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Found 7 results

  1. I am currently in search of a full-time web-developer on my RSPS community site. It used RCS and I have it set-up so it's usable, but it's far from perfect. I have made basic changes to the site features and functions but I don't have much experience with HTML, PHP and CSS. I have a large task list of features to add, bugs to fix and alterations that need to happen! I cannot do this myself, so I am (possibly) paying for someone to help me out. By full-time I mean you will be a permanent administrator on the site, however this is optional so don't feel as if this is vital, because it's not. If you're interested add me on Skype or PM me. Thanks! [B]Preview of the website:[/B] [url]http://rune-theory.com/index.php[/url] [B]Skype:[/B] Gb98uk :cool:
  2. [center] [img]http://www.rcscript.net/image.php[/img] [img]http://www.rcscript.net/img/aboutme.png[/img] There's really not too much to say. I've been meaning to earn some extra cash to pay for a few things I've wanted recently, and this is really the only source of cash I can get right now. So I'd decided I'll offer my services in exchange for cash. I can do most requests, however if it involves anything that will need to interact with servers (such as voting systems), I might not be able to do those as I have no experience in Java. Other than that, I've had quite a few years of experience in web-development and I've worked along side some other people on my past projects. I'd like to say I've gained quite enough experience to start offering my services efficiently and quite cheaply. Any questions? Feel free to ask. [img]http://www.rcscript.net/img/service.png[/img] I have no specific services as of yet. However, you can request a something [b](web-related work)[/b] by using the template below. [CODE] Name: Skype: Price Offered: Details of Request: ETA Expected: [/CODE] [img]http://www.rcscript.net/img/prevwork.png[/img] [b][i]RCS[/i] - [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?82174-FREE-RCS-RuneScape-Community-Script[/url][/b] RCS is a replica of the RuneScape website during it's good 'ol days (around the era of 2006-2007). The site comes with fully functional forums, message centre, and just about most of the features you'd want your site to have. It's a free script that I still develop onto today. [img]http://www.rcscript.net/img/vouches.png[/img] None as of yet. :( [/center]
  3. So, I just picked up two books on Webdevelopment. One teaches HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the other is PHP and MySQL. Which should I read first? Do you have any programs you recommend? I have Notepad++ and might get an IDE like Dreamweaver. I plan on getting a low cost web server for testing and such, but when I go for my site's launches, what should I use? I don't want to go to big and waste money or go to small and risk downtime. Should I go with one that allows me to upgrade as I go, and do you have one you recommend?
  4. Hello all, long story in short.. I'm offering my web-development services for pretty much anybody who needs it. (With pay obviously) I recently quit XliteRSPS after quite a few months of working with them, so if you want to check out the website, feel free to browse it at [url]http://xlitersps.com[/url] but be warned that since I quit, there's still a few bugs within some portions of the site. Anyway, my Skype is: worldofclayton Feel free to give me a shout.
  5. A common misunderstanding in this board seems to be the meaning of a project. A project is not another naming for the word "advertisement". Any advertisement in this board is strictly forbidden. If you're working on a new website, system, style or something similar, you may post your project in this board. Under the term project we understand a detailed description of the 'thing' you're going to make and regular updates of the progress. You do not have to include screenshots, however it'd give everyone a better view on your project. Beware about classified information! If you have a really unique idea that is eventually worth a lot of money, double check if you want to share the development and idea of the project, or not!