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Found 22 results

  1. Hey runelocus, probably a really dumb question but, how can I make it so players can walk on areas, I want to use the "game show" random event area as a activity on my server but cannot walk here? is this possible if so how?
  2. I'm using the SlashScape client which I believe loads 474 data. I remember a fix being released for this years ago but I can't seem to find it, I've also been out of the game a long time too. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. EDIT: Here is a picture to poorly illustrate what i'm trying to say. I apologize for the shit quality (blame Gyazo). Although the GIF doesn't show it properly, the running animation is in slow motion. [url]http://gyazo.com/a5ab81ab9d80088186124f685b94d335[/url]
  3. A video of some kind of teleporting clip glitch. How do i fix this? Where is the code coming from? If you think this is a troll, I'm dead serious it isn't. I aint editing the clip or anything of a sort. Also if you die from an opponent 2-3 squares off in melee fights. You tele near them and do the death emote. 0:14 is on of them, another is 1:25. Another thing is, how can I take the delays out from switching in server sided? Links or tuts please. Thnkx. Another thing is when a player wins a stake fight in duel arena, it shows the interface of the winning item, but the player doesnt get his/her item back with the staked item. Why is that? Pm me on skype please: kk_killah, look for the name paradox. [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GaPbGhVkAQ&feature=youtu.be]A clipping Glitch[/url]
  4. Hey im trying to add an npc into my server but I don't know how to add an walking animation for it could anyone help me out?
  5. artizan

    NPC tile walking,

    k the problem is, killable npc's if i set them on randomwalk, then they walk way to far. i only want them to walk 2 tiles from their spawn spot, instead of patrolling the whole area, any 1 can help me how to do this :?
  6. I have tried many things and many tutorials but nothing will work. My problem is that I will set some NPC's to a location, and I want them to not move, but I can't seem to get it to work. Things I have tried: - I went into the NPCSpawning.java and set everything to false, example: World.spawnNPC(659, new WorldTile(3160, 3489, 0), -1, false, false); - I went into the NPC.java and set all the RandomWalks to false, example: if(id == 659) setRandomWalk(false); - I also went into the unpackedSpawnsList.txt and added all the coords, etc. Is there anything I need to do or didn't do? Help would be appreciated and will be rewarded with a rep++ Thanks.
  7. Hello guys, I'm working on my 317 Delta Project, Devolution 8. Right now i've been trying the correct animations to my NPcs With the Walktype.. Al though i seem to have a problem when i want to have my NPCs walking around their area. It's kinda weird i have literal tried everything to make it work, but it doesn't work. I know that it is in: Autospawn.cfg [code]spawn = 99 3225 3218 3226 0 3226 3219 3224 3217 2[/code] //------NpcID---CoordX--CoordY--Height--RangeX1-RangeY1-RangeX2-RangeY2-WalkType-Descrption I have literal tried everything once again, But nothing works I have changed the Walktype to 2 & 1 Didn't work, Help is appreciated.
  8. I have some bankers spawned and i made them walk around but they do not walk... they more 'glide' around... Is it possible to add/change npc walking anims in 525's? Is it client sided or server sided?:L
  9. OK so I know this might be a stupid and basic question but i just cant figure it out. I got into my matrix source/data/npcs/unpackedspawnslist and I change the coords to the new home that Im making. But I honestly dont know how to make them stop walking. Please help me! :o I will rep++ whoever helps me!
  10. source/base: Mast3r Pkyz - codeusa (Its a 525) client: Mast3r Pkyz (525 client) Ok so my problem is I'm new at coding 525 servers and I have no idea how to make npcs walk or move at all. When I spawn npcs correctly they just stand in place. I have added all the extra coords that should make the npcs walk in the CFG file, but they still don't move at all. I'm sure that i need to edit something in npcmovement.java or someplace else, but I wouldn't know where to begin. I've been searching Google, and yahoo for 3 days now - couldn't find anything that would help. I've also searched rune-server.com, moparscape.org, and many other rsps coding websites, but have come up with nothing. Please somebody help me. I could really use a tut, or a good link to one that would explain in detail how to make npcs walk on a 525. Thank you, -pyro7117 Additional Information -------------------------------------------------------- I know that walking npcs are possible on this server, because at the home area the npc 4962 - Captain Barnaby, walks around near edgeville bank.
  11. [url]http://youtu.be/nsGPFLB4A-s[/url] I was editing my dungeoneering. just some small small adjustments, but when i compiled an ran it, i was walking like a monkey and stuff. this has happened multiple times and i had to re download my source, but i cant do that now cause i'm to far ahead in development. can someone please help or TV with me?
  12. Well, for the answer you have to go here: [url]www.carrscape.com/cool/cool.php[/url]
  13. coop022


    I'm kinda new to coding rsps and I wanted to start at 562. Can anyone explain to me what's wrong with the walking on rs2hd 562? Please don't feed me with code because I wanna try it on my own.
  14. Im trying to make an exception for walking distance for this one NPC. Heres my Code: Config.java [code]public static final int NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE1 = 1;[/code] NPCHandler.java [code] if (npcs[i] == null) continue; if((!npcs[i].underAttack || npcs[i].walkingHome) && npcs[i].randomWalk && !npcs[i].isDead) { npcs[i].facePlayer(0); npcs[i].killerId = 0; [COLOR="#00FF00"] if (npcs[i].npcType == 286 || npcs[i].npcType == 913 || npcs[i].npcType == 914) if((npcs[i].absX > npcs[i].makeX + Config.NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE1)) { npcs[i].walkingHome = true;[/COLOR] if(npcs[i].spawnedBy == 0) { if((npcs[i].absX > npcs[i].makeX + Config.NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE) || (npcs[i].absX < npcs[i].makeX - Config.NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE) || (npcs[i].absY > npcs[i].makeY + Config.NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE) || (npcs[i].absY < npcs[i].makeY - Config.NPC_RANDOM_WALK_DISTANCE)) { npcs[i].walkingHome = true; } } }[/code] Green, is the part I made but it still doesnt work. No errors within compiling.
  15. how would i get my players to stop doing an emote before moving. like chopping a tree and still chopping while moving or doing a skillcape emote and still moving 317 pi btw
  16. hey guys this is my code and it gives me errors can any 1 help [code] case 58847://home doors if(player.getLocation().getX() == 4096 && player.getLocation().getY() == 4934) { player.tele(4096, 4931, 0); } else player.WalkTo().GoTo(player, 4096, 4934); } else if(player.getLocation().getX() == 4096 && player.getLocation().getY() == 4931) { player.tele(4096, 4934, 0); } else player.WalkTo().GoTo(player, 4096, 4931); } break;[/code]
  17. On my selected server base, a completely blank source, I find that walking tends to be... Very difficult to begin. In a sense the character begins walking, uninterrupted... Through any object that dares stand within it's path. I seek a remedy for this! And in this I will grow stronger as a coder! Thanks if you can help. :) I'm using the Hyperion clean 564 server. Generally this is what the error consists of. Client messages [IMG]http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/5229/55b14511c36d4234b642935.png[/IMG] Server messages [IMG]http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/5058/b6b1316c416b46f9bd78717.png[/IMG]
  18. Need npc's walk + stand anims if anybody can dump it it would be great!
  19. ok so this is my first post so dont flame ok :) ok first go to data npcs than go into npc_names and find the npc you want right down id. now go to npc_renderanim than search the npc id you wrote down and right down number next to it like guard monkey id is 1455 when i search for it it looks like 1455,177 write down that number not npc id but other thats their walking animation. now go into npcspawn and write as follows (npcid xloc yloc 0 walkid true). compile and run now your npc should be working if any problems pm me thnx :)
  20. Hello, i have an anyoing problem.. lol I can walk without that my client shuts down.. But if someone else downloaded my client, and they walk they disconnect and i have no idea how.. i have changed all the to my own ip's, and also all the other no-ip's.. to mines.. Quite weird, if you help me out, i'll pay 4M RSGP EDIT: But Free is always better :),
  21. In the Server whenever I click somewhere behind anything it just walks through anything to get there the fastest in a straight line. What do I have to do to fix that?
  22. Alright, so i'm someone new to coding 317's. I've been adding Autospawns for NPC's, and i am assuming that the Range's = Walkingpaths, but i would assume that you need 4 sets of ranged to make a square? When I've tested these the Coord's given on the Range's are usually oddly far away from the NPC, i'm quite confused and wondering if the Range's effects are something else, if so someone please tell me how i would add a walkingpath on an NPC. Examples: spawn = 1650 3420 3539 0 0 0 0 0 1 <-Mine spawn = 2820 3441 2933 0 3442 2934 3440 2932 1 <- Random NPC, but it has a walking path, and mine does not.