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Found 65 results

  1. Asked this at HackForums too, but what do you think is better? Windows 10 or Windows 8? Choose on the poll.
  2. There RuneLocus, I'm facing a problem portforwarding on my vps. Normally I have no problems but now I can't figure it out. If someone is able to help, it would be highly appreciated. Kind Regards, Xangu.
  3. So this player wants to get on my server really bad and we spent a good hour trying to fix this issue and still nothing happened. Below I will list the steps we took if I missed something let me know! 1) Turned Firewall Off 2) Reinstalled Java (both j7 and j8) 3) Tried an archived client still nothing connecting but it loads up 4) Tried a j7 and j8 jarred client for regular Program Files and Program Files x86
  4. Hey, so this is peculiar. I've placed the cache in C:/ after installing a new OS (Windows 7). Installed Java and JDK, and tried loading up the client I used back on Windows 8, and I get this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]10874[/ATTACH] Connection error - Retrying in 5 EDIT: I FIXED THIS. My mistake of placing extracting the cache to C:/, I extracted it to Admin and it was fine. For anyone else with this problem, extract the cache into the user folder of the account you're signed in to! Admins please close this thread :)
  5. [B]X4B Providing DDoS protection since 2010. [/B] Our advanced filters protects against all attacks including Layer 4 and Layer 7 (HTTP) attacks! Plans start from just $9.00 (Pay-As-You-Go) or plans from $10! Perfect for Runescape servers. [B]How it works: [/B] During an attack we automatically filter and re-route packets through a special network, ensuring only legitimate traffic actually reaches your server. Your server can then continue operating as normal :) [B]Features:[/B] [LIST] [*][B]Full support for GRE/IP-in-IP tunnels on Windows[/B] [*]Many geographical locations in the US and Europe [*]Unlimited Domains & Dedicated IP [*]SSL / HTTPS (with SPDY) [*]Edge caching (HTTP/HTTPS) [*]Unlimited TCP/UDP ports [*]Up to 100Gbps / 120Mpps US protection [*]Automated Setup & Instant Provisioning [/LIST] [B]Want to get started?[/B] Check us out at [url]https://www.x4b.net[/url] . Feel free to grab a free trial ($1 deposit required) if you like. Payment via Paypal, Pazya or Bitcoin
  6. I dont know how to put my windows vps with my server because i want people to play on it and i dont know how to put the server on the vps need help :confused::confused:
  7. So you want to host your own website on your server? This tutorial will explain the basics of setting up a website, plus some insights of benefits of hosting your own website. [B]Note:[/B] This tutorial is for the intention of your website and .htaccess, you have come to the wrong place if your expecting some coding related help (IE PHP). .:: Legend ::. Setting up your website - Altering httpd.conf -- Changing permissions to access certain directories -- Changing default port - Altering php.ini -- Suppressing errors -- Limiting connections for MySQL Masking links/files Forbidding access to your website Customizing error pages [spoiler=Setting up your website] [spoiler=Installing xampp] There are a few things you must know in hosting locally; 1. Hosting a server locally can carry risks, IE DDOSers/Hackers, so make sure you have a good system and anti-ddos etc. 2. It isn't wise to host a website on the server you run your game servers on, as for obvious reasons if the virtual machine goes down, both will obviously be down. 3. In a lot of cases, people host a website on an alternative host, though if you don't have the cash, or if you want the website to be hosted locally for other reasons, then this would be the option. Lets get started. First off download [URL="https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html"]Xampp [/URL] Follow the instructions below; [B]Step 1 (Selecting what to install): [/B][IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/xampps1.png[/IMG] Id not recommend installing Filezilla server itself unless you intend to send files to your website host via another computer. [B]Step 2 (Choose directory; this isn't mandatory.): [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/xampps2.png[/IMG][/B] And then simply click next through all the rest until installed.[/spoiler] [spoiler=Altering httpd.conf] Open httpd.conf via left-clicking the Xampp icon down in the task menu bar, and opening the Apache window. [spoiler=Changing permissions to access certain directories] This picture will give you an idea of allowing or denying access to a certain directory or root directory of the website, as per example in the image, C:/wamp/www/mcadmin is a directory to which is denied access, though currently commented out. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/httpd_docrootallowdeny.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Changing default port] This other picture is an example of changing ports for the website connections, the default port is 80, though you may change this port to any number to connect with (I wouldn't recommend using the following ports; 21 or 3306 - [URL="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_TCP_and_UDP_port_numbers"]See list of common ports in use[/URL]), so if you change the default port to 1234 you would connect as per example; 12.345.67.89:1234 [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/httpd_port.png[/IMG] [/spoiler]The pictures are pretty much self explanatory. [COLOR=#ff0000][B]If you make any changes to the httpd.conf then save and reload the webhost server.[/B][/COLOR] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Altering php.ini] Open php.ini via left-clicking the Xampp icon again, and go to PHP. [spoiler=Suppressing errors] The picture below shows how to suppress errors or show them, including warnings. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/phpdotinierror_reporting.png[/IMG] I personally use [B]E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE [/B]So for example, change [B]error_reproting = E_ALL [/B]to [B]error_reporting = E_ALL & ~ E_NOTICE[/B] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Limiting connections for MySQL] The next picture is probably the most important, if you are running from a virtual machine, and wish to limit the connections to the MySQL databases, you can do so as example, though if you have a decent VPS or a dedicated server then if you want to, you may leave this. [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/phpdotinimysqlmaxcon.png[/IMG] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [B]Port 80 is already in use by Skype, what should can I do?[/B] There is no way to change its port, just make sure Skype isn't running in the background if you wish to use port 80, though I wouldn't know who would use Skype on their own virtual machine [B]I can't connect to my website via my computer, what's gone on![/B] In all likely hood, you haven't allowed Xampp's web server past your firewall (httpd.exe), this is a simply solution; First off, open Control Panel, navigate to Windows Firewall. Either allow the program to open the necessary ports, or open the port through Advanced Settings. Port 80 (obviously), TCP protocol. [B]How do I know if others can connect to my website? [/B]Well, you will know either by loading the website up from your own computer, or go to [URL="http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/"]Yougetsignal[/URL] and check through there, or for shorter/faster way, go to [URL="http://isup.me"]isup.me[/URL] (This link will only work for default port 80) [/spoiler] [spoiler=Masking links/files] [B]Note:[/B] Before continuing on this, make sure the following apache module is enabled, see image below for example; [IMG]http://ragekit.co.uk/rl_tutorials/web_create/apacherewritemodule.png[/IMG] If you wish to mask your pages, basically to replace index.php?i=example with i=example then create a .htaccess file in the directory of your files you wish to mask, and place the following example below; [code] Options +FollowSymlinks RewriteEngine on RewriteRule i=(.*)$ name_of_page.php?teststring=$1 [/code] So, for the pretty much basics; The file [B]name_of_page.php[/B] [php] <?php echo $_GET["teststring"];?> [/php] This file will give you the output of the string in question [/spoiler] [spoiler=Forbidding access to your website] If you want to block access to certain people, you may do so from this example, though this is a very very basic method, people can easily find their ways around being blocked. Again, open/create .htaccess in the directory, preferably root directory. [B]Basic method to blocking a specific IP[/B] [code]Order Allow,Deny Deny from 12.345.67.89 Allow from all[/code] [B]This example will explain how to block the range of an IP from 0 to 255[/B] [code] Order Allow,Deny Deny from 12.345.67.0/24 Allow from all[/code] [/spoiler] [spoiler=Customizing error pages] This is pretty basic in how to change those pages, whether it be 404/500/403 once Again, open/create .htaccess in the directory, preferably root directory. [B]Page not found 404[/B] [code] ErrorDocument 404 /no_page.html [/code] [U]Make sure the redirected page starts with "/" excluding the quotes.[/U] This method can be repeated with any of the error pages. [/spoiler] This concludes the basics to creating a website on your virtual machine! I hope this is found to be useful, any inputs are welcome if I have missed anything out. (Writing this straight after work = tiresome.) [I]If there are any typos/incorrect context, then I apologise, half asleep here :L[/I]
  8. Cant open up .bat files, i think its because i can only download java as a desktop version, help please. This is what happens when i try to open up my compile.bat: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lBQTO9m.png[/IMG] This is what happens when i try to open client.bat: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/D8LoSXd.png[/IMG] (its in swedish, this is what it means) Error, cant find or cant load main class GUI. Any help would be really appreciated
  9. i have a webclient setup but it doesn't work for my mac, how do i get it to work for mac?
  10. Ite so here's the deal, homies. My new PC runs Windows 8, which I don't know jack shit about. I've moved my old 562 from like two years ago to this PC. For some reason, my Run and Compiler batches don't work at all. I've updated the paths so they they are directed to my current java and javac versions and what not, but all I get is nonstop errors. Could I get some help with creating run and compile batches that are compatible with Windows 8? Also, I'm not trying to use an IDE, simply due to personal preference. [COLOR="#696969"]I can post the errors that I get if required.[/COLOR]
  11. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  12. right so i downloaded the runelocus starter server its up and running but i want to devlop it to increase xp, add system chat and make myself admin and so i can be able to do commands and make it fun
  13. To download click here: [ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vkhaca7.png?1?9806[/IMG] Small Introduction: RuneLocus For Windows is an unique Visual Basic 2010 program I decided to design and publish for members of RuneLocus to use freely without having to use their slow-and-terrible browsers! It saves time! I've added all the *commonly used* pages to it. To use download and click launchrl.exe. I scanned it myself and there isn't virus's. Images: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/r2s8eKS.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/7sJy9Du.jpg[/IMG] Need help with it? Contact me or staff and we could help you for free. Please post honest suggestions and opinions upon the program and maybe better updates will be done with it. Kind Regards, Gripper (Creator of RuneLocus For Windows)
  14. So, I need the Path and CLASSPATH codes for Windows 7. I have latest JDK and JRE, but still have problems. Maybe someone has the codes, and tell which box to add them (bottom or top).. Lol, I can't seem to understand that. :(
  15. Hello I'm selling a VPS that is Valid Till [B]13/August/2013[/B] Its 512MB, Windows Server 2003. Skype: Ahmedna96 Or PM me here.
  16. 9shnitzle

    rsps on windows 8

    can some 1 help me get a 508 server and client (i use 317) that is good, and help me make it on windows 8, i dont know how to portforward on windows 8 or how to download the necessary files ( ex - jdk)
  17. What's up guys, I've got a real serious problem here. I just bought a new VPS for my server. I port forwarded, transferred my source to the VPS, did everything you need to. I changed the IP's in the client to the VPS IP and downloaded no-ip. I have everything ready. I load the client on my VPS and it loads perfectly. I load the client on my real desktop and nothing happens! My client ONLY works on my VPS desktop?! It literally loads, then I copy and paste it to my real desktop to see if other people can connect to it, and it doesn't load! PLEASE I have been working on this freaking VPS for hours now! I will literally[B] pay $5.00 to anyone who can help [/B]me! I literally don't know what else to resort to. Please guys. Thank you so much.
  18. Hi, I'm hosting 5x Windows xp VPS, which has 2.5GHz and 3.5GB of RAM. My skype is martynassssssssss It was ment to be botting vps, but can host servers on it too... [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/34y92c3.jpg[/IMG]
  19. [B][CENTER][SIZE=6][U]Dedicated Windows VPS[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] I currently own a computer and am willing to provide two VPS slots for one or two people. I do ask that your server be active, as in active I mean you have 25+ members playing on a regular basis and the forums and overall website activity is of a good active nature. The machine specifications displayed below is my desktop, one in which is a custom built machine, in which has a total weight of around 50 pounds, fitted with pad locks just for personal satisfaction. I will be giving you access to a VPS in which may be accessed via TeamViewer, no Virtual Desktop will be supported. I am also looking for long term individual(s) who are looking to keep their server for a long time and keep it regularly updated and active. These VPS slots are created with VMware Workstation 7 and will have a standard Windows based operating system installed. To skip further introduction and further time wasting I will introduce the system as well as extra benefits in which I would like to provide to those who are willing and able to meet my specifications and criteria. [CENTER][SIZE=6][U]Server Machine Specifications[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] [LIST] [*] Intel Core i5 CPU 760 (2.80GHz 2.80GHz) [*] Water cooled CPU [*] EVGA P55 high performance motherboard [*] 6GB Corsair RAM [*] Duel DVD/CD-ROM Read / Writer [*] 1TB Internal Storage [*] 1TB External Storage [*] CoolMaster case fitted with 4 fans [*] 750W Power supply [*] PowerChute battery backup (protection against electronic interference and power outages) [/LIST] [CENTER][SIZE=6][U]Server Machine Connection Speed[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] [ATTACH=CONFIG]7869[/ATTACH] [CENTER][SIZE=6][U]VPS Server Specifications[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] [LIST] [*] Intel Core i5 CPU 760 (2.80GHz 2.80GHz) [*] 250GB Hard drive storage [*] Windows Server 2008 Standard [*] 2 to 4GB RAM [*] Root access via TeamViewer [*] 24/7 [/LIST] [CENTER][SIZE=6][U]Extra Offers[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] [LIST] [*] FREE Domain registration of your choice [*] FREE offshore web hosting to protect your website from laws [*] FREE vBulletin installation [*] Complete access to domain control panel [*] Complete website setup; sub-domains, email address, anything you need [/LIST] [CENTER][SIZE=6][U]Interested[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER] Add me on Skype: [email][email protected][/email][/B]
  20. I usually code on my desktop, but I got a laptop for my birthday and it has windows 8. I put all my files into dropbox so I could code from my laptop. The source runs fine, but when I run the client and try to log in, the client crashes and I get this error: [code] Error: td.A(48890973,-24) es.A(747,1,false,false,48890973) nh.H(-78) | Class190.method2615:491 Class131_Sub7.method1669:89 PacketParser.method1582:2302 Class131_Sub2_Sub16.method1549:180 PacketParser.method1581:261 client.method43:635 Applet_Sub1.method41:360 Applet_Sub1.run:875 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1117 | T2 - 56,56,56 - 9,3087,3502 - 2,-21,127,0,57,93,4,-22,2, Error: td.A(48890973,-87) un.A(true,25697,{...},false) fa.C(true,123) dn.B(2) go.D(9316) client.M(77) | Class190.method2615:491 Class204.method2730:46 Class52.method601:76 Class41.method512:68 Class131_Sub2_Sub16.method1549:202 PacketParser.method1581:261 client.method43:635 Applet_Sub1.method41:360 Applet_Sub1.run:875 java.lang.Thread.run | java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 1117 error_game_crash Shutdown complete - clean:true [/code] When I try to log in again, it tells me it cant load my profile. I'm using Eclipse to run source + client.
  21. [url]http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-20984820[/url] Looks like all you MSN nerds are gunna have to start using the superior IM-software known as Skype. lolking
  22. im completely lost and dk what to do first time ownin server n vps
  23. Hash

    Windows 8

    I tried Windows 8 on a virtual machine, and saw that it's similar to Windows 7 (control panel, customisation, etc). I simply need opinions if it would be a good thing to use it. You can post pros or cons below and it could help me to choose. Thanks :)
  24. [CENTER][URL="http://www.hostume.com"][IMG]http://hostume.com/img/topic.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] [B]Promotion:[/B] Order our Enterprise VPS package and get 20 GB more storage and 600 MHZ more CPU power, promotion ends soon! Or buy our Corporate VPS package and get 20 GB more storage and 600 MHZ more CPU power, promotion ends soon! [SIZE="4"][B]Coupon Codes:[/B][/SIZE] [B]50%-rune-server[/B] - Use this code to get 50% discount on all shared hosting plans. Soon will add VPS coupon code. [b]res1$1stm[/b] - All reseller hosting plans for only [b][size=4]1 USD [/size][/b][size=4]first month![/size] [b]unlresf$25 [/b]- The Diamond reseller hosting package for only [b]25 USD first YEAR, [/b][i]Save 64 USD[/i] with this code! [b]bznswh15$fy [/b]- Our Business Web Hosting plan for only [b]15 USD first YEAR[/b], [i]Save 45,99 USD[/i] with this code! Free addons like domains will be cancelled if any of these codes are used. [SIZE="4"]Special promotions only for clients from forums like this:[/SIZE] This order link ( [url]https://www.hostume.com/client/cart.php?a=add&pid=27[/url] ) is redirecting to the order page of our special promotional web hosting package. You will get web hosting with all features unlimited for only [B]$6.95 USD[/B] /[SIZE="3"] YEAR[/SIZE]! *This package is located on another server, not the public web server which have more options in cPanel. However the promo unlimited package is just awesome, it comes with cloudlinux OS and softaculous addon + cPanel. If you're not satisfied you can take your money back in 7 days. [B]You will also have right to get this package for free if you order a VPS from us.[/B] Trollers and flamers will be reported. Keep the thread clean, everyone who bumps our topic and says good words will be +repped. Hostume is sponsoring serious projects, open ticket or live chat to speak about the project.
  25. ShadowNinjaHog

    Windows Xp

    Everytime I try to get a 508 or + , it won't run right! I heard that it may be because I have windows xp. I can't change it, because it had to be downgraded from Vista, it crashed. But, now that I have XP Pro, does anyone have a 711 or above Source + Client that will actually work for me? I can play other private servers, though! Please help me!:eek: