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Found 11 results

  1. Ok, so i've come across a wierd issue. Ive been working on a project for one of my favorite servers, it had gone down due to the owner not knowing how to code and thus, there were no updates and what have you. So im about 70% done with it and i decided to jar the client(its finished) and let the staff test it out. I port forwarded, revived my 4 year old no-ip account, and got it running for em. I made sure the ip was correct in the client, auto cache downloader running like a dream(45 sec download/unzip). Now here is the funny part, Only 2 out of four of them could connect... The other two keep getting ""error connecting to server". I cant for the life of me figure out what is wrong lel. i would be very greatful if someone could help me with this. I can post any files you need, if any are even needed. Thanks in advance, Zelda
  2. I recently updated my project to a 742 from a 718 i used the right definitions and i was fixing the Lumbridge cow area, and i keep getting a wierd crash... the client console says this [CODE]Error: rw.k() ck.i() wb.bo() ft.in() aei.kk() aei.kk() aei.kk() sm.kt() ef.kl() nk.ia() client.fy() client.ao() mc.w() mc.e() | Class387_Sub1.pa:1832 ObjectDefi nitions.method5785:990 Class60.method700:151 Class365_Sub1_Sub1_Sub5.method4394: 53 Class331.method4046:1429 Class331.method4041:1263 Class331.method4040:1106 Cl ass142.method1570:225 Class422_Sub24.method5714:196 Class422_Sub24.method5714:31 2 Class422_Sub24.method5714:312 Class448.method5912:101 Class104.method1104:83 C lass322.method3932:77 client.method2792:787 client.method2774:676 Class291.metho d2760:495 Class291.method2759:458 Class291.run:384 java.lang.Thread.run | java.l ang.ArithmeticException: / by zero | 3208,3240,104,104 0,3258,3288 0 0 2 1600,8 38 1 2 2 1 0 0 990 0 0 hAJWGrsaETglRjuwxMwnlA/d5W6EgYWx java.io.FileNotFoundException: on&v1=Oracle+Corporation&v2=1.7.0_07&e=rw.k%28%29+ck.i%28%29+wb.bo%28%29+ft.in%2 8%29+aei.kk%28%29+aei.kk%28%29+aei.kk%28%29+sm.kt%28%29+ef.kl%28%29+nk.ia%28%29+ client.fy%28%29+client.ao%28%29+mc.w%28%29+mc.e%28%29+%7C+Class387_Sub1.pa%3A183 2+ObjectDefinitions.method5785%3A990+Class60.method700%3A151+Class365_Sub1_Sub1_ Sub5.method4394%3A53+Class331.method4046%3A1429+Class331.method4041%3A1263+Class 331.method4040%3A1106+Class142.method1570%3A225+Class422_Sub24.method5714%3A196+ Class422_Sub24.method5714%3A312+Class422_Sub24.method5714%3A312+Class448.method5 912%3A101+Class104.method1104%3A83+Class322.method3932%3A77+client.method2792%3A 787+client.method2774%3A676+Class291.method2760%3A495+Class291.method2759%3A458+ Class291.run%3A384+java.lang.Thread.run+%7C+java.lang.ArithmeticException%3A+%2F +by+zero+%7C++3208%2C3240%2C104%2C104+0%2C3258%2C3288+0+0+2+1600%2C838+1+2+2+1+0 +0+990+0+0+hAJWGrsaETglRjuwxMwnlA%2Fd5W6EgYWx at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown So urce) at java.net.URL.openStream(Unknown Source) at IPAddress.method6062(IPAddress.java:171) at Class291.run(Class291.java:388) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) error_game_crash Press any key to continue . . .[/CODE] That is bothersome to me because i have no idea what it is..... if anyone has any idea on what is causing this, please let me know, im also using the correct client.. reduction client which is 742 i believe...if anyone has an idea of what to do to fix this problem can you please inform me... this is very important to me considering im currently coding a new rsps project which is [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?86600-New-Rsps-Project&p=711887#post711887"]this[/URL]. Its a full rslike server, and because of this unknown error i cannot proceed with this project. this in advanced for your help, and thanks for atleast looking at this thread.
  3. Hey guys, I've been following the tutorial on how to add a Vote4Cash for my 562 loading 659 server. I've done everything correctly and curiously, i'm getting this error when i click on the "Sumbit" button. This is the error i'm getting :l : [CODE] PHP Error Message Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/a7466754/public_html/vote/vote.php on line 76 [/CODE] Also the code i'm having is really basic.. if someone can help me to improve it, it would be nice.. cause even if you don't type any username it sumbit O.o Anyways, thanks for reading my post and I hope you'll be able to help me out! :D Alex.
  4. I had my server up and running, but when i woke up a few days back, It was offline and i can't figure out what's wrong. I have everything and i have it set up for Teamviewer if you're willing. Unless you have heard something like this before.
  5. Hey runelocus, I've just decided to work with 637 Client/Source [Dementhium] And uhhh, i noticed the client isn't the same than 562.. i mean, files arent in SRC folder or something like that. There is many jag(something) folders, and then all .java and .class files are in the client folder. SO, i don't know which files to use to jar it, also i don't know the main class, since i just started with 637's If someone could help me to start off, it would be reallyyy great. Thanks in advance, Godzskillz.
  6. I get this error when starting a run.bat: [img]http://i.imgur.com/kCU9S.png[/img]
  7. My RSPS doesn't save anything, wtf? Example: I log in, and I buy some items on it, I log out and log in and there items are disappeared I added a ::backup command but it doesn't works also, I don't know where is the problem Anyone can help me plz?(The server is hosted on a VPS also) Btw, here is the backup code (on commands.java, there some others code also :p): [QUOTE]if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("backup")) { try { p.message("Saving backup..."); Engine.fileManager.saveBackup(p); p.message("Backup saved."); } catch (Exception e) { p.message("Error saving."); } }[/QUOTE]
  8. So I am using a 317 PI base called overloadx and the prices.txt file is wierd as I can't find many item ids as there are only 993 items on it when i try add another item id it doesnt work.... Please help!
  9. Error is: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/g2MvN.png[/IMG] Help please?
  10. Hey, I found somthing cool. go to the homepage of runescape and click on the "behind the scenes - october" update. then on this: [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae151/Toxicturn/this.png[/img] then for some reason you'll find this: [img]http://i967.photobucket.com/albums/ae151/Toxicturn/that.png[/img] I thought this was kinda cool :S
  11. i have made a client jar file but it only works if its in the folder that the normal client use to be in i cant take it out and put it on my decktop and use it can someone help me?