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Found 15 results

  1. So I'm rather new to coding and currently in progress of making a new home, I've managed to remove all objects, add new objects and npc's, but I have no clue how to remove the doors/walls, if someone could help me it would be much appreciated.
  2. umm i got it running thanks to (Xiles) but there no walls at all ,umm how do i fix that [SIZE=5][ATTACH=CONFIG]7647[/ATTACH][/SIZE] and thanks xiles ,you are the shit
  3. Okay well I've litterally looked everywhere and i cant find out how to delete walls. I looked in object manager and couldnt find anything. Can someone please help? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9748[/ATTACH] Thanks!
  4. Im using runelove and i can run the server using 742 cache but when i try and use 718 there are no walls or texture. Please Help? Skype: mass_fraschetti
  5. Hi there, i hope you guys will understand what i mean, if you watch the picture [ATTACH=CONFIG]9056[/ATTACH] if i am online on my server, and i use a spawn code object 65 -----> 65 = crate wall <------- SO ITS A WALL the object wont appear, if i use object 7 --------> 7 = Cannon Base <-------- its a normal object so its spawnable If i want to see actually what wall a crate wall is, then i need to add the code to objectspawn.java like 65, 3684, 3928, 0, 0, then compile and restart the server........ But doing this takes way to long everytime So thats why i came here with the question, is it actually possible to spawn walls and doors, with ingame code object "ID" so it actually appears in game... instead of having the server to be restarted everytime, soo.. this issue is only with walls and doors all the other objects just work fine.
  6. How can I avoid having walls deleted when putting an object next to it? This: [code]World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(6222, 10, -2, 3099, 3506, 0), true);[/code] Leads to: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8885[/ATTACH]
  7. Hey everyone. I added a new Cache in my files (it was a 742), and now I can't see any walls or the floor. I put the Cache into the Server/Data folder, so I didn't put it in a wrong place. I even changed those ItemDefinitions etc. but It's not working. I really don't know if I am trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist, or if I am searching in the right place. Could anyone help me there?
  8. Base:Citellum 742 Revision:742 Problem : no walls Information:I managed to make the server work but there's no wall. I saw some people said to do something with mapdata but I don't really understand. Someone help me?
  9. I'm running Metios's source, and I finally got it up and running, and now some walls and items won't show up and I literally have no idea. Any lead will help, thank you. You can also skype me @ L2skypelol
  10. m7md1

    need help with walls

    hi people i was trying to add a walls to my building but i couldn't find out how to do that if any one can tell me hoe can i add walls that would be greatfull thanks :)
  11. Crowley

    Changing The Walls?

    So, I've searched both Google and these forums as much as I could, and I can't find anything.. I've search thru my source code, and I can't find anything that I might need. Is there anyone who can help teach me how to change the type/colour of the walls in the fishing guild? I'm new at this and I'm learning how to create spots to skill in, so please bear with me if I seem a little stupid when giving/receive info from you all! Thanks in advance :)
  12. 1) I was wondering if there is a way to delete objects that have a height above 0.. example.. (xxxx, yyyy) (3226, 3222). 2) Is there any way to delete diagonal walls like for example.. (xxxx, yyyy) (3226, 3221). An immediate or quick reply would be greatly appreciated. Don't post if you're going to say I don't know how to code. Don't post if you don't know the answer. Thanks! Cmhatton96
  13. Meee59

    Walkable tile IDs

    I'm on a server that has Construction, but you can input any object into the home you like. I know there are certain floor-type objects, usually nulls, and I'm wondering what those IDs are. I don't have the time to go through each and every null on the Runelocus Object ID page to find floors, so if you have a list of floor object IDs, can you please post them here? Thanks a ton. (PS. If you have a wall object ID list, can you post that as well? Thanks!)
  14. In the Server whenever I click somewhere behind anything it just walks through anything to get there the fastest in a straight line. What do I have to do to fix that?
  15. Keith tv

    No walls?

    Hi, right now im working on a server, its a 562/657 server. And at the home at the mobilishing armies place, well. The walls are gone. Can some one possibly tell me how to fix this, or point me towards a tutorial on adding like the walls/map data? Thanks.