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Found 2 results

  1. Ok so Ive written code that makes a player teleport after killing a certain npc, but i was wondering if somebody would be so kind as to try and explain how to make it so that they have to kill several of the npcs before they are teleported. any help/tips/tutorials/links you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thanks. Even if you only read this still have a great day. :D if (npcs[i].npcType == 3) { temp.toX = 3347; temp.toY = 3250; temp.heightLevel = 0; temp.addItem(995, 100000); temp.sM("Congratz"); This is the code ive writtten.
  2. While rewriting my Fight Caves I thought i'd use Official Fight Caves Waves, and so I release it to you guys :) Source Used: [url=http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/TzHaar_Fight_Cave]TzHaar Fight Cave - The RuneScape Wiki[/url] Before you post: "OMFG SOME PI SOURCES ALREADY HAD THIS!!" This is mainly released to those who don't have the correct waves and/or those who are rewriting there Fight Caves and were lazy. If you find that a wave is incorrect please post and i'll fix immediately [code]{{2627},{2627,2627},{2630},{2630,2627},{2630,2627,2627},{2630,2630},{2631},{2631,2627},{2631,2627,2627},{2631,2630}, {2631,2630,2627},{2631,2630,2627,2627},{2631,2630,2630},{2631,2631},{2741},{2741,2627},{2741,2627,2627},{2741,2630},{2741,2630,2627},{2741,2630,2627,2627}, {2741,2630,2630},{2741,2631},{2741,2631,2627},{2741,2631,2627,2627},{2741,2631,2630},{2741,2631,2630,2627},{2741,2631,2630,2627,2627},{2741,2631,2630,2630}, {2741,2631,2631},{2741,2741},{2743},{2743,2627},{2743,2627,2627},{2743,2630},{2743,2630,2627},{2743,2630,2627,2627},{2743,2630,2630},{2743,2631},{2743,2631,2627}, {2743,2631,2627,2627},{2743,2631,2630},{2743,2631,2630,2627},{2743,2631,2630,2627,2627},{2743,2631,2630,2630},{2743,2631,2631},{2743,2741},{2743,2741,2627}, {2743,2741,2627,2627},{2743,2741,2630},{2743,2741,2630,2627},{2743,2741,2630,2627,2627},{2743,2741,2630,2630},{2743,2741,2631},{2743,2741,2631,2627}, {2743,2741,2631,2627,2627},{2743,2741,2631,2630},{2743,2741,2631,2630,2627},{2743,2741,2631,2630,2627,2627},{2743,2741,2631,2630,2630},{2743,2741,2631,2631}, {2743,2741,2741},{2743,2743},{2745,2746,2746,2746,2746}};[/code]