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Found 32 results

  1. I'm not actively looking for a group or partner so don't come into this with the thought that I owe you something. I just have a bit of free time on my hands and wouldn't mind investing it into something productive. We can talk more specifically on skype but just for a lowdown here are some of my skills: - Java Programming - GFX Design - Marketing - Administration - Web/Forum Development - Financial Management Hate to sound intimidating and blunt, but I feel like a skype chat would be a better way to decide if you want to work with me than a huge well made thread. The two servers I've devoted the most time to were Fatality614 and Notorious317, both of which came out to be [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=2]#2[/URL] on RuneLocus for a while. This time i'm going for [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1[/URL] .
  2. I am not very experienced with making a 317 server for example but I can help and would love to help code it as I am trying to increase my coding ability greatly. But I need someone to make the server for me ... pleasee thanks! my skype is hockeymonkey18 if your trying to reach me in a fast manner.
  3. [IMG]http://gyazo.com/337a88c7e8e40daf58f4c161eefc7c83.png[/IMG] Anyone know how to fix this? I get what it's saying but don't know what to do.. :3
  4. title pretty much says it if you want to Skype and help me I woiuld appreciate it but my Skype doesn't allow me to show my screen if you want to teamview me go ahead and add my Skype and ill let you help me the only think I really need done is what to get for a vps and how to .jar it so if you could .jar it for me and if you could add the vps in the files necessary I would appreciate your help no I don't pay people that's dumb haha Skype: zizema660
  5. Well, I've decided to make Rsps, i've had 1 before, but had no players join so... I thought about it and decided mabey somone thats exp can teamviewer my computer, and pretty much set up the whole server, i know how to code, so you won't be doing it all. You will be given CO - Owner, and if we get a domain you will have console and what not. Thanks Leave comment down below with skype name and ill add you!
  6. Hey guys i need to know these things - Adding a login screen such as - [ATTACH=CONFIG]9007[/ATTACH] Adding a world screen such as - [ATTACH=CONFIG]9008[/ATTACH] Adding different worlds And rewriting skills Req. tutorial or ill give you server file and you code it, add me on skype - r1chbyafk
  7. Whored to hell with shit c4ds, posting anyway. [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/zdsrzaE.png[/img][/center]
  8. Comes with WoW, With all expansions + MoP Starcraft 2, Diablo2+expansion + diablo 3 Diablo 3 has a maxed Monk level 60 and WoW has a few Characters 70,85 and about 30k Gold if its not allowed remove it please!
  9. hey guys, title says it all. i wanna get into doing client work on 562 but dono where to start :/ if anyone could lead me in a good direction on where to start that would be great thanks in advance
  10. My first Mograph animation, and done in 3d. My first real use of mograph. I been learning about 3d and C4d stereoscopic rendering. So, I ordered a pair of anaglyph glasses (amazon.com $4.95) After finishing Battlestar vs Battlestar, I wanted to dabble in this 3d thing, just to check it out, and WOW !..... I actually just started making this as an experiment, but it just started to take on a life of its own. unsure if I will make a Frampton Comes Alive again in 3D vid.... Requires Anaglyph 3d glasses Red(L)Cyan® [video=youtube;ZI2kme7-Gu8]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI2kme7-Gu8[/video] [B][U][I]if I could do liquid, you would be all wet...[/I][/U][/B]:eek: It is so cool..... oh, a Star Wars Scroll might be nice to do too... Well, it is much better than it looks on YouTube. Due to Youtube Ghosting preview in both C4d and Sony Vegas is awesome.
  11. Hello all, I am an indie game developer. If you have seen any of my previous posts on the programming section then you have seen what I can do. I love developing games and seeing the enjoyment of others as they play. Even though I have made quite a bit of money as an indie game developer, this is not why I do it. I now wish to pass on my knowledge to you so that you can create your own games! First lets start with the language that we are going to be using. I know C/C++, Objective-C, BASIC, Python, and GML. For our lessons we will be using GML. Why GML? In every language I know, any game/application that I have created, I have been able to replicate/expand in GML. I have found that GML is just as strong as any other language as long as you program in it correctly. I am here to show you how! All of my tutorials will be based on GameMaker 8.1 Standard. First of all download GameMaker 8.1 Lite [url="http://yoyogames.com/download/windows/lite"]here[/url]. Once you have done that and everything has been updated it will ask you to enter a license key in order to upgrade to the Standard edition. Now I do suggest that you purchase your own license key for $40.00. Once you are upgraded, assuming you have never used GameMaker before, right click on the 'Objects' folder located on the left hand side of the resource tree, and click 'Create Object'. object0 should appear. Now click 'Add Event' and select 'Create'. On the right on the actions side (with all the tabs) click on the 'Control' tab and select the 'Execute Code' icon. Once the code editor appears enter this: [CODE]{ show_message('Hello World'); }[/CODE] Now let’s consider what this script does. The first and last lines contain curly brackets. Different kinds of brackets signify different things in GML, and curly brackets mark the beginning and end of a block of code (a bit like the Start Block and End Block actions). However, in GML every program must start with an opening curly bracket and must end with a closing bracket. Curly brackets enclose a block of code. Such blocks of code will also be used later at other places. The program consists of just one command. Such commands are called statements. A program consists of one or more statements. A statement ends with a semicolon. In this way, Game Maker understands where one statement ends and the next one begins. Don’t forget the semicolons! The statement in our program is a call to the function show_message(). Functions can be recognized because they have a name and then (optionally) some arguments between the parentheses. Much like actions, functions perform certain tasks. The show_message() function has one argument, which is the text to be displayed; 'Hello World' is that argument. Take note of the single quotes around it as they indicate that this is a string (text). Also note that to make functions easier to recognize and to indicate that you typed their name correctly, they are displayed in a dark blue color. So when the script is executed, the one statement in it is executed, which shows the alert box containing the text that is provided as an argument. Of course, we could have achieved the same thing using the Show Message action. But as we will see later, by using scripts we can do many new things. Now right click on the 'Rooms' folder in the resource tree and simply click once somewhere on the grid displayed. Then click on the green checkmark in the upper left corner to save the room settings. Up on the toolbar (where File,Edit,Resources ect... menus are) click on the Green Arrow to run and test your game. When the room is created, you should see the message 'Hello World' appear! Thats it your done! If you understood this bit, then you are well on your way to become a great programmer!
  12. RSPS Pro

    Wanna make a RSPS?

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone wants to make a RSPS with me or if you need help i can help you.
  13. i need help port forwarding my rsps 317 i dont really care how we do it im only ganna hav a few friends on the server with me if u will help reply below or add my skype skype:x_BiShOp_MoDz_x i can try to pay u some how but i dont got much basicly all i can give would me ps3 challenge lobby mw2 [email protected] cod4 please help me
  14. Hey everyone, im back on runelocus since i lost my old account i am not new to RSPS, nothing.. I am just wondering if someone interested of making a project with me? He must have knownledge how to Code. Thanks if you are interested reply.
  15. Hey everyone. I want to start a server project with someone who got experience in coding 525+ servers, but you also have to a nice one. Why would I be a great colleague? I am great at forums, specially forumotion.com. I am nice. I have played RS since 2006-2007 and RSPS since 2009. I owned my own RSPS a year ago, but I didn't code it. I have make 4 forums to RSPS. I play a lot of games. If you are interested, add me on skype or send me a PM. Thank you
  16. ... Or not. The question: Do you think graduating high school is important? Or is dropping out just as reasonable?
  17. [B]Alright so basically all you got to do is port forward and have a ip to use. I will get us a VPS if you can get a webclient up and running. Message me back if intrested[/B]
  18. hello does any one wanna team up on getting a server online i can host it 24/7 you can have 60% of the donations any one down?
  19. Herro I'm 13 and I wanna start learning java and make my own 640 or 660 private server. Can you guys recommend some tutorials for me to start off with.
  20. Does anyone wanna make a Server? Ill host, Or You can host if you want. I can code some stuff. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?14844-525-Mast3r-Pkyz-525-Release!-Chaotic-rapier-maul-long-Overloads-Cks-525[/url] Thats that source i wanna use ( if you find a source link it to me and ill check it out!) Leave your MSN if you'd like to work with me =) Thanks Goodies.
  21. Alrighty then. Since I haven't really posted an introduction (first post here on runelocus)... I'll just post a short one here. Hi there. I'm Matt. I've known Sam for a long time (samuraiblood2), since nobody really knows who I am, it doesn't really matter. I've been on runelocus several times before, never banned once. So, I'm not ban-evading, I just like this name much more. Sam, you won't know who I am unless I tell you, but it's all good. Now then, [I]let's get rollin'[/I]. I've been around the RSPS world for.. around 3 years now. I was one of the original members of runelocus. I never took the time to actually learn an entire language, and I need to learn the basic's of [B]learning[/B] a language. What I need to look at, develop myself on. I've heard that learning the syntax of any particular language is extremely important, and I want to know more about that. I know runelocus has an extremely advanced memberbase with programming knowledge. I just need more help starting myself down that path. What should I learn? Where should I go to learn these things? Any advice? I'd prefer learning C++ first, since I've heard it's the most advanced language yet. Anyways, thanks everyone.
  22. To anyone on here that plays the server soulsplit: WOULD YOU LIKE TO GIVE ME SOME MONIES/ITEMS/AMP TOKENS/ALL OF THE ABOVE?? I'm now really broke on there... my name on there is lukedawesome...
  23. does any one in here wanna team on a RSPS i can host it and u can code if u can we will try to find some thing? so any one down?