from a diff site and it showed imgs but it didndt connect to rite forums so ik its the index.php, but idk what to do.
  9. Do words hurt, truly hurt? I was about to state my view of this in the chat box but decided to take it here and see everyone's opinion in a forum debate. My view: A word is only a word, but a word describes and descriptions are what makes up your entire reality, and these words change the way you view the world, they can inspire passion or destroy a man. While a "stone" (physical damage) will result it instant pain, but only once, words can be continually rehashed, creating a continual pain that can grow, even to the point of destruction to oneself.
  10. Is there really a polite way to say fuck? Let's see. Bad way: FUCK YOU Good way: That's a fucking sick ride yo Is there really a polite way to say bitch? Let's see. Bad way: Your mom is a bitch Good way: Bitch got bootay (Oh God, L) Is there really a polite way to say nigger? Let's see Bad way: Fucking nigger gtfo Good way: Ey mah nigga wuz good? Anymore y'all can think of? I ain't trying to troll or anything, just holding up a debate I guess.
  11. ok this will be my last post on help topic.. sorry guys.. haha but how do i edit these two things in the client? [IMG]http://i52.tinypic.com/33dhzmc.png[/IMG]