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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Everyone, I will begin by introducing myself. My name is Kai, nickname is Kaizee and do prefer to be called by my nickname unless we have a good relationship as friend, in which you can call me Kai. I have been playing Runescape itself since 2004 and been playing private servers since the best part of 06 I would say. I have done a fair bit of coding such as changing prices for items, renaming items, shops, modifying the statistics that are given to specific items etc however on this coding, for 317 specifically we are going back about a good 4 years. I am 20 years old and currently am working as an IT Systems Analyst aswell as taking the role of an IT Technician in which I deal with an international company that is part of a group of companies in which needs me to be more or less constantly traveling to different countries, at least 3-5 companies per year. I want to create a private server which is 317 based, call me oldschool but that is the era I was brought up in, I don't mind having Vesta, Statius, primal and chaotic coded in, however I just cannot deal with the later models released, more to the edge of how runescape itself is now for example. I am looking for a serious team, I am looking to create a massively stable server in which is Economy based also, I wish for it to be massively suitable for PKers, Skillers, Bossing along with all items actually having a worth in the game and not easily gainable, but not too hard to be gained that the server is pointless playing because its too hard to progress. The seriousness of the building of this server is vital. I am more than financially stable, I 'will' and I repeat, I 'WILL' be creating a pay system when the server gets that far down the line that we have a regular income for the server, that I will be able to have my staff team earning a wage out of this. Please do note the wage will not be able to live off, it will be a reward for being dedicated and devoted to the server on making it better for not only yourself but everybody that comes, visits and stays. Contact me on the following: TeamApplications"at"outlook.com I will not be accepting any rookies or amateurs for a team I apologise in advance. My only goal it to make this server strong, secure, stable and most importantly, fun for everybody. I want Developers, Web Developers, forums administrators/moderators, in-game administrators/moderators. When you send me your application, I want the following: Full Name Country Currently Situated Years Of Experience What work you have published or taken part in and what specifically you played your part in Skype Name Reason why I should make you part of my team Photos of work you have created I 'WILL' Require you to take part in a teamviewer session where I want you to create a freestyle of coding, from scratch and I will be testing you to see if it is actually you doing the coding, I will ask you to stop, reposition items etc to make sure it is not a video you are showing me on TeamViewer! Minimum Age Of 16 (Must Tell Me Your Age) Thank you to everybody who has read this,
  2. Hey my name is Joe I am in college at Kent State and I am a computer science major. My minor is Web developing. I am posting today because I would like to help you guys out and make you websites for your Private servers or anything else. I have made websites for servers last summer that are no longer active and am ready to start making them again. I can make a website pretty fast and do it to your standards. I don't charge that much and am willing to work whenever you need me too. [B] I program with HTML,PHP,C++,Java and more. [/B] Email me on here or at my gmail account [B]jczaplicki624[/B] Any questions just email me or post back on here. THANKS!!!