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Found 7 results

  1. How can I avoid having walls deleted when putting an object next to it? This: [code]World.spawnObject(new WorldObject(6222, 10, -2, 3099, 3506, 0), true);[/code] Leads to: [ATTACH=CONFIG]8885[/ATTACH]
  2. im having a problem with a white wall glitch im not completely sure whats wrong with it. any help would be appreciated [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/u4lVb.png[/IMG] ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ picture
  3. [pr0ject dungeonfest] how do i fix wildy wall? i cant cross.. it says object id not added x y ..... please hellpp!
  4. Wilderness wall has multiple ids, ill just post the code here, its easy btw, just releasing it since i didnt saw on some sources. [CODE]case 1440: player.jump = 20; Wilderness.showWarning(player); break; case 1441: player.jump = 20; Wilderness.showWarning(player); break; case 1442: player.jump = 20; Wilderness.showWarning(player); break; case 1443: player.jump = 20; Wilderness.showWarning(player); break; case 1444: player.jump = 20; Wilderness.showWarning(player); break;[/CODE] All 562 has the Jump thing, so dont need to do anything, just add that in Object1PacketHandler class
  5. Blake

    Head x Wall

    [video=youtube;vy_7zCkHsVg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vy_7zCkHsVg[/video] The story behind this: this was a video that someone at my high school took after their class was done with finals. The kid's name is Will (hence the title) and, if you listen closely with some decent headphones, you can hear the teacher saying "don't hurt Will" before he hits the door :3.
  6. I'm trying to find a 317-based object list, but specifically, I need nulls that are for floor tiles or walls. Like, the object that you can walk on. I'm trying to compile a list of different types of objects, like certain walls are objects (like object 13117, height, X, Y, rotation, 0 would make a wall) and certain floors are objects (object 1703, height, X, Y, rotation, 22 would make a floor), and the regular objects that we see and can examine are not generally useful for either of the types of objects I need. If anyone can supply a null list that's for floors, or a null list for walls, that would be super! EDIT: I'm not looking for a whole object list, I'm looking for nulls, ones that don't have anything to examine, or interact with. And it doesn't have to be specific to any client or server, I just want a general list. EDIT 2: Ok, sorry if I did not make myself clear. I am currently on a server that allows the spawning of global objects in a certain area, and I cannot use the map editor, so I am looking for walkable tiles, but objects. I am also looking for wall objects. Like, any object (not just nulls) that have a 22 as the last numbers in this format: object id, height, X-coordinate, Y-coordinate, rotation, type. They are walkable tiles if they have the 22 as the type. I'm also looking for walls, which have a type (in the same format) of 0-3. What I'm looking for is a list of wall objects, and a list of floor tile objects.
  7. the owner wanted me to find the wall code for his sever so he can make a home made home and i was wondering if anyone know any walll codes like a city wall id